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Hey guys!! Finally hit you with another meal prep video, please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed & want more variations! Im currently driving up to LA late as usual, so Ill update this section around 8pm with ingredients/macros & cost for each item, so check back in a few hours for that!

Grocery list for Mexican rice bowls:
Bought from Dollar store or Albertsons!
Brown Rice ($2.00 whole bag at Albertsons)
Salsa/Salt/Garlic Powder (Optional for taste)
Taco Seasoning ($1.25)
Cilantro ($1.20)
Black beans ($1.00)
Tomatoe ($1.23)
Avocado ($1.50)
Corn ($1.00)

Apple Pie Oats Ingredients:
*All available at dollar store!*
Quaker Oats
Almond Milk
Pancake Syrup (Walden farms is only at Albertsons, generic syrup at dollar store!)
Cinnamon/Honey/Chocolate chips all optional

Dinner Ingredients:
Yams $3.99
Extra Firm Tofu $2.99
Cauliflower $2.49
Cinnamon/Garlic salt for taste

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Char and Liyah says:

Aren’t carrots a vegetable that makes you fat??

D E M O N I T I Z E D says:

I’m 11 I weight 141 ;( it hard to lose weight I hope this video works imma come back tell you what’s the results❤️

Erica Thompson says:

Love this video!

Maira Guillen says:

Did you do a cup of each thing for dinner???

mariana gomez says:

i just saw how you cut out your avocado and my mexican soul left my body, you cut the avocado sideways not upright so you dont have to organize an excavation on it lmao xD

jacky_knownasfuturechild says:

12:03 who cuts avocados like that

Isabella BlackAngel says:

IT’S just me who hates sweet potatoes?

Spanish day by day says:

Have you lost weight using those products? You look on shape

NO ChiLL says:

U have a nice jaw

Subham Dangol says:

can you do this with yogurt instead of milk?

Leondovitch says:

Just FYI honey isn’t vegan ❤️

A & V's Escape says:

This was a really badass video! Interesting meals, thanks for posting!

blvckraikage says:

8:00 If you’re just here for the recipes

Lucy Lang says:

Salt and pepper or chilli salt or cajun seasoning or piri piri etc are great for sweet potato seasoning

Melissa yeo bi ning says:

huh she totally dont look 173.4 -.-

Casey Bailey says:

Needed this video to keep me going thank you

Jordan Cheyenne says:

Heres my Instagram for daily ‘What I eat’ on my Instagram story & progress pics!!! Also grab the scale here for 60% OFF: — Code: JCFIT

Melissa Portillo says:

Can you explain why you do intermittent fasting

Sonny Dee says:

How can the scale tell you your body fat percentage just by standing on it?

James Benson says:

Does she even have to work?

aniyha forgs says:


Athena Williams says:

You can find the braggs liquid aminos at Fred Myers

cryptoluky rockk says:

Weigt loss fast in 21 days, more in link.

Kylefurawhile says:

Omg I used to skateboard behind the first form warehouse and the owner, Andy, is hella rich. Always rollin around in his GT

Glorious Pasties By Cheeky Cheetah says:

this is great, I needed the inspiration! back to healthy!

Evie Ihinger says:

The day this was filmed was my birthday! 🙂

Matthew Papagni says:

Holy crap it took you 8 minutes of blabbing to actually get to the point of the video…. your title is misleading. Should say “My journey into weight loss, story about my scale, my mom doesn’t complain, and I went on a date with my ex… then meal prep”

Through Ayden's Eyes says:

If only I was rich so I could buy 200 dollar scale

Rossio Hernandez says:

Just something to keep in mind, short grain rice has more starch than long grain.

Minaz Bori says:

Can you tell us the macros and calorie info for each meal thank you.Great video ❤️

healthy sonson says:

my friend used to call me fat…I felt so sad that time…than I lost 45 kgs.. now she is fatter than me…????????irony of fate?

osmin iraheta says:

If you ever need a new thing to drink every morning, try wheat grass, it helps alot

Isaac V says:

You’re amazing!! This is the first meal prep video that I’ve seen and you inspired me. Awesome sense of humor, too!!

_GenkiYo says:

“Be sure to spill like me cause I’m 5.” HAHA that part killed me

Antonio Servin says:

Skip to 8:00 you know these bitches talk a lot.

proxy proxy says:

Bro how are you 173lbs. When I was 173 I looked like a whale

Lizete Carapinha says:

If you put a damp paper towel under your cutting board it wont move around.

Kayleigh Ruff says:

You talked too much in the beginning in my opinion.

Janey10101968 says:

licorice root will help you not crave sugary food.

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