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TheHealthyVeggie says:

My current goal is to eat more whole foods in 2017 so I can lose weight. I have been vegan for awhile but started eating more vegan junk when I started planning my wedding. Now that thats over, I have been slowing incorporating more whole foods in my diet and hopefully I can be mainly whole foods next year! With a little treat here and there of course!

Amada Fernandez says:

30lbs lost in 14 days?

summy j says:

Is it available on Spanish? i understand english but it going to be easier to follow in my maternal language

The Vegan Fairy says:

Looking forward to more videos 🙂

Bubble25224 says:

I’m from MN and became vegan in April 2016(partially bc of you.. hehe)! I had no idea that your parents lived in Minnesota, and I would love to maybe meet up the next time you visit:).

Aleen R says:

You’re so beautiful Hannah! Do you have any cellulite tips or did it just all go away after losing all the weight and being vegan.. because I already have those things down, but the cellulite is being so stubborn!?

Georgiana Archer says:

Going to get the book and join your group. Love that you are doing something so sensible and positive!

Lam 10 says:

i’ve tried every diet on earth to lose weight and it just doesn’t work i only gained 15 pounds in 2 months… i would love to know a proper plan to lose weight , i mean should i go vegan ?should i train 5 times a week ?. please i’m confused !

MM-528_HZ says:

Do you know any smoothie recipes for berries.

Get It Done says:

Hannah, thank you so much, I’ve been eating RT4 diet for 4 months and have gained 8kg. I am so grateful for your videos, that I’ve decided to share my story with others and if you are interested, you can check it and if you think it’s worth for you to share with your subscribers, it would be awesome! Thank you once again and I will be always grateful for what you’ve helped me to understand! Video link:

Emalee Glahn says:

How long does the coupon code last?!?

Julia Ann says:

this is basically wslf!! love it!

Danielle Metcalfe says:

Can you do a video about consistency? I think that is the most challenging part.

MJ Salome says:

Holla, so looking forward to doing this all together!! Thanks for doing this Hannah:)

TheAdventuresofRaeleighMae says:

Going to buy the book now!! 😀 I really need help with meals and etc! Can’t wait to make myself feel better! <3

piratelovingninja says:

arg! i wish i had the money to buy your book now! soon i hope 🙂 Canadian dollar doesn’t help much lol. Can you tell me, are your recipes toddler friendly? i can always add nuts or seeds or whatever if i feel like he needs extra fat or protein but i wondering mostly about the texture of the meals… is it mostly raw and salads?

Amy Binns says:

you look stunning! You always have been one of my biggest inspirations with everything and especially food ideas as I am uni student here in the UK I can do your recipes really easily and on the cheap! So thank you for all of that! For this Lean&Clean are you looking into losing more weight or just detoxing your body from the Christmas period? Again thank you for being a wonderful inspiration to me!

Squeeze my veggies says:


SuperDrea12 says:

What kind of watch is she wearing?

Marsha Paulson says:

I tried to join the group. Is it closed?

Leonor Cr says:

I’m about to start my 176 pound weight loss journey, wish me strength, leave a tip if you can, can’t afford a nutritionist so I’ll do what I can…

Lilibeth Rendon says:

What camera were you using in this video??

Living the Vegan Life says:

I think I am going to go print the book out…. Happy New Year, and love your little “Peace” at the end…. lol

Melissa Almeida says:

Hello there. I would really like to hear your opinion on something that keeps bugging me and I can’t seem to get my mind around it yet I keep hearing that eating should be something quite simple and I honestly believe that but I keep thinking about it too much. What I can’t understand is fruit. Many vegans on youtube eat limitless amounts of fruit but when I went to the nutricionist I have here in my local gym she said I should limit my fruit intake (5 a day maximum). Some people have that in just one smoothie and yet I was told to limit my fruit consumption in order to lose belly fat (not kilos but fat). I just don’t get it.

Hannah Faed says:

Hi Hannah, loving your work. Just wondering, very personal question, so I don’t mind if you don’t answer it directly. You have had an amazing amount of weight loss, do you have any resulting loose skin? I am just wondering if you’d slow it steady weight loss and not hard out exercising to achieve the weight loss can be attributed to not ending up with loose skin (it looks like you don’t have any loose skin btw!) thanks and keep your awesome videos coming.

Heather Low says:

Do you live in Arizona

Kendall says:

You look like Mariah Carey

Molly Papaya says:

Can I use the coupon code on Jan. 1st?

FruityPia says:

I just received a message from my friend on my fb saying: I’M GOING VEGAN, that is my biggest resolution for 2017!

Right after that I saw your video and I thought this would be a great way to start for her, and I will join her as well for this challenge 🙂

Super excited! Thanks Hannah and Derek 🙂 Xx

Margot Williams says:

What fit bit do you have?

B.WildBeauty says:

Looking great!!! Love this journey we are one

scrapsaturdays says:

….Long time viewer never commented…

Hannah …. wow…
I purchased your book right after my yoga class…, Derek was a speedy sweetie and helped me with my downloading issues.
My husband , two kids 9&13 and I have been vegan for 4 years… loving every minute.. the kids and hubby are thin & I sadly still carry 30 + pounds that haunt me ….( I lost 120 pounds total ) being hunny boo boo my whole life never tasting true thinness ever…

I have been deep into your book for over 7 hours…..had to stop and comment let you know I wasn’t expecting an amazing thorough explanation of every topic , topics I thought I understood, but no ….you are amazing and the wealth of knowledge you have taken the time to provide in this book ….belongs on my shelf right beside the best of the best for vegan diets/lifestyle.

Thank you …for taking the time….through honest as if I’m talking to you writing to help me finally get to end result I deserve.

Hugs to you Hannah & Derek & the puppies…
Happy New year
Xo Monica

Sachin Motiram says:

Hannah, I know this may be a little TMI for you, but did you have to undergo surgery to remove any excess skin when you lost the weight? Thanks 🙂

Nick Garcia says:

this is what I’ve been looking for!!

Vanessa Barreto says:

TOTALLY RANDOM QUESTION: Do you guys see a lot of tarantulas and snakes out there?? LOVE YOU!!!!

Sadiyah Adam says:

Happy New year

miscis says:

I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years and vegan for the past 2 of them. I haven’t lost any weight but I have been doing HCLF for a bit, hoping I’ll lose some weight soon

Julia Cantor says:

Hi Hannah, I would love to hear your recommendations for how to maintain this lifestyle when you’re sick. (Understanding hopefully it isn’t as often with this lifestyle either!) It’s well-known to eat saltines & drink ginger ale, but how do you get through a common cold or even flu? Thanks so much!

ivi122 says:

That can’t be your before and after picture of your weight loss…is it? If it is, all I have to say is WOW. Great job. Very inspiring!

Naomi Rook says:

The book is awesome!

Mary Ann says:

my body looks more like your old body ;(

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