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OmarIsuf says:

Got a pretty in-depth overview of how to alter your training if you want to rapidly lose weight (and retain your muscle). See the description for the companion video that deals with the nutrition side!

Also make sure to check out our Podcast Episode with Calgary Barbell!


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Harish V says:

Are You Afraid of the Dark was the best

Horny Bee says:

That’s not a bench that you are sitting on

cjasonutube says:

don river

RenZoneNL says:

So 10% reduction, should this be scaled further as the cut prolongs?

Daniel Curran says:

what’s cracking guys? Omar ESOP here

Peter S says:

Today I learned wtf the cameraman’s name is… Aous

jay storey says:

Omfg, get rid of the boring videos where we have to watch sit. Stop being lazy and do these videos which training footage,

StirbMensch says:

Well in my case at least, since apparently my TTDE is pretty low (fuck you, metabolism!) even with weight training 3x wee, I had to gave up my main carb source during gym days (brown rice, the other source being oatmeal during breakfast, which I kept eating) and went for just 400g broccoli/green beans split in 2 meals with 300g chicken breast and… even with 10-15 min of cardio at the end of the workout, still not even half a pound of bodyweight/bodyfat dropped. I either need to up my cardio (those 10-15 mins are 2 min warm up, 1:30 min running, 1 min walking, 1:30 min running, 1:30 walking, etc) or I need to give up my oatmeal as well… which would suck big time since I’m already pretty dizzy & nausea after doing the big, heavy lifts

Adrian says:

That looks like the Broadview area

GlarhzillaFox says:

Could sit and listen to you give us advice and educate for hours

Cobrakay2003 says:

What do you recommend for me, I workout 5 times a week, usually around 1h 30mins per session but I also have a job which give me around 10000 steps on lowest and around 20000+ on highest and pretty physical in other aspects as well. Should I bother with cardio at all?

Kevin Mills says:

Why is the weather always so crappy? isn’t it Spring in Canada?

Thelana Wiggins says:

High park

Jbsk111211 Msj says:

glen stewart ravine

Raza Rehman says:

haha Its the Glen Stewart Ravine!

Jennifer Applebaum says:

What if you’re powerlifting and want to make sure to maintain strength during a cut?

sherida.invoker1 s says:

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Gabriel says:

Beltline Trail!

akmv1 says:

Thorncliffe Park / Redway Road?

Dave Ross says:

Glen Stewart Ravine?

ErikTheElectric says:

Was expecting “Endless sets of calves”.. *sigh*

Harkirat Singh says:

I ran Bulgarian during my bulk what should I do when I’m bout to cut in terms of volume

turner0210 says:

don valley?

LiveLoveLift92 says:

So we’re doing stair reviews now, huh

Daniels Baskis says:

If i do smth like 4×10 for all 6 exercises. I need to do them 3×10 or just maybe do 4 exercises?

Peter S says:

Black creek ravine

Francois Theron says:

Why Powerlifters end up permabulking explained.

iggy iggy says:

90’s kid checking in. Reboot, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, Dragonball-Z, Uh-oh and more. <3

Sara says:

Ooommmggg totally forgot about that show. Just showed our ages lol

fatdepressedveg knight says:

do you think routine of 4 weeks endurance & isolationi.e reps 20 or 1 mins & 30 sec each set& mix  cardio low intensity & high  intensity i.e heart rate 50%-65% to 75%-90%then move back routine to heavy compound setsis best or doing a cutting plan for long period.

Noah Ripstein says:

Is this the park by young eglington?

ututpururut says:

Bring back peach bois hoodie pleaseeee

crazyfobazn tsu says:

Pretty sure that’s at the Rosedale Ravine Lands. It’s the stairs next to Wellesley Park.

chicotel09 says:

Do you know a dude named bill w?

Evan Delisle says:

Omar “isn’t necessarily true” Isuf

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