How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps!

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Losing weight and getting fit has never been easier! Shed those unwanted pounds with these simple tricks your gym doesn’t want you to know about. You won’t believe what happens next!

This Ben Berman directed short film, which premiered at Sundance this January, features Saturday Night Live’s Beck Bennett as a young man coping with a broken heart.

Written by Aaron Bleyaert
Starring Beck Bennett (SNL), Britt Lower (Man Seeking Woman, Sisters), and Jessy Hodges (Hindsight, Enlisted)


grey alien says:

Or on a more practical note a guy could simply go mgtow and workout, look good, build himself up financially, and forget all about the new girl because she’ll just end up leaving him for somebody else anyway. I’ll never understand the logic to a guys main motivation to working out is only to get with another bitch who is only going to fuck him over even worse than the last bitch. If a girl doesn’t like you for you then obviously she’s not a good person to begin with. No guy should have to kill themselves at the gym just to be able to get a sluts number. Women go to the gym because they’re attention whores always looking for the next best thing( she has a boyfriend with a six pack but wants a guy with an eight pack).A guy should only go to get in shape to be healthy and feel better about himself while working on his education and trying to advance at life. You can’t do that when you’re constantly depressed dealing with breaks ups and being cheated on. Personally I love the mgtow life. I make my own rules and do my own thing. No stuck up cunts to deal with, no lies, cheating, gold digging, headaches, arguing. The beta males just need to get over their nawalt beliefs.

Avery E says:

I love this so much!

Aleesya Az Zahra says:

4 or 40?

Joker vs The World says:

True story me and my ex wife separated on the same date that that check has on wtf this is crazy

Miyazono Productions says:

I don’t really leave comments on YouTube videos but you guys did a great job!

Angel Guerra says:

I’ll do steroids instead

B H. says:

bruh that’s conan

kristina says:

Since I began my new routine (5×5 with some accessory movements) I have been also eating more fruits and veggies, less processed shit, maintaining low stress, mobility work on off days, and sleeping 7-8 hours. I am doing great I must say. Feels good
But I was wondering why I keep pissing through the night? I drink 1-2 liters a day. Since being more active I have been drinking more water. Partially as a conscious effort. Partially I just feel like it (the same way I crave healthier foods after working out). But my sleep some days gets screwed because I toss and turn due to a full bladder. Did this happen to you guys? I have no clue how people drink 1-2 gallons a day without this sort of issue
How long did it take your guys’ bodies to get used to?

Angela J. says:

this is gold

Victoria says:

Definitely inspired to give this a go. The appeal is more than fat loss, it’s the holistic health gains, backed with scientific evidence. *>>>> **** :)*

남상식 says:

awesome movie.
funny and creative.
like it

meijinyukichan1925 says:

what happened…i was supposed to get some tips…but…why am i crying…hee hee

VfxCater says:

2:38 he was NAKED

ExpendableArts says:

Best fucking vid ever

raidco M says:

“I’m a peace of shit”

Jeannette Hillert says:

Funny and dumb….all at the same time. Whatever

Vishal Devgire says:

one word OMAD

George O'Neil says:

no thanks

aj parker says:


Nehar choudhury says:

well at least I’ve got the heartbroken part done.

Kelanne Georgeson says:

Jesus has a plan for every single one of you, and loves you all SO, so much, beautiful people. God bless you all. ❤

Dee Girl says:

Very cool

Vanesa Cano - Ortiz says:


Dog BananaMole says:

anybody know the song at the end?

Sjk Rofl says:

Conan! 😀

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