How to Lose Weight Fast | Step-by-Step Guide

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In todays video I take you through a step by step guide for how to get in shape fast. No matter what your goal is – burn fat or build muscle, these 5 tips will be sure to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Most people think they need a super strict diet, exercise program, or magic pill to help them get in shape. But, none of that will happen if you don’t first:

1) Find Your Why (get deep here, I want to lose 20lbs isn’t enough!)

2) Find a Plan for Your Body Type (check out my free body type quiz above to find yours!)

3) Develop A Routine (remember failure to plan, its planning to fail!)

4) Be Patient (it takes TIME!)

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How to Lose Weight Fast | Step-by-Step Guide

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Alpha Strength says:

Step 1: search how to lose weight
Step 2: do the damn things from there

Paul Hunjan says:

Bro i like your videos. Keep it up

Melwin Mark says:


Melwin Mark says:


Dricker Drucx says:

it doesent work in your website to order

Zach Westlund Zach North says:

Hey I am an athlete and have some questions. I hope we can talk , it would help me out a lot. I understand if not. Thank you

Morosanu Sebi says:

Tell me pls top 6 protein sources in order : chicken, egg, whey, cottage cheese, fish, beef ? Quality not quantity

Melwin Mark says:


TheBestFighter says:

How to lose body fat fast working out at home?

Clashing Zone says:

What’s your opinion about Calisthenics Vince?


Amazing man

Rick Martin says:

not so worried about losing wt fast —just concerned about keeping it off long term…thanks for anything you can provide on meal planning, wt control, etc

Nick Episcopo says:

ayeee early squadddd

Melwin Mark says:


Dalia Taha says:


Lisa Yannarelli says:

I can honestly say I have done the 90 day tone program and the customized program and I tell all of my friends about it. Patience is key it’s been about 9 months now and I kept the weight off and still get skinny compliments carb cycling worked for me very well and I’m 47 years old it is definitely a lifestyle change thank u Vince and staff the motivation actually comes from people doing the program on Facebook they always come thru for u if u start getting frustrated

Edward Donaldson says:

What Is your opinion on fasted weight training for weightloss.

MaIsM aFrEeN says:

What supplement should i use

Cali Strantz says:

I love yoi

mohammad hassan says:

wise talking as usual

badri narayan says:

Man it’s feel good but quite hard to keep up diet in different whether

Melwin Mark says:

Could we get a pure motivation video

Sonia Toledo says:

Where can I get the Supplements & Can you buy them individually ?

Dilshan Shan says:

Best ever v shred

Erick Faith abs says:


Blue Moose Orchestra says:

how to lose weight? not watching v shreds

Israel Urbán says:

Do I have to go to the gym to make this happen or you have a routine for own body weight?

Melwin Mark says:


fearless survivor ! says:


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