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In this video I share tips on how to lose weight & fat, concentrating on getting abs etc. These are the things I find helpful and foolproof in just getting down & reach my goals! You’ve got this. The time is going to pass anyway – you might as well make it count!


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quick what i eat in a day vegan


Jeremie Bowles says:

do people really just sit here to listen to you talk? Wow people need hobbies or a job!

bojack horseman says:

damn, I don’t want to be a creep, but your nose is sooooo cute.

Bri-Bri Henry says:

I freaking died when she made the “whale sounds”.

Dani C says:

choo fucking choo lolzzz love you

Ellie Rosebud says:

Your tits are so saggy

Mz Sugaaa family says:

You are amazing and your videos are motivating and inspiring. I truly appreciate your getting us, your subscribers to be motivated to push and transform to be a better us. I am in my post-surgery phase after having Spine Surgery and I have been in the gym everyday or Hiking daily, none stop. You have helped with my motivation and wanting to be a healthier me during my weight loss journey. Thank you! It would be an honor to have you give me some tips on maintaining my healthy lifestyle and subscribing to my page.. @MzSugaaa family

Ruth Apuka says:

Saw you on Patricia Bright’s YouTube and subscribed!

Tone Mjåtveit says:

«I dont live and breathe broccoli» literally subscribed in that second!

Samantha Gamble says:

tips start at 3:30

LBNLDee says:

I drink at least two 32oz bottles of water & 2 cups of green tea every morning, I walk a mile every day & do intermittent fasting. All of this would’ve had me losing weight easily a year or two ago but now it feels like it won’t budge. I tried to start working out last week & it hurt, my knees & shoulders *sigh*. I’m hoping since I removed my mirena last week some of the weight will start to come off buuuut the holidays are coming so I might have to postpone this journey until after then.

Liz Curran says:

I think the sleep thing is really important. When I’m tired I tend to eat more to make myself feel better. Plus there’s more waking hours to eat in if you stay up late like I have a tendency to do.

Julia Blackwell says:

I’m literally watching this in bed lol darn it

Piko Miko says:

Give it a Try

Ellie Rosebud says:

3 mins in and you still haven’t started your tips… well done for talking shit. Watch some self help vids

Robert Niezgodtka says:

I am here for the boobs

Georgia Ford says:

You are one of the most incredible, precious girls I have watched and follow on social! <3

Darcy Bubz says:

I know this was posted ages ago grace but how long did you do your morning planks for roughly?? Xxxx

Morgan Collymore says:

I’ve literally just found ur channel and you are so funny and beautiful ❤️ subbed immediately x

Nana K says:

How do you know how many calories you burn during the day? (So that you know how many calories you should eat to lose fat)

Grace Fit UK says:

YES GALS loving the #earlysquad!
Hope you enjoy this video with all ma top tips and tricks to lose weight & get that progress you want.
No, it’s not always easy but GIRL or BOY you can do it! The time is going to pass anyway so you might as well make it count.
Thank you for watching and supporting me as always, & please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video as it really helps me out <3
Loaaaaads of love xxx

Gwain Knight says:

I would like to casually date you, come to gym with me, watch some films, tell me your opinions, have some of my protein – let’s make some gym clothes and comfy duvets. Your diet and training advice is good. Hope people take it serious.

Sumaiya Samina says:

thank you thank you thank you for addressing the overexercising and undereating. God I needed this talk.

Tasnim Alauddin says:

“I don’t live and breathe broccoli”
So inspirational! I love you so much omg❤️✨

bumble345 says:

Just bought the 1-8 guide and IM SCARED


How to make new design electric Bike

Carmel Supportbeams says:

I laughed so hard at “It’s…a leaf ” As a vegetarian starting my fitness journey this is too real

Ayu Alauddin says:

i’m new here.. hi!! saw your channel from sarahs day channel…

Laik Tinerci says:


Elizabeth says:

12:39 :’D

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