How To Lose Belly Fat Really FAST in 2018 (6 Easy Steps)

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Youtuber Shorts says:

Says made in 2015 but the say 2018 this is madness

gavatron1980 says:

This was great until you started talking about drinking water to lower your body acidity and flush out ‘toxins’. Fyi, the things you eat and drink have ZERO effect on the ph level of your body. If it doesn’t stay at a constant ph you get very sick.

Aisha C says:

1 – 1:40
2 – 5:30
3 – 8:05
4 – 9:20
5 – 10:45
6 – 12:48

jordan baker says:

is biking a compound exercise

shungangrockstar says:

When I go to the gym, I go to treadmill for 40min then i do core… is that okay?

datkid78 says:

One of the best videos I have ever watched!!!! Thank you!

thu cuoi says:

I really really love UA shirts

Adrian Wheat says:

This specific “fetching tuti space” weight loss plan was such an easy method for me to burn 14 pounds in the short a couple weeks I`ve been following it. You should google the “fetching tuti space” to discover more!

Sarah Mackiewicz says:

Hey Matt! I just wanted to share with you that I’ve really enjoyed your videos and they’ve helped me come back to living from my heart. Adding focus and intensity to my workout today was an amazingly rewarding feeling! Thanks for all you do and share! Much love!

Ryan Alhamed says:

the way you’re explaining the steps makes who watching the video feel its very easy to reach and to get the wanted body and be satisfied,​ not like the other YouTubers, thank you.

Kyle Dutiel says:

Does walking help lose Belly fat

Надя Данн says:

Good stuff thanks

Suistamo Karjalainen says:

Im not convinced about the water.

teslakaygreen says:

Thank you for all of your amazing videos! You truly inspire me! ❤❤

Jesuslovesme357 says:

Awesome! Gonna incorporate these today!! Thank you!!

Felipe Augusto Romualdo Dos Santos says:

Where is this accent from? Brisbane?

Liv Lab says:

How many times a week should I be running then? I run 5 times a week, is that too much

innerFire says:

I kinda follow all of these without the “track your progress” thing. I don’t follow it at all, because of what you said – I wanna get on the scale and see the results after 1 month and not de-motivate myself after seeing that I lost 1 kg. I should make also my training more compound. It’s not 90% but it’s around 60-70%.

kevin n says:

bro wtf is a bush walk??

Ndung Ako Forbinake says:

Is cold water a problem?

Runner Five says:

what stressed me out is work. how do i stop this. only kidding good advice dude ty

Walt Howington says:

This is all bro science for the most part. You can’t “lose belly fat” … you lose fat period. Spot loss is BS and we’ve known this for decades. If you want abs, it’s mostly in the kitchen. Lemon water doesn’t “alkalize” the body, there is an entire buffer system in the body that maintains pH and you aren’t changing it aside from being sick. Portion sizes and portion timing mean nothing. If you eat one huge meal in the middle of the day its the same as 6x small meals. Food is energy, not magic, it doesn’t change how it works based on the time. Lastly, did your cortisol lady have her cortisol levels done by a double saliva test? 24hr Urine test? How do you know they were “high”? Cortisol is “high” at various times of the day naturally. You say she lost 2,5kg in a WEEK. Maths. 2,5kg is roughly 5lbs (more like 6, but lets use 5 cause it’s easy). To lose 5lbs you have to burn 17500 calories, that BURN, not including the food you eat which counters it. That is equal to 2500 cal/DAY. Are you telling me your miracle client was burning 2500 a DAY from walking and yoga??? No, just no.

Chris MA says:

Will see if it works.

Ndung Ako Forbinake says:

Great video… thumbs up

kim wong says:

Great advice! Thank you!

Weight Loss Tricks says:

Easy way is here :

The Devil's Beard says:

Can i do this in 2019 ?

Tina Marie says:

I am LOVING your videos!!! Very informative and they are helping me out a lot and I just started watching you just today!

Trevor Adam says:


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