How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss (Full Guide)

In this video you’ll learn how to get rid of loose skin after weight loss and what solutions you have available backed by research.

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It can be very discouraging to have to deal with excess skin after you’ve lost a ton of weight and you’re not looking anywhere near what you expected.

This is a problem that many have to deal wight. And in this video you’ll learn which solutions you currently have.

First off it’s important to point out that “Loose skin” isn’t always the real problem.

There definitely real cases of excess skin after a ton of weight loss, I’ve experienced that with my clients who drop 50-60 lbs in 6 months.

But in many cases what people think is loose skin is actually just excess body fat they need to lose.

Soft subcutaneous fat is easily mistaken as skin.

If you pinch the skin and if it’s more than 2-3 millimeters then there’s more fat there to lose.

Until you lose that fat, your skin won’t be able to get smaller.

Remember that skin is a living organ. It does change over time.

But also keep in mind that skin elasticity does diminish as we age.

The fat that is often remaining is the stubborn fat.

Reality is that certain fat stores are harder to burn than others. The fat in certain areas of is harder to mobilize, these areas will take more patience and time in a caloric deficit.

These are also called the “stubborn” fat areas. And often these are the areas where people notice loose or excess skin problems.

We’re talking about lower abs, lower back, hips and glutes.

And we know we can’t “target” fat loss with any kind of diet or training method but we can force this fat to come off with a caloric deficit and patience.

Recommended reading – The Stubborn Fat Solution by Lyle McDonald

Solutions 1 – Skin Surgery

I personally wouldn’t consider surgery as an option until I’ve exhausted all other option.

Only at a point of true 8-10% body fat do your subcutaneous fat levels become low enough to accurately determine if you have excess skin.

Sometimes just getting leaner you will solve the entire problem.

However if you get to a very low body fat 7 – 10% and you find that your skin is extremely thin while there’s a lot of it left on your abs then you’re dealing with excess skin.

More than 53,000 contouring surgeries were performed in 2003.

Solution 2 – Build More Muscle Mass

Muscle will press up against your skin and make it tighter.

It’s the same effect as when you gain weight your skin must expand to accommodate the increase in size.

And when you lose the weight fast your skin doesn’t back to its previous size as quick as you’re losing fat.

A good example of what happens when you don’t invest time in building muscle is if you look at people who go on very aggressive low calorie diets with a large amount of cardio and no resistance training.

They lose a lot of fat but also a lot of lean body mass, and the end results is the unwanted “skinny fat” look.

Building muscle is the solution to get that healthy, lean body with tight healthy skin.

This applies people that have already lost a ton of weight and those that are just starting out.

If you’re on a diet dealing with loose skin start building muscle with resistance training.

Solution 3 – Lifestyle And Diet changes

Drink plenty of water

Get plenty of sleep sleep

Your skin repairs itself while you sleep.

Eat enough protein.

Research shows a correlation between protein intake and skin health. Low protein diets are associated with poorer skin health.

Get your fruits and vegetables

Research has shown that higher intakes of fruits and vegetables are associated with healthier skin.

Supplement Omega 3 Fish Oil

Improvements can be seen in just 3 months of Fish oil supplementation.

Talk soon, Mario

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KAPETA33 says:

I think the key is to loose weight slowely, 1 or 2 pounds per week depending on your size and weight. I lost 50 pounds in 3 months eating right and exercising some but my skin was fine and I got my flat stomach back.

devgor9 says:

what about stretch marks?

ZG K says:

Hello lost 30 kilos (age 44) i don.t care about loose skin on my body but my Face. i have too much skin on my Face and ofCourse sagging skin started Face exercises but too late i guess
does anybody have any suggestions

Joel Perez says:

I’m 15 I went from 210 to 175 and I run so that I would not have the loose skin and my skin was tightening up

Kent Peterson says:

if you lost weight slow instead of really fast, would that reduce loose skin.

sonya juarez says:

basically do toning exercises…OK.

Sapphire says:

Up your protein and do weight training. Save and increase the muscle!

half and half says:

I’m 16 and I’m losing weight (I’ve lost 25 so far) am I young enough were I won’t have loose skin?

AlvinaRayne says:

I lost 134 lbs in a year with Keto, and kept it off for 7 years and through another pregnancy. I did NOT get any loose skin, when I thought I was getting it I kept losing weight and pampering my skin and it molded back to my body, I am sure my genes helped too but I am so happy. My story is on my channel.

Sasha galkina says:

So what did you do? stupid fuck why you post video about nothing dummy?

Dovah Kiin says:

How much weight do you need to lose for this to become a noticeable problem

10-20 pounds nothing? or will the skin over one’s stomach become much looser

Aashit Garodia says:

Believe me or not .
Answer to the question is water.
I think many people won’t believe in a simple answer for such a …. question.

Featured Criss says:

Swedish ?

Joel Perez says:

Running while losing weight will help tighten up the skin

edwin smit says:

yea but all this does not help sorry

Crasky2Day says:

Im on a journey myself always wondered what my skin would be like xx. Great video buddy

vanessa cisneros says:

get to the POINT….blaaaahhhh

iNsaneMilesy says:

Or you could just go to a doctor….

Bergs Spicolli says:

Hey Mario. Just want to give you a big thanks. i never wanted to start counting calories but now that I do I have lost 20 kilograms (45 pounds) in the last 5 months. The way you explained caloric deficit made sense and it gives you a great feeling that you are in control of your weight loss. Thank you so much. Still got about another 45 pounds to go 🙂

Jonathan Knobel says:

Man I lost 40lbs and I just got a little bit….

zuse Snorr says:

I think people who want to lose weight should make muscle first, push big weight to form your muscles first so you have something to work for you could have less loses skin

KJoyPickles says:

Inspirational. THANKS

ayush khatana says:

can we add collagen supplements to our diet ? if yes then what is the right dosage ?

M8U says:

u reminds me a futurama vip

K Kostas says:

new title “how to lose 17 mins of your life”

wolflink9000 says:


Christian Vang says:

Bullshit meter is going insane.


you’re a beautiful person

Chippy Soda says:

how bout lose weight when your young and the skin will stretch as you grow :O

does this help or is it useless

should have done this too…

Alvita Putri says:

I’m 16, 155cm and 78kg, can i get 50kg in 5 months? and if so, will i get loose skin?

Billa Kayte says:

my idol. I hope one day I’ll be like you

Sighs Internally says:

scissors or dont get fat in the first place


I was told that a person can donate Loose Skin to medical burn units.. Hmmm interesting.

Jane Smith says:

This is just a giant ad

Babargreen4442 says:

I watched a video from Dr. Berg. He stated that as people age they produce less hydrochloric acid and don’t digest and absorb protein as well and that affects collagen production. Collagen being the glue that hold everything together, possibly you would want to watch his video on that – (tighter skin). Hope this is helpful.

first last says:

Yeah, I’m already saving money for when I reach my weight goal and remove loose. I feel like I’m not trying to wait yeaaaaars of healing for it go back to normal. I have a lot of plans and having that extra skin is not convenient.

Fh Hooli says:

Am I way to fat for my age I’m 11 years old and 154pounds aka 11stone exactly does anyone please have any recommendations on any diet plans or something like that

Mario Tomic says:

Are you struggling with loose skin after losing a ton of weight? Or maybe you’ve seen it happen to one of your friend. It really sucks to have successfully lost fat only to be left with excess skin and not looking anywhere near your goal physique. Because so many people been asking about this I’ve put together a short guide on how to get rid of loose skin, these are solutions backed by research and experience that work. Enjoy, and as usual post your questions in the comments below! Talk to you soon! -Mario

Probine Business says:

You talk too much

Jozef Kola says:

So let’s just say I was only trying to lose 30-40lbs (13-18kg), would I has excess skin? How much weight would I have to lose in order to actually have loose skin that is noticeable?

Adam T says:

Athene’s brother? 😛

Anthony Sgro says:

so much blah blah blah

Joe Mickels says:

blah blah blah blah blah blah. just list how your talking too much sheesh.

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