How To Find Your Fat Loss Macros | Step By Step Guide

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Christopher B says:

Hey James, i’ve been cutting for 60 days now and i’ve only lost 1.1% Bf and lost 1kg on scales. i’m consuming 167 carbs a day 167 protein and 37g fat. Im a male 25 years of age and weight is 158 pounds. Ive seen your videos and when cutting you’re consuming around 100grams of carbs a day. Please let me know if i’m on the right track or if I need to change something. i’m training 6 days a week too 🙂

rbondy008 says:

Thank you soooo much. Really really helpful. One thought, most videos say a 45 minute workout is enough. Why are you doing 90+ minutes. Getting to much conflicting info. Great video.

As a suggestion, how a little something for the one approaching the big 50

Jekerdud says:

How often do you recommend recalculating during a cut? Weekly? Or after losing, say, 5-10 lbs of body weight?

hunter heape says:

Lmao did I just get a PopTarts “”now with extra frosting” ad on a fat loss video?


Very Helpfull Thank You !! Keep The Grind Man

syreeta shannon says:

thank you so much for this video. I know you made it last year but I have been doing low carb, high fat, and protein but not tracking my macros. I was 253lbs and lost 37 lbs going to the gym 3x/week and doing low carb but I wanted to start to add more carbs in and the calculation to get to my macros correct while still wanting to lose weight was like taking statistics all over again……a nightmare. Thank you again. 🙂

Bryan D says:

I’m 257lbs but want to get to 195 what protein grams should I be around 195? I have body fat to lose and I want to lose weight and get lean. Any help will be great

patrick hughes says:

Great vid man, when i started lifting again i used these exact websites to setup my general meal plan. But is anyone else getting weird numbers from iifym lately? Im 25, 205lbs, construction worker and lift 5x a week doing cardio every day, but iifym is telling me my tdee is 1390 cal, and to drop weight i need to drop to 970 cal a day.

djheidee says:

How can I get in touch with you? I have a lot of questions!

Kyle Dang says:

Hey Im overweight and Ive been wanting to get into macro fitness and I have been wondering how od you incorperate vegetables in macros when the three categories are fat, protein and carbohydrates?

RV's with Shawn says:

I tried using the I FYM site as suggested and right after I put in my intended weight goal then asked me to do the sign-up thing any other websites out there that do this without having to sign up

Stefan prnsl says:

Does anyone else get redirected to

Jeenius IAMa says:

I am a bit confused by this. If I do the math like you did, I am at roughly 1600 kcal per day. To loose weight some popular bodybuilding dude “told” me I should consume between 2700 and 2900 kcal per day. Can anyone please tell me why there is such a big difference in the recommendations?

Luxiluuu says:

You are the best my friend ! 🙂

john winslow says:

when can we expect the video on recomp diet??

Adeel Khan says:

Wow you are the best! Thanks so much . Loved your video .subscribed.

Alexander Woods says:

Definitely enjoyed the educational video, it was great for beginners. Thanks man!

slaimen montcourt says:

This is the info i was looking for!!! Thank you!!!

Hot Tub Hire Team says:

To determine what macros ratio you should use, determine what body type you are

Crazy kids TV says:

Awesome video

Bob Langan says:

thank you!

Jana Gunter says:

I just went to and followed the instructions. It didn’t give me any info, but said that they would email it to me. Never received an email. Anyone else know where I can get these numbers?

Matthew Kizer says:

Appreciate all your education/tutorial videos I def feel way more confident about macro nutrients and figuring out what my specific nutrition needs are THANKS AGAIN REM!!!

Charlie Silva says:

Thank you James!

Dolly H. says:

went to the app IIFYM but there are many choices. Which one are you talking about?

Roozbeh Farhadi says:

1121 calories a day for an active 33 yea old male, height 5.7, who trains 120 minutes a day, 5 days a week is absolutely bullshit… ABSOLUTELY bullshit… You will Lose strength, muscle, motivation and power on that diet and soon you cant be arsed to even go to gym because you are not even feeding your brain enough!

lupe g says:

I only see about fats, carbs and proteins. How do we calculate sugar, sodium, fiber?? Do they matter

Wayne Noel says:

Hi RJ, I was looking at my macros and got a little confused when I noticed it says to take in about 150 grams of protein p/day. When I google “RDA protein” it says about 33% of your body weight, which for me would be 56 grams of protein p/day. That means that the “macro” way is 3x the amount of protein recommended as a daily allowance… am I miss-matching something here? 3x the recommended amount sounds like damaging to the kidneys?

Head Above Water says:

You’re 26??? I would’ve been more impressed if you said 36. You look much older than 26 right here

Boomer ___ says:

What’s too low of a calorie deficit ? I got 100lbs lose

Ingrid Cox says:

Hi frustrated by using the fat reduction techniques you tried and couldn’t identify the right solution.Then simply just type in Google as: “Hack2LossWeight” to notice many of the weight loss tricks.

eyelashed viper says:

I work at discount tire so I think that qualifies as very active lmao

Ahmed Jaber says:

what do u think about the track info Polar watches give? would you follow them for your burnt calories? because I am burning more than what this site suggests

Cjay S says:

If you’re a chef, is that considered “lightly active” as you’re on your feet alllllll day at work

Drivetime Josh says:

That protein calculation is per 1.2 to 1.5 per kg I thought not per pound

Maria Nolan says:

THANK YOU I’ve been looking for this video, it’s the only one i could understand

Daniel Griffin says:

Hey can some one help me did what he said to do but my tdee come out only 980 now is that for me to stay the same weight cuz right now I’m I’m 515 lbs and I’m trying pick up all that can to lose this weight plz and thank you

anand tiwari says:

Love you bro 🙂 so great to have you on YouTube, love from India ❤️

Jonathan Whaley says:

At 38 I found that I am starting life over. This time around, I am focusing on health and wellnes, fitness goals for better happier me. I am good at mechanical and electrical maintenance, but stuff like this, I really need the extra help to understand and comprehend. I am thankful for your videos and your back story is very relatable. Keep up the hard work!!


Yo, this was SUPER informational. I’m in wheelchair. I’m trying to loss my stomach and cutt up my body. I really need help. It’s very hard, getting fat off, in a wheelchair. I watch all of your videos. The meal prep videos, are my fav.Do you have any pointers, on how I can start losing? Thanks!! Keep up the GREAT work.

Derek Nguyen says:

For carbs is that total carbs or net carbs?

Harpreet Singh says:

Hey Remington,

I watched another videos of yours where you do meal prep and you were consuming over 400 carbs per day…
I’m 5′ 11″ and weigh 180 – I’m skinny fat =(
I followed your steps and came to a TDEE of 2043 now should I cut or bulk?

Please advise and thank you!

Austin Butler says:

Goodness ! 100grams … so little

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