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Everything sweet sweat:

👉🏾The 14 day detox I did:

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Danger Austin says:

I’m ready sick of being big

Nubian Queen91AD says:

ur kid is adorable !!!

Michelle Mahadeo says:

New subscriber! I feel like you’re my twin in how you feel about everything in this video. Turned on my bell as well for your channel. So happy I found your channel.

Nokukhanya Mtambo says:

i can relate to your story so much, after i had my daughter i’ve just been gaining and gaining weight and i don’t know what to do so thank you for sharing your story

Patricia Hand says:

God bless your a sweet heart.

Isabelle Payne says:

“ foods to avoid : bread “…. well that sucks cause I love bread with my whole life

Lindsey Melford says:

Lorddd. My normal healthy weight for my body was always 145-155. And I need all the help I can get to get back to that weight. Lorddd.

Eve Garcia says:

I dropped 30 lbs in one month as well by doing almost the same things but I never once went vegan but instead increased my lean protein and stopped eating after 6 p.m for my first month and gradually starting eating later in the evening but only very light meals with no pasta or potatoes! I still kept the weight off! Just research and do what will be best for your body because everyone is completely different and stay away from crash diets!

Gail Phillip says:

Name of the detox tea please. I can’t find the link.

Ann Davis says:

Best Video Ever On Losing 30 lbs In One Month Without So Much Stuff To Do I Don’t Feel Overwhelmed! DETOX, FAST, Eat Organic Healthy, Suggested Servings On Package , Exercise, No Eating After 7pm

Kathryn Mills says:

I’m 197…I wouldn’t say that’s “huge” I used to be really skinny to but I gained it by depression because I was abused by both my dads so I ate so much…

Victory Mateen says:

Wow you got to stop talking I can’t Random

Annissa Smith says:

that is my birthday too

Jalysa Valentin says:

I always thought it was normal to talk with your hands until people started to mention it to me. It made me a little self conscious like umm okay

Abiandbabyy says:

I’m happy for you

Laura Bello says:

If you have a partner is very important that you have a talk and share the same goals, because when there’s one in a relationship that’s always encouraging the other to eat junk food or eat out that’s an issue. My partner introduced me to the gym and I never felt so strong before. Make sure that your s/o understands and is cooperating.

Michelle Piana says:

Great going girl! Keep posting for more inspiration.

nunya biziness says:

Okay folks, to clarify buying organic does NOT mean the product was not genetically modified, organic means that there were no harmful pesticide chemicals used on that product… just as food labeled non-GMO doesn’t always mean it is automatically organic. This is why some foods are labeled non-GMO AND certified organic, so you add the consumer are aware that you are doubly covered.

Kajal Pawar says:

I just stop eating rice and fatty products nd I lose my fat without excercise

First Last says:

You go girl!!! Congrats

Mattie Lauren says:

Omg your eyes are gorgeous

K'Nisha Williams says:

Are you Haitian or Dominican?

truckerSSuck says:

Ramble ramble ramble

Natilya Reeds says:

Amazing! Funny and Adorable!

Darlene Lee says:

I’m going to try this. I need to lose weight before my vacation lol. Plus I want to live till I’m 300 years old.

NanaPearl pearl says:

that little cutie pie looks like you so much he is to cute

Ana Peraza says:

i love how you said vegan and non vegan feels the same because thats how i feel too and everyone raves about the “vegan” like no lol

alauna eamaaey says:

What was the detox to help bloating. I bloat so bad when I eat everything!!

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