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Ricky Sanders says:

so if I eat less calories than I do in a regular day and do cardio should that make me lose weight

Thoughts of a Human says:

00:41 I love how they dont give a fuuuuk if they look ugly and retarded for a moment..that’s a sign of being a BOSS!:D

Noel Rivas says:

iifym is bullshit, just eat clean man. Seriously don’t fucking starve yourself like these guys say.

S. Green says:

the one on the left face at 3:07 lmao im dead!

manboobs says:

its easy no take aways and make your own food low carb for 5 days under 50 carbs. eat healthy with carbs for 2 days. so far lost 2 stone with a 10 mile bike ride a day or walk the dog but hey yew dooooo what ever the fuc yew wana dooooo.

Jose Jimenez says:

so, what are the negative ”foods” ? never got the answer did we?

Harry Dick Johnson says:

I used weigh 67 kilos and now I’m 103. I need to do something now.

GR△△VENICS says:

They don’t mention any foods to lose weight instead they tell you to take in a negative amount of calories that you take in daily (Caloric deficit). Saved yourself 5 life minutes thank me by thumbsing up to put this on the top to save other people 5 minutes.

manboobs says:

To the Hodge twins are you going to do a episode on Alcohol

pablo marquez says:

yah got side tracked. yah didn’t answer the question lol

ShawnsTriple says:

Will Keith ever get off Kevin?

Falafel says:

Asking what you can EAT to LOSE weight is like fucking asking what type of liquid you can pour into a cup of water to help empty it. Or what video game I can play to help me pass the exam. Or what type of crime I can commit to get me out of jail. Stop bullshitting yourself.

ManlyMan 男らしい男 says:

Anyone got a food tip from this video?

bunny ninja321 says:

I know some people are looking negative caloric foods.
Those foods make your body burn more calories than those foods bring you.
But the only negative caloric food/drink is water, cuz it has no calories and you body needs some calories to process it. Eat what you wanna eat, just stay in a caloric deficit.
2000 calories from fast foods and 2000 calories from healthy foods
The results will be pretty much the same, when it comes to weight loss. But healthily foods make you feel full longer, more energized, and are good for your health. But overall, when it comes to weight loss, health eating and junk food eating are almost the same. I said almost, not exactly the same. Some health foods can boost your metabolism by a little. Although you are consuming the same calories, eating fast foods and health foods, you body burns different amount of calories. (The different might be 100-200 calories a day)


Very boring

tony Smith says:

Lmao put ya Mushroom Tip size into the calculator

Chuck Testa says:

yo i swear each video starts roughly the same way

Darcy Murray says:

Finally puttin the cracks on Bro Science!!!! Love It!

kesa1986 says:

Hahahah the intros – everytime

Brittnee Hanna says:

they are so weird but interesting

Legend Gotta Catch Em All says:

Man they don’t none of the good shit anymore. No more funny intro. No more gains. Just Arbys and Popeyes.

Ralph Wiltsey says:

ɷ Heeey Friendssss I Have Foundd Greatttt Guide On Weight Lose visittttt : –

Alia Albinali says:

i watched 3 videos of them and i can tell them apart so broud of my self !!!

Glory Boy says:

bro his face be making me cry

Matt topcat says:


Jasmine Benjamin says:

mushroom tip size lol I’m dead!

ELI The Janitor says:


Cheven Kimbrough says:

2:26 was hilarious

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