Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

This high-fat, high-protein, and low-carb eating plan is sweeping the nation. Our keto dream team shows you how to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

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Carol E Mankin says:

This is great! I have been following intermediate fasts technique and keto diets recipes to control my weight and successfully it is helping me a lot. Thanks for bringing this video to us as it have cleared many of my doubts for keto recipes. I have been following a few channels to learn different keto recipes like #KatherineMichelle
and #LifeRenu.

Danielle Hensen says:

I believe in KETO but I don’t believe in doctor OZ. He is more money than a doctor,…if he really is an doctor. A real genuine doctor from Europe is not like this money doctor. And the operation clothing why?

Saratu Agyapomaa says:

Thoughtful comments. people are losing belly fast with this product

Cludia Shifer says:

This is an amazing product that really works for all ! if you are really serious about losing weight then this is the best

tilley Schmolph says:

I thought 52-55

Vegeta says:

Every time soneone mentions the word SUPER before a food or a method for something, my bulshit alert starts ringing like crazy.

Cian Mulvey says:


wendy pope says:

She looks amazing for a 51 year old

Samina Ali says:

Keto weight loss in any store in Australia

La says:

Went from being 268 to 180 with keto!! Was never hungry .. lots of options and i even ate out and ate fast food.. just made adaptations to fit keto!!

SlayBoyx Anims says:

Nuts. *audience applause* 2:46

Jeremy Lopes says:

The general hysteria in the show is scary. I feel stupid watching this

hidden75 says:

Keto is not a diet, it’s a way of life.

Alexandra Shaw says:

did the audience applause button start malfunctioning? They were applauding for no reason.

Lil P says:

i dont get it, low carbs but they’re eating a bunch of veggies? or do they just mean no carbs from sugary fatty foods?

Kuldoxy says:

Wait a min! No apple??? I’m done! Damn! Y????

A G says:

He is the Trump of doctors.

Kerry G says:

Stephanie’s YT channel is amazing, found her last year when I first started/ heard about keto. Very educational and motivating! Thank you!

SweetandSahar MUA says:

No potato chips..fries..baked potatoes…wedges..omg i cant do it

Antonio Valladares says:

Now that you are falling of the map now you wanna talk about Keto. Why did you sent Dr. Berg away?

iNf3cT3d Dr3amZ says:

I’m doing keto also started in July I was 320 now I’m 282 in January also on my IG I’m 6’0 foot my goal is 250-240

Nathen Skinner says:

Does this really work?

Mount Kaala says:

So Apples isn’t healthy

Ass hole Name says:


Four3zero says:

Who ever does the “clap now” sign should be fired. Pee purple*clap* . Brazil nuts*clap*

Anony Mous says:

I’m 51 too, she looks WAY older than 51.

Michelle F says:

Is keto good for diabetics ?

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