Dr Titli’s Free Guide to WEIGHT LOSS

In this video I outline the principles of weight loss, both the biological and the psychological. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/titlisbusykitchen
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Alex Baraniak says:

You would be a nice, and wonderful school teacher

dalfa kuddah says:

tittli would u like to be my grandmother please

RainfulPhenix says:

Having one meal a day and a snack seems like ill advice. I don’t think anybody would be able to go through the day like that and not compensate for it by overeating

Seema Rabilall says:

You.are awesome. I love your videos.

buster gamer says:

ha fatty bumbum

Mike l says:

sometimes the most complex stuff like dieting can be as simple as Titli’s guide 🙂

Dee Reid says:

so true

Sam H A says:

great video!!

Marlene Guth says:

your video was humorous and motivating! Thank you

Sweet Sheri says:

Ugh! I just wish I could find you………and hug you! Really like your videos!!!!!!!! Please come back

Jennifer Leake says:

you are awesome yeah

Nilabhra Banerjee says:

I searched the youtube to find a good recipe for Turkish Delight and up popped your video. I’m glad that I saw it. I liked your way of presentation and saw the another, preparing Baklava. Now I am hooked to your video. Because it’s indeed so much fun watching your video. I noticed that some people found it weird but I would say, there’s no use of doing boardroom acts all through the life, else we will lose the fun part of living. Thank you and please keep your gun blazing ! We are loving it.

Beth Banderton says:

Really makes sense…There is no miraculous treatment to lose weight other than you should eat less and move more.

Dead Man says:

Crazy old lady I’m will have nightmares

Val Plumpton says:

Your so lovely and very funny x

Manju Modiyani says:

awwwwwww… u r such a sweet person.. loved the video. watching u always cheers me up.. m trying to lose 40 pounds..

Antischwagger Tv says:

A great, truthful and fun video, thank you Titli <3

Anonymous says:

I’m watching all of your videos………….. hilarious!

charanjit1974 says:


Kinthan Nareswari says:

you are so hilarious xD I love you

Christabel Odu says:

she doesn’t have any subscribers

sami hadhri says:

Not an easy task with Tunisian food 😉

Village Idiot says:

Anyone ever tell you that you sound like Julia Child?

Mike Lilike says:

You are wonderful and very, very inspiring – thank you

kinn grimm says:

Food Science meanwhile tells, snacking between meals is ok, aslong the snacks are healthy and you do less eat at the main meals. (Then again, those eggheads change their stance on what is what more often then some change their underware ^^)

Also in a TED talk i have seen, it was said that there are certain times in the day when we eat “emotionaly” and thinking about why we eat when we eat helps to recognize these times and sort out the reasons, thereby then removing the urges.

The maybe counterintuitive approach may just be, eat what you want as long it makes you feel good. If you feel stuffed after eating, it was too much, don’t do that again 😉

JE Hoyes says:

Unfortunately, people can’t stop once they reach their goal, they have to continue with the calorie restriction for life, or they will regain the weight, and probably more of it than before. It’s like any other dependency. Most people know what they have to do: stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating as much yummy food but, because of our biology, we have a tough time and often fail in the long run. The ‘long run’ being until natural death.

Michelle Xu says:

OMG for the gym part, it is so funny. I cannot watch more videos, you’re too funny to go on

damaris rosadp says:

i loved your video. ..thanks you titlis

Sweet Sheri says:

Really love your videos

Debra Seiling says:

Your weight loss video was not only informative, but was fun, as well. Thanks!

Les Hilton says:

Who needs Jenny Craig when you’ve got Titli……..

Amanda W says:

OMG…. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!
You are mad. Just like me.
I can’t take my eyes off your videos in case I miss 1 of your crazy faces!
Love it!
Love it!
Love IT!!!!!!!

tap tuna says:

my mother once offered to be my personal trainer if I would pay her half of what the gym charged me..she then handed me the broom the dust pan and mop and said when I was done I could go outside and rake the yard and encouraged me to bend over often to scoop up the leaves and place them in a trash bag so I would get a good cardio workout! She promised I would soon be at my target weight.

Betty Elrod says:

great video,perfect…… love all your videos, you are so talented, I am a fan!!!

Beth Banderton says:

Can you adopt me as your daughter please 🙂 I love you Titli

Landan Hendrick says:

I like how you have humor but your not over the top. Perfect vid!

Newtonip says:

Space Invaders, nice!

Ladskymer says:


lokirna md45 says:

amazing video

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