Doctor’s Guide to Effective Fat Loss for Women

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Are you trying to lose weight? It’s tempting to try quick fixes like weight loss pills. In fact, surveys show that approximately 15 percent of U.S. adults have used weight-loss dietary supplements at some point in their lives, with more women (around 20 percent) reporting use compared to men. Instead of focusing on weight loss and turning to these unhealthy options, ditch the scale and focus on fat loss — the all-natural way.

In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, Dr. Michelle Levitt and I discuss effective fat loss for women through diet and lifestyle changes — as well as supplements, essential oils and more. Many of these tips can also help men. Watch to learn more!

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Diana DiMartino says:

Buyer beware! This company runs out of products for months at a time, and charges you anyway if you have a subscription! Got sick of this, and cancelled my subscription. Been waiting over a month for a refund, after several emails and two calls to customer service. Both calls, I was told refund would take 3-5 days to show up…still waiting over a month later! Horrible business practices!

eveny119 says:

Best advice…”Eating less exercise more, DOESN’T WORK.”

Brad Mitchell says:

Ahhhhhhhh ditto. Great info but had to turn her off!

Krista Zurawski says:

All very true. Great info! I know all of this. Would love to talk to Michelle about the training childhood obesity. I have a degree in early childhood education and a passion in health & nutrition, self taught. I fallow as close to as possible, a ketogenic diet. I workout daily interval training weights and yoga and a couple short 20 minutes hilly trail runs a week.

LordN Mari says:

Dr. Axe for some reason the vegetable and fruit diet works wonders for me… when I eat normal foods I gain pounds really quick. I juice on my Nutri bullet in the AM: cucumber, aloe, celery frozen pineapple (I always add 1 frozen item to preserve the nutrients) and I add either moringa or spirulina powder. In season I use figs, fresh home made yogurt, dates, bananas. I fluctuate but always go back to my cucumber, all, celery juice for breakfast.  It helps my weight, mind, clarity and energy. I also do not loose weight unless I add some type of exercise wether its walking, bike riding or swimming.

Deven Lee says:

Sleeping is absolutely awesome and very healthy

Wayne W says:

Hi I wanted to know if Nutiva unrefined cold-filtration is okay to ingest. I picked one up & could not fine cold-pressed

Jessica Gale Force says:

Exercise before breakfast is the key…….

Juliet Veigas says:

Thanks to Dr.Axe. clean and clear explanation.

Kurdistan Peshmerga says:

She is speaking incredibly fast!

jlamjlam says:

Wats the rush ??

Lorena Arias says:

I have the slowest metabolism in the world. I’m 59 years old and right now I’m taking some protein supplement to help with my knees, but I noticed I’ve gained weight! What can I do. I’m allergic to all types of nuts, most seeds, chocolate. I do not like meat, I don’t eat it. I like chicken and fish, vegetables, some fruit. But I am fat. What can I do?

Sara Bonito says:

Is it just me or she looks like Hillary Clinton?

Patricia Neely says:

i am doing keto and see results weekly but my ankles swell daily and i cant figure out why because i dring acv and lemon water and i eat avacados almost daily

Joannjoycamat Camat says:

she speaks so fast! does she eat a lot of sugar before she this intrview?

Vanessa says:

She speaks very fast…

Danessa Avila says:

what if you don’t like veggies or salads avocados?

Hitul Patel says:

blah blah blah blah blah blah .. 🙂 🙂

Remchie Meyer says:

You speak fast women are you stress?

49jubilee says:

yes you DO NEED BREAKFAST. ..if you skip anything. .SKIP DINNER or eat it on a small plate

Anjana Roy says:

It is very difficult to follow her, she talks too fast. But most of the time Dr. Axe repeated her words. A special thanks to Dr. Axe, you are amazing.

R King says:

I am losing weight just listening to her talk. Truly a mind exercise. lol

Lorenzo McCoy says:

great show

Raquel Brooke Linder says:

The fit for you and the different foods for different people is no lie. My husband can live on fat and meat and have a rock hard body. If I eat more than just a small amount of fat and protien then I baloon out and start floating away…

Linda Marquis says:

Someone needs to explain to this Doctor that if she doesn’t slow down and communicate in a way the listener can absorb then we just get frustrated trying to “keep up” SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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