Video about how I started & gym intimidation:

My channel is to help inspire, motivate, and help anyone looking to change their lives! We have fun here, ain’t nobody got time for negativity ^_^ Keep it cool 🙂

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Thank you guy so much for the continued love and support! You all are incredible!

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EpiDemic117 says:

This video Made me subscribe. best intro vid i’ve ever seen. Everything in it was properly coordinated and well stated with no straying at all from it’s point.

Fat Meets Fire says:

The Next parts of these videos are now out! Push day, Pull day, and Leg day routines! Check the description!!

junevalentine says:

Nice pieces of advice

Zero says:

The way I got better at pullups was lifting myself for as longs as I possibly could and eventually i could do one, then two, then three, I’m at four now going for five.

TheCheck43 says:

This guy looks so happy. It inspires me to want to lift. He’s so calm and the tone of his voice.

Ivan110 says:

Hey man I just started going to the gym a month ago I’m motivated and want to loose weight I’m about 30 pounds over weight and I just started seeing your videos I really like them keep it up please I want to learn how to do a lot more things

Brandon Gorman says:

fair play to yous

Nabila a says:

Today Was my first day at the gym. Thank you so much this video helped a lot

abid_ xoxoxoxoxoxoxo says:

Fuck me ur both beautiful

Jorge Mercado says:

Best video to get me started. I look like your ‘before’ photo and I don’t even like going out the house. I used to be thin and pretty trim – but now in my 40s I have gained (this is no joke) 70lbs! I just go to work and come back – eat and then go to bed. So I agree with you when you talk about being intimidated. Thanks again for the video – I just subscibed!

Tim Gundlach says:

great vids… keep them coming

Helena Hkawng Nyoi says:

thank you..thank you .. I’m going to gym from this coming week for the first time. .. wish me good luck! anyways.. you two are so cute together 🙂

Kn1cknackz0 says:

Damn, you guys were big. You both look years younger after shaping up. You both seem to really love it too! Really proud of you

Lorraine Sovereign-Smith says:

this is awesome! thank you!

Walter Esese says:

I liked and subbed because I really liked the video and the content but your use of goku at the end makes me like you even more lol 😀

Sudipta Karmakar says:

TIL: Maria is a small girl.

Darryl Narbe says:

I really appreciate all your videos man. I am going to be doing something similar to this for my followers, ty for providing me with a great outline,.

samadhi wathsala says:

what about the abs stuff ??

Jennifer Dunn says:

Great video! Planet Fitness definitely has all the machines btw 🙂

anna sg says:

Thank you for this i think this is the inspiration I have been needing.

Ako si Peyd says:

how long did it take you from “BEFORE PHOTO” to “AFTER PHOTO”?

d L says:

thank you SO MUCH for your videos.

Marblz says:

If anyone could give me a clarification in this video he sates its important to do wieght training to lose weight. Previously I was lifting weights but I changed to doing cardio because im trying to lose body fat %. Can I lift weights whilst eating healthy and do the same thing im doing with cardio?

Jimmy Lilja says:

I am starting today actuely and your videos have helped me take that first step and you earned a new sub thank you

meetjoefair says:

very helpful video, definitely going to my gym tomorrow XD

JinTsen says:

Watched some vids of you already. This one definitely made me subscribe. Amazing how you explain it fr real beginners (like me) andd make them feel better about it.

voice the says:

hello, i started training 3 weeks ago and i have some workout plan written, exercises are 3×15 or 4×12(for legs, abs and things), i want to know what is better for fat loss, to do those with high weight medium or low? please i need to lose fat fast.. tnx

LoveSoul says:

Great video!!!

MAR AL says:

You guys are amazing@!

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