Complete Beginners Guide To Losing Weight The FAST & Healthy Way

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– Matt


sweetchari says:

Very well done! Going to apply this to my current fitness and health journey I started last month. I’m looking to change my way of eating completely due to a recent health concern which may be linked to recent weight gain. I want to just get back to where I was. I don’t have a goal to be skinny, I just want to be healthier. It’s hard because my family has all these foods that are not good for me. Sometimes I do binge without thinking, I was just raised overeating Tbh. I do meal plan which definitely helps, I should start preparing my food in bulk.

jan jaley says:

I was binge-couching. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks from getting off it, and adding a daily walk. I love it.

KhoiKO says:

Working Out aint for everyone. Stop asking stupid questions online cause We all know you aint serious. If you are serious GOOGLE.

Jane Elyse says:

your tips are very helpful for when just starting out. thank you so much!

Laurence D says:

Do canned vegetables count as whole foods?

Blb Hansel says:

please i would like to know, should i start taking supplements on day 1 of me going the gym when i am obese and trying to loss weight or should i first focus on losing the weight and belly fat and body fat then later take the supplement ?

Celina Campos says:


Roba Fett says:

chicken, brown rice and salad and aerobic training for three weeks 4-5 times a week for and from 138kg to 111kg now give me likes so I can jerk for them but matt you give exelent advice

Shshannah Shamayahu says:

great video..Thanks I love your channel

Juan Morales says:

to track ur calories I recommend an app called lose it it works very well

Brigita says:

Your videos are absolutely amazing! I recommended this to my P.E teacher because alot of people in my class are not so motivated – your videos does make a huge difference. Thank you!

Erica Oliveiraa says:

Hey Matt! I just downloaded the guide and I read it through but i was just wondering if you do any of the HIIT fasted and if you think it makes a difference. Thanks in advance! Love from Portugal

emony jackson says:

love love love this video because I’m a beginner. you inspire me to choose a healthier lifestyle. I also love your running videos. you help me alot thank you so much.

Dominique Marie Langlois says:

I love your videos Matt! Keep it up 🙂

Patrick McCaffrey says:

Great upload. For those who understand this stuff easily, they will appreciate your message. For those who don’t know about this stuff, they will learn a lot, but also be given the responsibility to learn for themselves. For those in the process (Like myself), this serves as a great confirmation that we’re doing things right and provides a lot of motivation.

Thank you so much for your videos.

Jessica Barnett says:

I have a question about HIIT Cardio. With running HIIT Cardio is like sprinting? I remember when I did track and i was a sprinter. I gained pretty bulky muscle while training this way in high school. I am nervous about incorporating HIIT Cardio. I am for 4’11 and I don’t want to get bulky again. Just smaller petite self. Thats my goal. Any Tips?

Lemon Drop says:

You make quality videos, but your support team doesn’t reply to important emails.

Eren Gurkan says:

Respect for the efforts you put into your videos, Matt. Suggestion: A small summary of the videos put in the description box would be very helpful for those who are in a hurry. I myself am a heavily occupied fella and every now and then it comes in handy to read the description box for an overview/summary. Many youtubers do this – for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of the viewers coming in 🙂

vsllylftd says:

You’re the man Cama

Robots 527 says:

carrot good for u

Sarah McGown says:


Natalie F says:

Thank you.

mikaylaa says:

I wish you could be my personal trainer.

Kimmy cup says:

Hey Matt! Love your videos. I get into trouble when I’m on my period. I’m exhausted and I CRAVE chocolate. Is there anything I can do for the exhaustion? Thanks!

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