Weight loss mistakes you are making! My beginner tips and things i wish people had told me when i first started out, 5 tips to get you finally losing weight & toning up! Don’t forget to hit subscribe if you’d like to see more videos like this!

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Linda Libra Loca says:

I weigh more than I did before I started doing weights, but I look so much better!

Rae Hards says:

I love videos like this. They’re a fun reminder of the silly things we’ve done but also to remind us we are all still learning. And if you aren’t, you’re doing it wrong. XD My biggest mistake is that I don’t take enough breaks or listen to how my body feels. I was getting to a point where my adductors just couldn’t take the strain of how flexible I need them to be, but also how strong I need them to hold the joints [I’m hypermobile], and even warming up would hurt. That’s not a good place to be, and a day off or two wasn’t cutting it, so I took a week of this week — my first in 5 months. Still bopped around and walked a bit but I’m not clicking like I was and I’m no longer wincing if I raise my leg in a certain way. People will often encourage you to work through the aches and pains but I subluxed my hip joint [partial dislocation] for the first time last year and I continued to train on it. Hypermobility means I don’t necessarily feel pain when I should because everything is so lax but it took 6 weeks for it to pop back in by itself because I was ignoring it, ignoring the pain because ‘it wasn’t that bad’ ‘just keep going’. It was moronic of me to keep training, I was lucky I didn’t tear any ligaments, but I learned an important lesson and it applies to everything: if you’re hungry, eat, if you’re tired, rest, no one is going to care if you hurt yourself because it doesn’t affect them. You have to take care of you to do the things you want to. One night or even one week away from training isn’t going to kill your gains or your progress but it will protect you in the long run. 🙂

Susana Garcia says:

This video was so helpful! My biggest mistake is giving up due to feeling like I cannot do it! I’m trying to lose 10 pounds for my July vacation but it seems like summer is kicking my butt already

Belinda Luis says:

I’ve lost 2,5 kg in 1 week with this app called “tuingle” It’s a user friendly app to use for tracking your meals & activities. You can snap your meals and scan the food directly to check out the calories & nutrition!

Susana Garcia says:

Are Youtube cardio videos a good form of exercise?

Akasha Javed says:

I love cardio it makes me feel good and I do hitt training cause it like cardio and strength. and when I do a workout on the treadmill I fully sweat and I am dead and when I do workouts at home and I always sweat loads and am shattered after but it’s a good feeling

Abbie says:

Please can you do a video on using weights for beginners? I don’t even know how to hold them so i would totally embarrass myself if i tried hahah

Kayleigh Cooper says:

loved this video so much Carly

Ajrina AJ says:

Hi carly! first of all i really wanna say thank you for all ur advice. I just started to go exercise like a week ago and have no idea about how to exercise properly there or how 2 use the equipment properly. I’ve seen ur other video and i wanna say thank you again *lol*
(i wanna say many other things but my English is bad)

fcelkam says:

I thought I can literally eat all the crap I want if I then sweat it off. Biggest nope of my fitness journey so far 😀 Btw, you look gorg, eyebrows are beautiful!! <3

Dear Victoria says:

You hit my biggest mistake on the head! Not pushing myself as hard as I can go. It’s great going to the gym with somebody else but I can sometimes get distracted

Tabitha Beckett says:

I really enjoyed watching this video, especially as a gym newbie! I’m definitely going to follow these tips through my gym journey! Also, love watching your videos, really motivating!!

Durrpadil says:

HAHAH that opening though xD

Jennifer Hansen says:

A mistake I made early on is not taking advantage of fat burning aids. It doesn’t hurt to add something like garcinia to your routine. It helped me burn 19lbs in less than a month and that was without exercise. I sit in a chair all day at work so it’s perfect to keep your metabolism going. If you want to try it you can get a complimentary bottle here:

Jenny's Suitcase says:

I think a mistake I do is thinking I have to be in the gym for hours and do 6 classes which would just put me off going again for the rest of the week so now I keep it short, often and varied. ☺️ ps after being scared of weights 6 months ago I can now squat 65kg!!! So proud! Thanks for all the tips Carly xxx

Emily Niculae says:

I loved this video. When I started my lifestyle change I severly underestimated how much I was eating, had way too many snacks and the calories were easily stacking up… also did cardio in the gym for half an hour at a very manageable pace and overestimating its actual value…

Claire xx says:

When I first started racing long distance I did not really incorporate strength training into my training, which was a big mistake because I was’t as strong as I needed to be and got injured a lot more often. Once I started properly adding in a lot more strength into my training I felt so much better/stronger on long runs and my race times improved a lot!

KatherineP47 says:

I do 4x HIIT sessions with things like burpees, jump squats, weighted lunges etc… how many weight sessions would you recommend on top of that? Feel like I’m at a plateau even though I’m always mixing it up! X

Rose Carter says:

What song is it playing at the end of the video!? I really like it! Lovely vid as always xx

Haneen Arman says:

I have been doing crossfit for 4 months now, and I am starting to see major changes. I still have a lot of fat to lose, however ( thighs=death of me)

Should I up my cardio game in addition to crossfit? Any tips on breathing while running?….I find myself out of breath quickly…better than before, but I still need to be better!

Thanks for your videos! I look forward to watching them each week 🙂

Kim Ambrose says:

great advice, thank you!!

weissebescheid2 says:

TWO is so true!

wonderlander23 says:

i clicked like even before i watched it haha
carly wanna you to do some lower belly fat loss routine…greetings from UAE

Kristin Roberts-Vancor says:

I don’t breath either… OMG I can relate! When under stress I automatically stop breathing. About 15 yrs ago I was going through a nasty divorce. My lawyer was talking to my ex’s lawyer, excused herself, and took me aside to say that if I didn’t take a breath I would pass out and my EMT ex would be the one taking care of me! I started laughing, and of course breathing! I also passed out like you… luckily I was in the hospital already (visiting family… which was apparently too stressful for me) and woke up on a gurney. UGH! We need to learn to breath! LOL

linzi2805 says:

Any suggestions on how to trim inches off?? I haven’t changed my diet but increased my weight training and my weight has crept up. Thanks in advance x

Beth Dolan says:

You are glowinggg!!✨ needed to hear this, thank you❤️

Rahil Shahril says:

i would say the mistake i learnt during my fitness journey is not stretching. i’ve always thought i dont need to stretch cause i always feel fine after a workout but then i feel a little bit tight around my back which annoys me so yeah, i learned my lesson! haha

Mireille Bitangacha says:

Does anyone have advice for undereating ? I under eat on accident. I’ll log in what I plan to eat on my fitness pal (to me they’re healthy meals and normal proportions) but my calories only add up to 700/800. Then I’m stuck trying to figure out what to add. All advice is welcomed 🙂

Shanice93 says:

Great tips Carly! I am just starting to introduce weight training and was wondering what the balance between weight training and cardio should be for weight loss and training? Any help on this would be amazing – thank you!

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