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Luis Jimenez says:

Should I do this if I’m 14 I weight 110 pounds I’m skinny @RemingtonJames

Michelle Chouinard says:

This is actually great. I think the seasonings might get boring after a while, but you could freeze some of these and make another meal option or two to switch things up every day. I won’t be microwaving my carbs in plastic though: even “microwave safe” plastic worries me. And especially for men who are trying to make gains, plastic heated up leaches estrogen into your food. So I’ll take the extra time to make the side dishes, but otherwise I think this is a great baseline. Now I just need to find some leftover containers that are the right size for this.

Gavin Sheridan says:

if u dont have knife skills the meat shears work okay
everything else is a B+… not bad’

Briana Rowland says:

This concept would work for me, but my husband is not willing to eat the same meal everyday. Any suggestions?

Monterroso Gallardo says:

Do we eat just like hay straight out of the fridge or de we throw them in the microwave

Nichole Urquizo says:

You didn’t wash the meat bruh!

Ricky McKenzie says:

Chicken doesn’t have that white shit on in the uk??

Happy girl says:

I’m assuming the chicken cooks in its own juices. Do you ever put carrots, or any other vegetables in that dish? if no, why not? And, do you normally rinse off your chicken? My last question: When the chicken cools off, is there any fat that has solidified?
This looks really delicious by the way. Thank you for the suggestion for the crock pot.

Hannah Marchand says:

Do you freeze the meals ever or just fridge them???


can you eat the chicken cold!!???? do you micro wave it or can you eat it cold?? if your on the run!!!????

Commander Erik says:

0:23 bro I can see your teeth fillings…….. And your neck is a bit like the texture of a turkey’s neck, is that what so called roughneck is? Anyway, I love your videos. Not a hater, just a teaser here.

Cyla Hamilton says:

I hope you disinfected your camera

Omar Cardenas says:

How much does a week of food cost ?

Eboni Fullilove says:

You should have rinsed that chicken first bro. But great job

aman amana says:

Bro i already done my workout and finished my meal….you still recording your vedio after 4 hours

Ben Eastman says:

Ok I’m new to everything in the cooking world, do you have to wash the chicken? Add water into the crock pot? And how long do you microwave the meal prep when you are ready to eat it?

Jujubee1018 says:

So we just gonna ignore the fact that he didn’t wash his meat ?

SoCal | Find me on Twitter. I love you guys〈3 says:

I’ll never get over the fact that all these fitness meal prep tutorial people NEVER wash their meat lol I could never just through it in the pot ahhaha rinse the slime off! lol

Cameron Brown says:

Dude has a smile the whole video great stuff

Happy girl says:

a ladle, or a (phonetically spelled) skool a past

Peter Parker says:

this is all fake….Click bait and just wanting subs

michael ashbrook says:

this is some really plain sad food. a touch of seasoning on some dry ass chicken and some sad steamed veggies. what happens to all this food when you reheat it? your chicken will get drier and your veggies will recook and get mushy

Happy girl says:

Good Job!!

dany john says:

Good video especially if it’s someone starting out and not knowing anything about the dieting part which is just as important if not the most important part about bodybuilding and your health in general! I’ve been lifting for about 8 solid years and the toughest part for me isn’t the training.. it’s meal planning! And someone in the comments mentioned it.. meal prep is also important because it gives you a reason to have a meal already to go if you are hungry and that way you ain’t eating the wrong kinds of foods. Most people who go grocery shopping when they are hungry will end up getting the junk only.. not all.. but it does happen. So if you are lazy or hate cooking.. suck it up and make 1 day out of it to plan.. it’s not that bad! And it’ll save you $$ from going out to eat plus you get to look and feel good! Keep up the videos! Good stuff!

BrickMoction1 says:

Chicken is so cheap…. WHAAAT??

Scott Covington says:

Did you add water to the crock pot with chicken?

Dr DarkNerd says:

This herts so much from a cooks standpoint… “I like my vegetables fresh” as they are frozen.

BryByWire says:

There is zero reason to obsess over trimming fat, unless you plan to do a high carb, high sugar diet for the rest of your life….. in which case you’re going to die young anyway.

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