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Dr. Pill Cosby says:

The downfall, always doing dishes! haha

woodardtoo1 says:

I screamed “let’s do it” right along with you and forgot I was in class for a second

tarptt1 says:

I get a part of my protein with protein powder.Do you think that’s ok when going on a cut if I can’t get all my protein from macronutrients?

Joey COCO Diaz says:

just stepped my game up went from a walmart tub of protein to the ON gold Vanilla Ice cream flavor, MAJOR improvement! also picked up a tub of alpha aminos, ever heard of it ?

desi cuellar says:

what’s your take on crackin eggs & seperating the egg whites vs buying a carton of egg whites??

JDuthBasketball says:

Anyone know how long it should take to lose about 15% body fat? I am like 29% and wanna drop to 15% but want to know how long it might typically take (yes I know everyone is different, I just wanna know how long it might be)

Raafi Khan says:

Holy smokes! You have a beard now! Nice man

screwbee says:

great work Rem!!! Just checking around and the consensus is that consuming BCAA’s will break your fast. But you’re still shredd dude.

Jorge Vela says:

get back i want to sign up for the meal preps and exercise program !!! im a super huge fan and i want you to be my mentor for my journey of getting beast for the ladies

FernandoRivero28 says:

Do you mix the puraminos in your gallon jug? If so how many scoops do you use?

Katie Gilcrease says:

It’s very apparent how hard you work on these videos. Love them. 🙂

Kevin R says:

Any plans to do a review on that rule 1 fat burner?

Milagros Vazquez says:

Thanks for all the content on ur videos I really appreciated.

Ashlyn Dykes says:

yes! I need more videos like this, especially low carb ones!!

Erick Ramirez says:

Thank you for helping me cook for my wife!

SleeperOG SleeperOG says:

Hey Rem love the video man, keep up the great content. Would you ever do vlogs??

Aj Hussain says:

low carb only on workout days ? or everyday ?

Aimeees Xo says:

Can you “one day” do a “vegetarian meal prep” lol

Weekend Fishing Chump says:

Been a while since I seen a good meal prep vid. Will hit the shops. Thanks!

Shawn Lucero says:

How many hours from when you wake up do you fast?

Stacey says:

Beards lookin great and I love this style of video. Dropped a like for ya and hope you enjoy your trip 🙂

Adam J. Sinn says:

I would go with the whole beef tenderloin, However Much more expensive than the Flank but way better. RJ, I think I need to send you out a really nice Wusthof 8 inch Chefs knife. Its faster than those kitchen Sheers. 🙂 Nice work, your videos have helped a lot.

Joe Mama says:

How about doing the Military diet when ure back??

Eddie Gonzales says:

rem another great video brother I’m learning alot from you and I appreciate all the info your doing a great job keep up the great work. do your bcaa have any sugar in them I’m doing the intermittent fasting and was curious thank you keep up the good work

Olivier Pensa says:

on holiday what advice can you give for eating and drinking?

Jorge857 says:

Leeeeeeeeeeet´s DOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!

Tootsie Roll says:

A relative of mine is trying the fat loss apple cider vinegar drink that showed up on face book and it uses the same brand. Does that mean that it only works with that type of brand you have?

Leigh Weston says:

Nice video mate. alway full of the great ideas…. need to try kangaroo if you can get it in the states. best lean red meat

N Khan says:

I love your meal prep vids.

kevin saunders says:

Hi Rem,
Chicken macros is raw weight on the packet not cooked so is there really any need to weight it once cooked, it’s still the same amount of protein when cooked anyway.
Yes it will reduce in size as the water in it evaporates but at the end of the day it’s still the same amount of protein.

Wilson Pena says:

hello Bro… like your videos very information it!




Muhammad Ridzwan Baharudin says:

Thank you for honestly sharing the recipe and how many grams. I have a hard time eating clean and getting this belly cut.

meghaa sharmaa says:

thanks for ur informative videos and simple meals preps

Legende m says:

Low carb ? And Tomorrow going to mcdonalds and friday 10k pancake challenge loll

John paul Haddock says:

as always…TOP NOTCH VID….don’t break the streak Rem!

Harry Powell says:

Why do you never have like rice or pasta? Carbs won’t make you fat, they are your main source energy and shouldn’t be just veg that you get your daily carbs from 🙂

C.J. Coffey says:

Are you still workingout & or doing cardio while in such a deficit?

Roberto Guerrero says:

I like your meal prepping videos and the food challenges too!

Milos Mancic says:

Hallo James,
Greate video as alwas. Keep going. Can you tell what is your height and weight. I saw in one video earlier, but I can find now. Thanks

Milos Mancic from Serbia

kopes28 says:

Do you recommend just counting calories if you have a lot of weight to lose or do you think I should count my macros as well? And at first I thought you were eating a lot of calories because that seemed like a lot of food but only 1700 calories damn.

DieInDark Cathleon says:

Can I do intermittent fasting and train in the morning without any BCAA’s or is it a must in order not to lose muscle?

G Morenko says:

Really great video. Thanks for sharing. Do you carb cycle? If so, will you post a video for a high(re) carb day? Great work as always!

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