Beginners guide to macros | Secret to sustainable weight loss | Tracking macros at restaurants

This is an extremely simplified look at macronutrients. I will explain what macros are and why it is important to count your macros when working towards a goal. This is very useful wether your goal be weightloss or weight gain. This video will be followed by a beginners guide to flexible dieting video which will provide you with more in depth detail on how to track your macros, and plan meals.


lovess says:

You are so pretty!

Tee Edme says:

Thank you so much for this video. I was feeling frustrated and u just helped me reveal a mistake I was making with my fitness pal by tracking my cardio calories to my daily allowance. So helpful, awesome info!

Estefany Suazo says:

you are great! thanks for explaining so well. definetly Subscribed

Theblackbumblebee says:

Thank you so much because l was fearful to eat anything out of the “healthy diet range” to only crash and binge, going to look at your other videos. ..Thank you so so much for the fitness pal breakdown

Liz Sanford says:

I calculated my TDEE but it does not give me a macro breakdown?

jbabs10 says:

When doing the IIFYM calculator, it emailed me these macros:
Protein Grams :152
Fat Grams : 67
Carbs Grams : 266
Fiber Grams : 29-29

But on the bottom of the site it says 187P and 227C……which ones are accurate/should I follow?


Kellie Robin says:

I hear people saying like certain food items have “really good macros” what do they mean by that?

Sarah Elizabeth says:

Very informative, thank you for making this video! I started carb cycling + macro counting with a boot camp I completed with an online trainer. I liked the results I saw from macro counting but didn’t know how to adjust macros to increase protein to build muscle. I will definitely be testing different ratios for 7 days to figure out what’s best for my body!

Aaron Jackson says:

I love that you literally went through items in your kitchen and gave really good examples and read labels! “All about the serving size!” Thank you!

Rachel Hicks says:

Little confusing on the IIFYM, my calorie intake seems to be a lot higher than I have seen on other sites.

Samantha Nethington says:

Awesome video Katie! Very informative and simple!

Markus Hyder says:

New to the counting macros but dam your eyes tho 😉

sharnaBAM says:

Best video on Macros ever.. Thanks 🙂

Chronokatan says:

I used the calculator as you said but it suggests that my carbs should be -15% taking in only fat and proteins. *confused*

MollyWAnne says:

Do you count sugar alcohols and fiber grams in your total carb count?

Sandeep Dhonsi says:

ok I got 255G of protein for one day; If i split to 4 meals then I would be eating approx 300g of chicken per meal. Wow! Beyond my understanding. Going to struggle eating 6 meals


Oh my God, a year ago I paid 100$ to some dude-trainer for all this information. People just make money on what you were talking about )
Thank you, thank you so much! I love every of your videos, you motivate me. Thank you a loot !

Pete_Rocks says:

thanks for covering this. I’m a pro at tracking myself after 3+ years at it but I saved this to send to people who are just starting out. 🙂

Rick Martin says:

Very good point about overeating and not being aware of portion sizes…..very helpful and thorough discussion. Thanks.

484Hellogoodbye says:

I find it hard to eat foods that are high protein but also low fat. Any suggestions?

jackalicious27 says:

VERY informative…thanks….whats the fiber suggestion per day to keep things moving…;)

Shannan Young says:

that was a brilliant video, so informative…I’m a complete newbie to macros, and its a bit overwhelming but this video really helped so thank you

Lana Robertson says:

this video was super informative! Thanks for all the helpful information!!

Stephanie Dillard says:

I just came across your channel and I’m going to every video I can of yours. I’m sick of being over weight and I’m very inspired by your videos

Bobby Mickens says:

A case of the “fuck it’s” LMAO!!! Love it! I’ve so been there. Thanks for the advice.

McKenzie Lanza says:

So I’m new to this whole macro counting but what confuses me about macros is that i feel like I’m not eating enough when I hit my macros & I’m still hungry at the end of the day? How do you combat that if you can’t eat over your macros?

Liliana Y says:

super informative

frenchie girl in the usa says:

Thank you so much for making this Video . I am new to the macros world .

Stephanie Emmiline says:

So glad I came across this video! You explain macros so well, makes so much more sense to me now! 🙂

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