Beginner Fat Burning Workout to Lose Weight in 4 weeks (Home Exercises)

If you are a beginner, you would like to start losing weight but do not know which workout routine / plan / video to follow, DO THIS WORKOUT for the next 4-6 weeks!
This is a total body fat burning workout designed for beginner like you to start losing weight quick and effective. No equipments are needed, just you and your enthusiasm!
Do this workout 3 times weekly, together with cardio (swimming, jogging, walking, cycling, walking up the stairs etc), 3 times weekly for 30-45mins for best result.

Estimate Cals burn is between 350 – 450 Cals (4 sets). The heavier you are, the more you burn.

Remember that your food intake is 80% to your success so start cleaning up your diet and start seeing your weight dropping. You can go to my website to get the Full Meal Plan and Workout Plan to guide you through. =)

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Maki says:

lol I’d kick my phone away if I would do this mountain climb thing exactly like you did.

Anicool Singh says:

The last workout.. U said plank position but u actually didnt go into plank position..

xbratayleyfam x says:

im so tired now i did this 3 times

Jammie Parrish says:

Who would`ve thought that I had been capable of achieving these fabulous results? I lost 9 lbs within two days! Google “sowo amazing plan”. You must try it. Just google that and read about it.

Kathleen Padilla says:

My cousin advised me about the “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). This is a weight loss plan that actually works. Initially I was a bit skeptical but in two weeks I’ve already shed over 14 pounds. Google it to learn more.

Helena Hayes says:

way too advanced for me..

Leslie Dickens says:

I’ve always been a bigger girl. I don’t remember a time in my life I was ‘healthy’. I tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked. That’s until I heard about garcinia through my dr. I lost over 49lbs so far using it. If you are struggling to lose weight check it out. You can even get a free bottle here:

Kesmina Kendaryte says:

i started doing this today. did only 1 set but im going to do it everytime when I can. if somebody wants to know how this is going then i will just update.

PrecXx B. says:

i love her exercises bc its so intense. This way i feel confident when i done i really did a good workout

Ashu Marwaha says:

Pls tell exercise to loose breast fat… Upper body work out

Jessica Blakeney says:

We learned about the diet plan “lyly amazing guide” through a Google search. In just a number of days, I’ve dropped a lot more than 15 pounds. You ought to give it try and I promise you’ll be overwhelmed at the great results you’ll see within just a few days. You’ll like this.

sandhya sandy says:

i am not able to accessur website.. some error.. help me

pragati samanta says:

thank you

Uzma Ansari says:

I cannot find another 3 set…Can U plz mention the link in the description box of all the another 3 set of exercise

Jackie L says:

I finally managed to drop that annoying belly fat in the last 8 weeks thanks to the input from Alexandras free Ebook “How to lose belly fat ASAP”. Alexandra truthfully changed my life. The Free E-BOOK is available at Alexandra’s blog. I am going to post it below just in case you want to download it…

Chicken McNuggets says:

I could do 3 in a row today!!!!! i’m so happy

Panda Mochi says:

I wouldn’t consider myself overweight (I’m 57kg/125.66 pounds) but I’m not the most healthiest person out there. I’m gonna try this work out everyday and see if it works for me. My goal is to lose about 7kg/15.5pounds. Wish me luck!

Mary Boulton says:

Here’s here I lost 27lbs in just two weeks… Just use garcinia and avoid junkfoodz. That’s how I melted away all that fat and I didn’t have to go on a diet or exercise plan. You can even get a free bottle of garcinia to try yourself here:

Gary Mehmet says:

Great video! My wife is looking to get back in shape after having our beautiful baby. we have go ahead from doctor to get started and I think your workout is a nice place to start. Thank you Joanna

KatTheBooknerd says:

This would be grand if I could actually get on the floor… Lol. I tried to, and my back nearly died. Sigh.

akash pathak says:

very good… helped me a lot

sreeja sethu says:

can i do this exercise daily ????

Ashley Nino says:

you make it look so easy

Brittany Dickerson says:

are you trying to kill me?

Patricia Jackson says:

Who would`ve thought that I seemed to be capable of achieving these fantastic results? I never thought in days that I would be able to drop 8 pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan”. You should try it. Just google that and read about it.

Vipul Sethi says:

i lost 5 kg in 25 days .only doing these what she told . thanks. but I did 300 steps extra everyday for 5 days a week .

Md Ashfaq says:

this is just the copy of lumowell guys,lumowell explains better than her.She has just copied the exercises.

Jacqueline Hernandez says:

Reminds me of insanity

Della Coyle says:

I found out about the diet plan “lyly amazing guide” via a Google search. In just a several days, I’ve dropped over 12 pounds. It’s the best diet plan I’ve actually seen and it sure works for me.

Biting Chen says:

Does it work?

rock7752 says:

I can’t access your site.

Satan says:

its really hard for a lazy person

Patricia Jackson says:

My good friend was the one who told me about the diet program when she said how she dropped her weight. Then I decided to join in because she dropped 19 lbs from that. Google “sowo amazing plan”!

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