a short guide to losing weight

~please read the description for resources & info~

where i learned a lot about losing weight:

calculate how many cals you burn in a day:

calorie counter:

basic exercise calories burned calculator:

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a very important message:

if my channel disappears within the next few months, know that i enjoyed my time here and wish you all the best in life, and that i will create a new channel if that does happen- probably under the same name or sarah k or something. this website has given me many strik es because of another channel’s video being used in my kpop workout routines so im treading on thin water here TT TT
i figured that i’d go out with a BANG! otherwise, this may be my last video until april because i have 1 last strik e before my chan nel is ter minated. thank you for everything, let’s hope that this channel stays. i’ll keep you updated on my instagram (awe.sa) if anything further happens.

i deleted all my old kpop workout routines because of the issue but there are still a few on this link:

it hurts that i had to throw away my work from 3 years ago because of this 🙁 but oh well. let’s keep moving.

God bless you! Happy new year. I hope all is well.


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video links: (that were in this vid)


kpopx fitness

Ice Chu
Lemonade Love


leovly says:

this really helps thank u!!

Jasmine Hindes says:

This video helped me and now I feel more inspired to try to loose weight!!!!

Bangtan Is Bomb says:

Are playing sports, dancing, running, jog, aerobic dance just gonna lose weight and not gain muscles? I really dont wanna gain muscles

Blnkxx says:

I was fucking eating my chicken nuggets while watching this then I look down at my chicken nuggets with a sad face

Chryssa Georganta says:


bapiful says:

Please don’t eat less than 1200 calories!!

Julia Prusha says:

Ew dub

Great video tho

_Wtf_ ºoº says:

I’m 150 cm and 50/51 kg. I’m 16 years old and and don’t feel healthy and I don’t like this feeling. The pressure of schools makes me feel bad and I stopped to work out ang gained a lot of weight. I love dancing and that’s one of my princess dreams so now on I will do kpop fitness exercises even if I have thousands of book to study. Thank you for inspire me and I’m feel happy that I know someone that is close to my height ahaha.
I want to have 44/45 kg until the end of the year ahah

thefunfettiprincess says:

I love that you said “how to go from cute and beautiful to still cute and beautiful” this was very wholesome thank you!!

yobotjohn says:


chimiera 892 says:

I came here with a high expectation of guide, and yes im not regret it. I used to do the ordinary one kind of exercise to fit. But I keep doing it barely coz’ I easily getting tired. Then I would stop. In addition, I have a big appetizer or whatever it called, mybe because im asian so I really love anything with rice and not a picky type. Thanks for that I’ve gain weight. I never thought of kpop workout before and after seeing your video, It seems fun plus I do love kpop. I’ve never dance to kpop dance (full) before so this is something new for me

So here I would like to challenge myself. I will do these things based on your guide video. And when the time has come where I have satisfied with the work and reach my goals. I would come here again, reply this and state the goals that I have reach and done. Hopefully ain’t give up easily

Now Im
– 16 y/o
– 146 cm
– 46 kg
– having thigh and hips inch that unmatch with my height

So for the future myself, I hope you have gain your wish and goals which is obviously losing weight. Jiaoyo

Today: 11 Feb 2018

Ɓαву вσв says:

You probality know this channel : fittaoakay with this my Sister loses 5 kg in 3 mouth and good Luck !

Madeline Garcia says:

Kiss him not me

xxPamXX says:

Cute vid! Can you think of making a video about weight gain? I am a REALLY skinny person-with a high metabolism- and I need all the help/advice I can get!

I was thinking of gaining muscle, as I think it’s easier, but what if I gain bulk? I want to have slim/lean (if that’s possible) looking muscles that aren’t really noticable…ANYWAY:
if you do end up making a video about weight gain… Many thanks!

Nanameii _ says:

I’m 15 and I used to be 185 ponds but then I began dancing and I went from 185 to 156 it’s was hard work for me watching kids eating pizza for lunch while I’m over at my lonely table eatin a salad and water but then I went into depression because of my dogs death and I starting eating then I gained back some weight doing from 156 to 174 now and I found your channel about a month ago and is been really helpful and it’s were I found out about kpop! I didn’t know what kpop was because at the time I didn’t like it because I thought u couldn’t like music you couldn’t understand but then I got hooked on exo and got7 and bts it all clicked! I’m at 163 right now and I have dancing and working out and eating Healthy is a strength but I still love this channel thank u for making it!

iHeleni says:

Wah~ this was so helpful! I’ll try this, but the water part is a really big deal for me. It has a weird chemical taste. Someone help me with this ;_;

hannah havana says:

omg sarah ur my height exactly and im only 15 scream, let’s be short friends ❤️

pinksweet says:

I started using an app that told me the amount of calories to eat in order to lose 5 pounds in 5 weeks (I gave myself this goal to start out!). But, I usually eat less than the calories that they recommend, and I eat healthy, so I decided to lower it by 100. I weighed myself at my 1 week mark and I lost 4lbs already.. I wasn’t trying to lose this much weight this fast but I do know that not eating unhealthy snacks (sweets in my case) helped. 🙂

elle kim says:

Where do you learn the dance choreogrpahies?

The LonelyOnes says:


Sneha Ramesh says:

do NOT drink water during your meal, and only at least half an hour before and after your meal! Yes, you’ll feel full of you drink water during your meal and right before but you will disrupt your digestion and it can cause bloating and stuff!

Ruweyda Ahmed says:

Do you live in Minnesota?

Samantha says:

this is such a cute video. i can tell lots of time was put into making it. i have an eating disorder, so i already knew all of this plus more, but still good tips for beginners. 🙂 good luck to all.

{Suga} Yoongi says:

Anime, kpop, AND talk about exercise, this is everything everyone needs

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