90 Day Fat Loss, What I Did to Lose 28 Pounds In 3 months

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ScarredArts says:

I’m 15, working out 5-6 times a week. Though I am not sure if I should diet, I have heard so much about not to diet at my age, if you have any real proof to confirm or not confirm the things I’ve heard I would really appriciate it 🙂 It’ll help me really much

Mindboggler123 says:

I’m a college student, I’m 6,2 and I’m 256. Last may I wanted 220 because I had a fitness class, last semester through me off I didn’t weight train anymore and I never had a diet, I had lost weight when I worked out and was pretty strong. The last 2 weeks I just started only drinking water I cut out sodas and caffeine. I have a friend that me and him are going to workout at the campus rec center at least 3 times a week, I want to do more, and I am going to start a diet where you eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolism up, it’s a 1450 calories diet, I wanted to know if it’s a good idea. The diet is a 400 calorie breakfast, have a 100 calorie snack 3 hours later, a 400 calorie lunch 3 hours later, a 100 calorie snack 3 hours later, then a 400 calorie dinner with a 50 calorie desert. It says you can eat anything it doesn’t matter. my goal by the end of the year is to be 200, my end goal is 180, maybe I will try bi-weekly updates.

lollingbowling says:

yup agreed great video bud

John Derosa says:


Alyshaan madha says:

how long did it take. you to loose all the weight ?

Javier Camba says:

January 15 I started working out at 285 I’m now 261 and still at it my goal is to be 190 by January of next year. Your videos keep me motivated!! Also where can I find a way to know how many calories im suppose to intake. I’m 6 ft 261 pounds and I’m intaking around 1500 a day

tyhod123 says:

Would you recommend drinking water to satisfy hunger if you are cutting calories?

juan Alcantar says:

It’s super hard when you work graveyard. You have no sense of what time to eat . And at night I get super hungry !!!

Michael Saab says:

As a beginner what type of diet food did you start with ???

E alldred says:

I recently found your channel and I subscribed. I’m on a mission and your vids are giving me that extra push I’ve been looking for. THANK YOU! I’m 5’11” and peaked at 270 pounds- a lazy 270. I’m now at 223 and on the right track to get to 200. Thanks again!

TheFifaProject Van Persie says:

Man you are a motivation. Because of you and some friends I have started gym and I feel good lool

desperate housewives fanpage says:


Habib Khan says:

I loose weight 8.55 kg in one month tell me good dieting

Elizabeth Howard says:

Thank you.

Kevin Esquivel says:

im an over weight 15 year old. i weigh 220 pounds but i seriously want to lose weight but i have no clue where to start. Im not even sure if im motivated enough to do it.

jonathan salas says:

I used to be fat…currently im fat but no too fat jaja im on 84 im training 3 times with weigh also I’m count my steps with an app that show me how mani calories burn… I’m vegetarian but do it all that I say isn’t working I’m so down about it because I started to do this since 2 months. currently I’m trying the cetogenic diet… I don’t know what can I do to get results. it’s so frustrating. u re an expiration for us thanks! I going to do my greatest effort to continue but is so difficult.

LuNaTiC GR says:

You made a surgery removing the loose skin?

Lexithyia Star says:

You are so sexy. Great job losing the weight… You look fantastic ! 😉

Santeri Kjarna says:

great video, pal

Shubham Gupta says:

can u make video on weather morning workout is better or evening?

lollingbowling says:

ah nvm you answered it in this video

J Sa says:

Youre seriously an inspiration, thank you for making videos

Corey johnson says:

i do weights and cardio…i think its the ladies in the gym that need to lift more lol…i always seen the cardio side of the gym full with ladies. then they get off the treadmill and walk out the door

ERD Epoch says:

Is it just me or does his skin look a little yellow in this video?

lollingbowling says:

ok i understand pounds but what i believe is body fat percentage it really doesnt matter about your weight! Sorry weight doesnt matter dude

GoodAdvicesForFranco says:

Any adive on supplements?
in my expereince iv found many if not all Unnessacery to accomplish muscle and fat loss goals.
creatine and some protien powder is all you need, or your just funding businesses for nothing

Alexander Rivera Ahlin says:

Seems like we are all different, I think you said you felt more hunger on low carb days. I do not know what you ate the rest of that day, but I do atkins or LCHF and I feel full and satisfied every single day. Now over christmas I took a break from LCHF and the hunger showed it self the whole time almost….

mohammed faiz says:

man you motivated me to go from 260ibs to 189ibs thank you so much and i will keep following you <3

jay hulrs says:

What incredible strength you had to lose the weight. Great job! Enjoying your videos.

Dennis 3809 says:

Throughout dieting I realized that I’m mentaly horible!!! Before start loosing weight,my self esteem was horible and in addition to things that were going on back then,I fought with a light depression and now anorexia is knocking my door!!

Mike says:

Do you have green eyes? during the pokemon GO scene you went a bit cyborg on us.

Joey161 says:

I was going to the gym regularly 8 months ago and every few weeks I went to the gym scale it would go down and yet I saw no results for the scale to go down 20 lbs cloths still fit the same then I went to that chair weighing thing at Walmart and I still weighed the same as when I started. Guess it was because I wasn’t watching what I ate from time to time. But I’m getting a Fitbit today and this time I’m not gonna let $168 go to waste for reason. Lol

Vegantastic TV says:

i wore a fitted shirt like ur wearing to a greek party once when i was really into working out and the girl i was with got mad at me for not wearing a polo shirt. i kinda feel like my dates/gfs didnt really fully appreciate the effort/results put into the gym. but i did have 2 women ask what happened when i quit going to the gym after taking my shirt off. this was all before social media where maybe i could have gotten better feedback and stuck with it. thanks for sharing

lollingbowling says:

hey dude is calories in calories out the biggest thing you did?

Vinit Srivastava says:

i have seen a video of you with loose skin.

RossHildick3D says:

your eyes are changing with the background. kinda of freaky. guessing your eyes are green? get yourself a bluescreen son

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