7 Fat Loss Tips For Beginners

Burn off your belly fat now:

What’s up guys,

It’s Jonny with insanehomefatloss, and today I show you how to get started with insanehomefatloss. This video will give you all the information you need to know to get started on a proper fat loss program and burn off your belly fat and get you a lean body fast.

Video breakdown:

Steps to achieve fat loss

0:13 Set goals: Make sure you set short term and long terms goal. Without goals, you’ll have nothing to stive for.

**0:31 Track your progress: The only way to see improvements is to track your progression.

-Take pictures

-Document your weight

**0:48 What you dont need: Avoid things you don’t need, this way you’ll have less excuses for hitting the gym.

-Personal training packages

-Fancy workout clothes

-Crazy workout gears:

-Don’t need supplements.

**2:05 Get motivated: Find a friend or something that will get you to the gym.

-Find a workout partner


-Inspiration with a vison board: You need something to drive you and constantly remind you of what your goals are.

-Follow someone on Facebook or Twitter for health tips

-Stop making excuses

3:44 Stick to the basics: Just build the habit of working out and avoid thing that your not familiar with which can get you hurt.

-Hit the treadmill


-Step mill

4:36 Fitness tips:

-Don’t cheat yourself by holding on rails of the cardio machines or improper form on machines an equiptment.

-Go to the park.

I hope these fitness tips really helps you.

And if your a beginner and need to get a flat stomach FAST. Watch this video now:


This video also shows you the worst MISTAKES most beginners are making when they start a workout program. If you’re making these mistakes, getting in shape is going to be difficult, slow, and frustrating. I show you what these mistakes are and how to avoid them — and what you should be doing instead to get the lean and athletic body that you want.

If you just started working out, do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video:



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Steven Acosta says:

Dude these tips are amazing!!

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