5 Intermittent Fasting Tricks to Burn Fat Faster

Learn 5 intermittent fasting weight loss tricks to burn fat faster. These tips will help those of you looking to lose weight fast. If you are on the ketogenic diet some of these tips will benefit you as well
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#1 Stick to foods that won’t spike your blood sugar/insulin level – 0:34
#2 Keto fasting – 3:01
#3 Extend the length of your fast – 4:39
#4 Performing fasted workouts – 5:30
#5 Lifting heavy weights – 7:41

You really shouldn’t start an intermittent fasting plan……… Well…. at least not until you watch this video because today I’m giving away the top 5 ways that will allow you to burn fat faster while fasting. If you’ve already tried intermittent fasting and you did it correctly you’ve probably already noticed some great results. You probably lost some body fat, maybe lost a few pounds off the scale, and you’ve become more productive in the process…. which is all great. But I know if you could double or triple your results without spending more time in the gym or in the kitchen you would be more than happy to learn how. Am I right? ….I think i’m right. So let’s get started with the very first trick… When you break your fast, during your feeding window you want to stick to foods that don’t spike your blood sugar, and more importantly don’t spike your insulin levels. And those two things aren’t always the same. As many of you already know one of the major benefits of fasting is that it’ll allow you lower your insulin levels. Insulin is a fat storage hormone that serves as a bridge between your cells and the nutrients coming into your body. Your body will also stop burning fat when insulin levels are elevated. When we fast we are not just looking to lower calories by not eating, even though fasting will definitely do this the main goal of fasting for fat loss is to decrease insulin levels. And there really is no better solution for doing just that, when you simply don’t eat your bodies insulin levels are naturally at their lowest. However, what most people don’t realize is that even if you fast perfectly, once you break your fast you can spike your blood sugar and insulin levels high enough to cause your body to actually store fat rather than burn it. So if you want to burn fat at the fastest rate the goal has to be to keep your insulin levels low even after breaking your fast. We can do that by understanding some basic principles and then making a decision on what to eat during your feeding window around those key concepts. First let’s get the obvious out of the way…. sweets, processed foods, and junk food will spike your insulin levels the highest while providing the lowest amount of nutrients. So if you want to burn fat faster after breaking your fast stick only to real wholesome single ingredient foods. Most of these foods you’ll find by sticking to the outside aisles of your local grocery store or supermarket while avoiding the inner aisles. Next you have to know that carbohydrates have the biggest impact on your insulin levels, certain types of dairy have equally as big of an impact, other sources of protein have a moderate impact, and fat has the smallest impact. By not overindulging in carbohydrates and dairy after breaking your fast you’ll already be miles ahead of most people. Since fasting is supposed to be a flexible dieting structure, I don’t want you to restrict your carbs or dairy to nothing. In fact by doing that it’ll probably make you want to have them even more. Instead I want you to break your fast with a large serving of vegetables in order to fill your stomach up and take the edge off your hunger. Then move on to your protein & fat sources, and then if you’re still hungry you can move on to some low glycemic carbohydrates & dairy. This will allow you to limit your insulin spikes during your feeding window without actually thinking about it & without restrictions. Let’s move on to the second way to burn fat faster that goes hand in hand with the first tip we just went over. I’m talking about keto fasting. Keto fasting is a combination of the ketogenic diet & fasting. This will make your diet a little less flexible because you will have to adhere to a certrain macronutrient split, but it’s an incredibly effective way to speed up the amount of fat lost from fasting. Here you would start by setting up a regular intermittent fasting & feeding window. An common example would be to break your fast at 1 o clock & then switch back to fasting at 9 o clock. But during that 8 hour feeding window, with this method you’ll actually want to keep your carbohydrate consumption under only 5 to 10 percent of your total daily caloric intake. This means no grains, no starchy veggies, & only berries for your fruit.

Studies on fasted training:


makeupbyrubab6 andVlogs says:

I don’t feel hungry during my feasting window

Fábio de Paiva Schrier says:

Do you recommend a heavy training during a 24-48 hours fasting?

gregloates says:

If anyone else on this thread has any ideas about how to deal with hunger while fasting, please feel free to chime in. Thanks!

Max Que says:

How is it 2019 and people still don’t realize that fasting is one of the healthiest things you can be doing?

ImSoWebby says:

if i eat only 1 meal a day whats the best time to do so and whats a good food plan for when i do eat once a day to keep my insulin low

Samuel Bandi says:

can I take a coffe while fasting?

Dean Allen says:

I like going one day not eating til 3 then next day 4 all the way up til 6 then go from 6 pm til 6 pm next day. I power lift so one thing I want to bring up is I got cramps in my muscles from not having any salt in the body so add some salt before a workout

junjun anilodap says:

when eating oatmeal can i add milk n sugar would that activate my insulin,

adi mulyono says:

I want to know i has GERD problem if i eat sweet drugs like antasid and sucrafat syrup to control my GERD do i break the fasting?

Achilles 1996 says:

How about eat normally NOT LIKE A PIG , exercise 5-6 days per week for like 30-40 minutes depending on the intensity (treadmill and cardios in general and strength training, you can find apps on play store that actually have a daily schedule with exercises ) I’m doing this for almost 1+ month and from 126 kilos now I’m 121.5 and dropping. Just be patient and believe that you can do it and never NEVER NEVER give up, last week my weight went stale (can’t remember how this effect is called) and I was pessimistic cause I was putting an efford but nothing was happening, but I kept doing what I was doing and now I’m losing again. So when it happens again because it will I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and hopefullyfully this summer I’ll go to a gym because right now everything I’m doing is at home and with no help from experts

Bake Master says:

2:45 vegtables are still carbs bro

Ranvir Singh says:

I went from 189.4 pounds to 182.2 pounds in 6 days. This really does help, can’t wait to see results in the coming weeks

Usha Singh says:

Can I drink honey water during fasting

Yaswanth Sai says:

Intermittent fasting is too good, I had started doing it from 16/02/19 at 78kgs, But now I am 71kgs. I recommend you to follow this if you really want to lose your weight.

GhostInYourKitchen says:

Pro tip: Large quantities of cocaine are an excellent way to help with that 48 hour fast.

Jordan K says:

You talk to much

Allu says:

I literally got a sixpack, huge abs, leg muscles that allow me to faster than light just in 1 day! Intermittent fasting really works.

Umme Aiman says:

Ramadan is the best month to burn fat .
I lost 10 pounds in a month

M.U.K.E says:

Can we take WHEY PROTEIN with water during Intermittent Fasting?

Joel Brown says:

Don’t you need to add protein after a workout to repair muscles though? Would you lose muscle mass if working out while on a longer fast, like 24 to 48 hours?

troll keyboardwarrior says:

ive been doing this since collage not because i want to lose weight i just dont have the money to buy food

Ezekiel Delos Reyes says:

i’m amazed how this video still doesn’t have ads in it with all the views

Cissa Paz says:

When I skip eating after a hard workout I get a migraine.

Abhishek Tirkey says:

Can I eat boiled rice?

Traian Constantin says:

there’s something about those thumbnails that gets on my nerves

The Windblade says:

How long shouldnt i eat after the training (because of the fat burn) ?

Chanell Rice says:

Your amazing! Thank you .

Hanny Morag says:

This cool but this is the best @t


Eat small portions and doesn’t matter what you eat u will never get fat. none of European or African countries eat early dinner like here in the U.S and look at them only 2% over weight Comparing to the U.S ( USA diet is the others regular meals)

Dfwm says:

Fasting fast and break fast before breakfast. That’s the fastest fat fasting fast as fuck

Manuel Maestrini says:

It’s not just about losing pounds, but what you care about is losing fat. When in a caloric deficit is for instance super important to eat enough protein to minimize muscle loss.

Interesting how the author of the video seems to have failed to disclose that for healthy people that lift weights; your insulin doesn’t really “spike” that much and not for very long. Also what’s missing is that when eating foods in combination (e.g white bread with oil or butter) the gi discussion becomes totally worthless and the gi of that food becomes as low as other non high gi foods.

Mattyd says:

Most dairy products are high in fat and low in carbs, hence the ketogenic diet uses many dairy products . Pure butter, hight fat cream, cheese etc.

Be your own kind of beautiful! says:

Thank you so much for the tips. I was confused before now it’s all cleared.

gregloates says:

Max; Thank you for your great content. Could you PLEASE address how to deal with hungar when you are intermittent fasting? I try to fast but eventually I get so hungry I break down and have to eat. How do you deal with this? A response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Max!

Sebastián Mosca says:

Lol yeah use keto, why not only eat a food that causes cancer?

Theodore Kal says:

Good vedio inspired

Sc Smurfette says:

I am SO confused. You said protein spikes insulin but yet we should eat 1 gr protein per lb of body weight…i have heard that if you over eat on anything, let it be protein…why if it spikes insulin?

Kayleen Vinuya says:

Well rice is staple food in our country

Tenzin Gyatso says:

I am doing it one meal per day.. that’s 24 hour window and I started just yesterday… let’s see how it goes for me

Justine Tavera says:

Intermittent fastng < Meth

Enzo Anania says:

Ya ok..try working construction and try to do this bullshit your talking about…FACK sakes

Syed Mujtaba says:

I workout in the morning, so will taking my protein shake after my workout break my fast? If so then when to take my protein shake ?

Hulk-Mad10 10 says:

No one should drink coffee, you will raise Cortisol levels which will decrease your Testosterone. Not
Good. When you take Amino Acids you need 8-9 essentials not 3
If you take 3 you are creating fuel only
And you will not see muscle growth. As for GNC and Vitamin Shoppe supplements, careful with those products cause you don’t really know if their working. Most of it is garbage.

airplane800 says:

What is fasted training?

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