5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes – Improve Your Weight Loss Success

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The reason many people don’t lose weight is because of mistakes they’re not aware of. Make sure you do everything you can to avoid these mistakes! If you do, you’ll lose weight effective and fast!

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Jo Te says:

Any guy who says weight loss instead of fat loss does not deserve any attention

Ali's Archive says:

Warning : Only for dedicated and those who are willing to go extra mile

1. Surround yourself who are healthy eaters and proponents of working out.

2. Cut out “friends” who give way too many treats or want you to take part in treats

3. Make your own food (if possible). That way, you know how much to add certain ingredient and even replace certain unhealthy ingredients.

B I G B O I says:

I’ve lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks

Faizan Ali says:

Immediately disliked the video when you mentioned bullshit like “survival mode” and implying significant changes in BMR is common. Citing weight regain for the contestants of the show Biggest Loser was the worst thing about this video.

Other than these, all of the things in the video are true.

shut up u diseased rat says:

My dad puts a lot of food on my plate, he says I need to eat it all. Thanks, dad…

Dead Wolf360 says:

Dont drink cola and chips

Isabella Demetriou says:

I’ve actually lost 7 kg the last 1 moth! (Not with this video)

Lord Grompulus says:

No ad but i really find lose it a good app because its very easy and accurate

Informations says:

Lose weight now by drinking a tea. This free you from all stressful workouts and being on different diet plans .Get the tea the you take it in and it will cleanse or detoxify all toxins which aid weight gain. It works massively. You can then open this link for more information and videos and also you can join the millions losing weight now with this awesome product: http://bit.ly/Weight-Loss-system

Olivia Treppens says:

Okay, but if I don’t finish my meal which contains alot of my protein, then I’m gonna lose muscle.

average joe says:

sitting down watching youtube videos about fitness instead of getting up and going was my biggest problem and still is

samy bob says:

Weight Loss Tips for Women and Common Mistakes You Often Make

Read me more / bit.ly/2Bt8TwQ

티와이트랙. says:

I eat like 300 calories a day but I dont lose weight. I’m tired.

Mandi Lu says:

Who the fuck throws away their food instead of saving it in the fridge?

Yassine Boubout says:

Burning fat is done by long durance activity
Don’t forget. Fat is being burned after 20-30min. So short high intesive movement won’t help

Juan Lopez says:

This video gives me hope, thanks man

dinesh mummidi says:

Cross fit vs normal gym
Please make a video

Haus of Gemini says:

Just join slimming world

DreamNightZ says:

Now I know why I lose weight..

joshua benny says:

Brutally true ;-;

Brandon Stringfield says:

i eat 1000 to 1200 on a diet and it works i have lost 20 pounds in a month

Aira Kinney says:

not being consistent is my only mistake :^(

Chewitt12 says:

At the moment I’m trying a mix of keto and intermittent fasting, doing a little lifting everyday, running Monday cycling Tuesday running Wednesday and so on and Sunday is a rest day, I’m only at the starting phase right now, but I’m feeling pretty optimistic and confident that with general common sense I can make it work, for instance there is no need for calorie counting, because as long as I’m having at least two meals within my eating window that fuel me enough through the day but don’t bloat me to the extreme that also are low to no carbs/saturated fat that I know is pretty healthy, then it’s fine, I know mushrooms are healthy, let’s eat those, I know peppers are healthy, let’s eat those, I know chicken is pretty healthy in moderation, lets eat those and so on.

Brewster Smith says:

I believe in calorie counting diet. It has certainly proved effective for my body. But everyone has their preferred diet method. Key is that diet is 70 percent, if not, 80 percent and 20 percent is exercise. Eating healthy and proportional needs discipline. Great video!

Mister K says:

Why do running, running is a terrible way to burn calories… HIIT > All

samy bob says:

Weight Loss Tips for Women and Common Mistakes You Often Make
Read more here / http://www.health-nutrition2015.blogspot.com

Marco Aurelio says:

honestly counting calories has been upsetting and useless for me

Derick Gabrillo says:

Don’t stop eating when you’re full, stop eating when you’re not hungry anymore.

Edwin Perez says:

So just Work barrer más way a little less? Righ?

jepte escartin says:

Thank for this learning video, and please try to read this information this maybe helpful to us on how to loss weight. just click it below…

vic jaanu says:

Anyone wants to lose 50 to 90 kg ?????
Leave you bf/gf
50-90 kg gone

Martian Mo says:

In Italy it’s polite to always leave a bite of food on the plate. That shows that the food was good and not too little.

Bitches And Cream says:

I exercise every day and I don’t eat at all. Still fat

infires man says:

I overestimate my measurements and so my calories are higher than they actually are.. But I still see weight gain

Juan Lopez says:

Thanks man this video gives me hope

Azaruddin shaw says:

The best video in ur channel.. Picfit

Ghalaghor McAllistor says:

It depends

flow repins666 says:

I don’t have problem with my weight what I fear is keeping it

ChunkiestWorm says:

There is no such thing as “survival mode”. This has been proven to be a myth time and time again.

Lazarussoul 82 says:

You can lost 20 pounds in 21 days…..it’s just water and poop weight…..and you will feel a lot worse because you have to recover your electrolytes….always get your electrolytes in

clips theonly says:

Why you lying aunt J

Nick Swanson says:

I love the way you make each video. So detailed and funny along the way. You have helped me out a lot with all the detailed information. Thank you! Keep them coming!

Isaak Freeman says:

1. Only change ONE habit at a time!:
2. Be honest and exact when estimating how much you ate
3. Use smaller plates and screw that food left over! heck, even if it then rains outside!
4. Do the kind of exercise that fits you – if you have no time left stick to high intensity workouts
5. Expect results to come over time, at a small pace per week/month!

andrian paul manansala says:

I eat one meal a day but the plate is full of stuff and a lot of rice but i eat fruits, snacks, etc everytime i feel my stomach

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