5 BIGGEST Weight Loss Mistakes Made On A Vegan Diet

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Shshannah Shamayahu says:

What’s the price on your 10 week course?

ohsnapitstheresa says:

I feel like 1 and 2 should be explained more in depth. Sadly, in today’s society, people do not know how to eat right. From my experience, as well as what I’ve learn from others is that the intuitive eating aspect of a diet should not be so strictly followed. I truly believe that the best way to gain success in long term weight loss is to eat a meal consisted of whole plant foods, rich in all the essential nutrients. The hardest thing for most people is knowing *how much* to eat. I have found that so many are struggling because they are focused on the “calorie” intake that many diet programs are suggesting, however they are almost never accurate because each person is unique in how their body functions, as well as their activity level. Long story short, the secret to lose weight is to follow a whole food plant-based diet, relatively low fat, and to eat until you feel satiated, but not still hungry, and not stuffed either. It takes time to figure out *what* and also *how much* food your body needs.

Jaina Proudmoore says:

I would do the 10 week program, but I can’t find pricing, and in your questionnaire, you have this part that says, “are you a hell yes type of person? Will you be willing to invest in yourself” or something. Like yes, I am, but no matter how rich you are, you’d always like to know the price of something before you get into it. Is there information about pricing that I’m just not seeing?

Jesus Villalobos says:

How do I break this down into servings of plant based foods

158g protein
82g fats
184g carbs

Leslie P says:

I agree that you have to check your weight. When I weighed myself frequently, my weight was great. When I stopped, I gained…

Maryann Oatsvall says:

U r so awesome ty for the videos u make the everyone’s day also did u ever do a video for anxity if not can u please??

Frenchie goes on a mission says:

Hey, awesome video. So inspiring! Going to check the rest of your channel! I’ve just started a YouTube channel where I’m going to record all my weight loss progress! So exciting! Keep sharing your tips!

Random Vegan Girl says:

… Hi 😀

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