30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

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Please note: If you’re watching this video please remember that you shouldn’t starve yourself and eating enough for your body is the #1 priority! These hacks are suggestions and should be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise. These are merely suggestions of what you can do but always make sure you make the right choice for your body since every body is different, always make sure you check with a doctor or nutritionist before you make drastic changes to your diet. I never starved myself at any point and always ate my meals especially if you’re growing :)!!


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This video has the best DIY weight loss life hacks video for lazy diets and people that want to lose weight fast in school or college and everyone should know them. You can use them as Back to School healthy life hacks and some life hacks will be featured soon so you don’t forget your school supplies from over sleeping! I love Pinterest inspired DIYs and skits about expectations vs reality so that may be my next video but we’ll see love, Wengie
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Malande Vic says:

I’m lazy when lm hungry or starving i look for junk food and I’m in shape I’m only wiegh 90 pounds

Aty McLeod says:

those plates are so cute

Sarah Hurn says:

Do you watch smelly belly tv?because I think that I saw that you commented on it wengi

Phanicking! at the Disco says:

She doesn’t know lazy until she’s met me.

Kewe chen says:

I’m new here and love absolutely everything about you!! How cute you are, your cats, the editing in this video, and I was surprised that all 30 facts actually like taught me something. I see some videos where there is hardly any actual content in it

Memory Lane says:

hey everyone! I lost 50 pounds in one summer! I just posted a video of my tips and tricks! check it out!!

Madisson Taylor says:

How old is she?she looks like 17

Khloe Cobble says:

i liked how she said it wont be noticeable and she is putting whole tomato’s and. broccoli

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS says:

Awesome advice and video!

Karla Schneider says:

How old is she ? I think like 17 to 19 or something like this????

Emma McDougall says:

How to trick an idiot

Read more

Hira Khan says:

i am from pakistan and i loveeeee your videos <3

Jaime Booth says:

When she said so much better for you I thought of the Chinese nail comedy

Trinity Venn says:

Hi wengie I didn’t see your user on snapchat

Rhea Mina says:

starts at 1:30

Laiba Khurram says:

wengie, can you do some workout hacks (especially fot overweight people)?

Kaitlen Hahn says:

i love to
wach this vido over and over

Doge Vlogs says:

So it’s bed time (7:20) I’ll have peanut butter <3

Selina Zhu says:

Wow is it just me or is she really dancing like that

Sad Videos 101 says:

Tip for weight loss:starve yourself

Rachel Li says:

Amazingly awesome!!!!

Lenard,magic and cinder Lol says:

I’m clumsy so I don’t need gym cloths soooooooo I walk and dance and bump to things all the time

Estrella 0912 Garcia says:

You dance good

Puan Aulia says:

i love your lazy diw wengie and all of your diy and your cat is so cute and your awesome and cool

Kit Cat says:

Anyone too lazy to even watch this video?
XD jk, jk.
This helped me a lot.

Hope Maston says:

How do you make that bath bomb

Nate Coggins says:

I’am a vegetarian

Lenard,magic and cinder Lol says:

Does Taekwondo work

barney barnabas says:

wow you are incredibly pretty

Jossan bossan says:

I love your lazy life hacks❤❤

Life Love Beauty Ivani X says:

video starts at 1:26 your welcome

Typisch Anni says:

I’m dancing ballet and I have to realy care about my body. That means 180 ist-ups a day

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