3 Tips for EXTREME weight loss!!

These are just a couple tips that I wished was shared with me when I started my weight loss journey!

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devin miller says:

you’re changing my life my dude ! you’re spirit is just what i needed. much respect

andrea says:

this video was so motivational thanks man.

Josh Beltran says:

Yes I do know what you mean

Kathy Collier says:

The 4:56 mark, was a light bulb moment for me. It makes perfect sense. The future me, thanks you!

R T says:

I’ve followed the same diet,and I’ve lost only 20 kilos. A special diet, the same fucking things for eight months, done by a good doctor. I’m still fat, I have to lose other 5-6 kilos, but now if I see a vegetable I throw up.. I’m getting fat, my mind is as a person on her own. there are two me, the fat one and the healty one. The fat one just thinks to eat, eat eat, and when she takes control on me I feel so guilty, so bad that I’ve started to throw up my meals. I don’t like how this’s going… I know I can do it. But I can’t. I’m just.. too… weak…

Adam richardson says:

I lose over 5 pounds in less than 1 week with this great weight loss method here: HootFat. com

Muhammed Momu says:

is club soda good to drink?

Lavera Gomes says:

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Alisa G. says:

+ObesetoBeast, you are so cute!!

Jay Rodriguez says:

Smoke meth and get a lawn mower. give it time.

Zachariah Copeman says:

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Dumindu Sameendra says:

You looks like Jerome from Gotham!!

Angel Casas says:

I’m 14 years old and I weight 222 pounds I really want to lose weight

EStTramp says:

Good information

Emilee Ann Wasiewski says:

What foods do you suggest eating to help me loose weight?

Joseph Y. says:

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Manual Wieman says:

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sleepy panda says:

quick question how overweight do you think i am, im 6’4 6’5ish 275 pounds

Chuck Canuck says:

thanks for this video. I’m starting my weight loss journey. it’s a big help

Mvrcus says:

I’m trying to lose weight, I completely stopped eating out, I drink nothing but water and exercise more than I ever did before(walking, shooting hoops etc)… I try to eat less than 1,500/2,000 calories a day nothing fried, no butter or anything like that, I portion out everything…I’m a bigger guy and it’s really hard especially when you work your ass off and nothing seems to change I feel like giving up thinking “what’s the point” but I keep at it…this video gave me some hope & I hope that one day I’ll be at my goal of loosing 100lbs so I can have a healthy & happy life…if you’re like me and you see this I hope you don’t give up because you are not alone.

Olivia S says:

Thank you so much. You’re a great motivator 🙂

YouTube BANDIT says:

eat high protein low calorie meals drink ton’s of water and drink your liquor straight or mixed with tea and juice that’s how BITCHES

Rajiv Welikala says:

i need to lose 200lb and started a life change routine. zero carb diet with only proteins and vegetables. intermitten fasting for 14 hrs. and no sugars at all. along with 1 hr workout everyday

Eddie D says:

the 3 tips are correct in have lost 117lbs and still going but doing these 3 tips

Terrance Goodwin says:

I only tried this weight reduction after my good friend bragged over it. That is when I decided to join in because she dropped 18 pounds as a result. Google “sowo amazing plan”!

Kevin Zahn says:

how long did it take for your weight loss journey

Hassan Floyd says:

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Holly says:

I cut the sugar, unhealthy carbs, bread, pasta…ect. Unhealthy fats: cakes, fast food. Only eat healthy fats: meats, nuts. Veggies. Cheese. And exercise.

Lisa Buttrum says:

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Roswell Hernandez says:

I like all the tips especially number 3

KaNawogirusa says:

i used to drink 2l of Coke a day, and now I drink 0l and will no try it never again I’m like an alcohólic recovered.

michael jones says:

Don’t drink your calories,no soda/juice
Just drink water
No eating out fast food not part of diet

Jack Wallach says:

Is 300 a day good for a 13 year old

Ruby Morant says:

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kaosinlondon says:


Jonathan Garrett says:

Inside of seven days, I was able to get rid of more than 8 lbs. Google “sowo amazing plan” to find out more. Google brought me some amazing tips.

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