12 Tips To Start Running For Weight Loss, Fastest Way To Lose Weight

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If you want to lose weight, running is one of the best ways to do it, as running burns more calories than any other form of cardio exercise. If you have some extra pounds that you want to shed. Here are 12 tips to help you get started. And don’t forget to share this video with your friends on facebook google+ instagram twitter if you like it


Ataulla Khan says:

How much time should u take (Give a Gap) after u have food before running…..?

Devon Cade says:

I actually Googled the “fetching tuti space” and it seemed like a smart idea to try it. I began getting rid of fat almost straightaway. My buddy tried this guide and shed 16 pounds!


Which time is perfect for running evening or morning

pranav chaturvedi says:

Just one question. How to get up early in the morning?????

Lakshmi Vunna says:

How much time should I do this.

kp sweety darling says:

How to slimer face



unknown player56 says:

Ima do it for 1 week for 30 min


Nice videoooo

Sarath Vishnu says:

I am about 105 kg how many days i need to get in 75-80 kgs?

joyce trinidad says:

How Many Liter Can I Drink When Running?

Badaruddin Ali Ahmed says:

I want to lose my fat

Badaruddin Ali Ahmed says:

So how much time I have to run?

Safoora Ashraf says:

Are the drinks in you tube really work

Alisson Rendon says:

it’s Feb 2018 and i want to lose weight for september to start the next school year skinny and fresh and to feel better . I want to lose ALOT of weight !!! PLEASE HELP ME !!

/ says:

I’m a 14 yo male and I’m in between fat and skinny yet I do outperform some of my skinny athletic friends when it comes to running. Only problem is that after about a minute or so of long distance running I can’t surpass my limit as I’ve had this thing before where I feel my heart in my throat and I feel like I can’t catch my breath and like blacking out, one time I even started seeing black as blood rushed to my brain. I’m quite scared to go further than that because I read online that some people had my symptoms and even suffered from cardiac arrest. Does anyone have any idea of what I may be suffering from and how I could remedy it?

Anna Krekr says:

Do i really need running shoes? They are expensive and i dont understand why cant run in my converse or without shoes… Yeah and also, how long trail i have to run? 2 km? 30 km? I dunnooo… I died when i ran just half of kilometer

Mahnoor Sami says:

I want to join gym soon
Is that effective for weight lose

Dr Debashish Biswal says:

Any relations between fat loss and day time sleeping ??

Diksha Singla says:

My age is 16 help me to loose 5kg in a month

Mdhawan K says:

Hi m pear shaped
Will it work to reduce thigh and lower hip part

Parth Borse says:

Diet pln plz

Magicarp used FLY says:

Everytime I run long distances my legs and back feels like its burning, im getting dizzy/sleepy. But funny thing is im not out of breath my lungs are fine and i feel like i could go further if not for the above problems…my friends say its lactic acid build up. But how come I get it so early compared to other people?

Fritzie Maitem says:

Wow I really like to do running but I have been scary to heartattack because of lack exercise, i need going to decision do running will health my body will be weight loss soon.. I am Deaf filipina from the Philippines..

Subhadeep Banerjee says:

so ya’ll have become skinny now, eh?

Sharath Kb says:

How many months wants to lose 25 kgs with following diet,jogging and some exercises

bb_rights says:

How zbout jogging in trademill instead of jogging outside. Will that be equally effective.

Miscia Unicorn says:

Can I run in 1 hour? So guys if you wanna run in 1 hour run slowly or do a speed walk. Cos you’ll get a heart attack.

Franklin Jino says:

how much days it takes…

Sai Yadav says:

Tell me the name of the brand shoes for running

Mdhawan K says:

Hi m pear shaped
Will it work to reduce thigh and lower hip part

AT J says:

Can we do a 5 minute thigh workout after that???

Amandeep Kaur says:

muj koi plz diet batado sare din mai kia kia khana chahiye plzzzz

AT J says:

How many minute can be the maximum for running in a day???

Nabeel Khan says:

which one is better running ya jim

Ahsan Irfan Ahsan Irfan says:

How many minutes should run enough to burn fat?

Ahsan Irfan Ahsan Irfan says:

How many minutes should run daily?

Santhi. Kotipalli says:

I want lose 25kgs
plz help me how long I could walk and how long I could run tell me
I am married 2 kids secearian operation s 3 years ago plz help me what do I do

Godspeed Runners says:

New channel for long distance running

kotesh babu kalavakuru says:

how much time take to lose 10 kg of weight

Syed Majid Shah Bukhari says:

I am about to start weight loss program from next week. would you be so kind to make a video on daily meal of maximum 1500 calories per day. as i make schedule of workout that will help me to lose 2000 calories per day.

abs andy says:

Thank you

tota hakem says:

What should i eat before workout ???

Kaushik Muchhal says:

When we start running we have to change our routine food or we continue on it?

Ruma Das says:

i run bt don’t get time for stretching evryday…

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