10 Simple Fat Loss Tips | How To Stick To A Diet

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com, talks about 10 tips to lose body fat and stick to a diet. If you stick to these ten tips to lose body fat and reduce your body fat, you will see progress. The secret to losing body fat and reducing your weight is sticking to a diet. This video will give you ten ideas on how to stick to your diet and achieve results.

Body fat – everyone either has tried to lose it, is in the process of losing it, or lost it and unfortunately found it again. Are you attempting to slim down to get your fine ass even finer? Aaron Marino of alpha m. is giving ten fat loss tips to lose body fat, and stick to a diet. If you want someone to blow smoke up your ass, Alpha isn’t doing it!

Only 10% of fat loss has to do with exercise. 90% is the diet, and it’s the tough part. Diet is something you have to pay attention to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. Diet plan – You need to prepare and have a plan that is thought out and structured.
2. Preparation – Prepare meals ahead of time in mass quantity so your diet doesn’t get sabotaged.
3. Get rid of the crappy food in your house – if the stuff isn’t there, you’re not going to eat it.
4. Limit the amount you eat out – if you aren’t aware of the food preparation process, you aren’t aware of the added fat, preservatives, and salt added. If you do eat out, decide online what you want before you go and don’t even open the menu when you’re at the restaurant.
5. Drink a minimum of 2 to 3 liters of water a day – you can flavor with lemon
6. Don’t live-and-die by the number on the scale – fluctuations will happen but a consistency downward direction is necessary. Weigh once to twice a week.
7. Think of it as a lifestyle change and modification – this is not short term! It’s changing your habits.
8. Don’t focus on the calories you’re consuming – focus on the quality calories you are consuming.
9. Give yourself the freedom to cheat ‘every once-in-awhile’ – indulge once or twice a week. Indulge doesn’t mean going nuts and freakin’ crazy.
10. If you fall off the weight-loss horse, dust yourself off and get back on – the successful people don’t beat themselves off. It’s hard but you’re the only one that matters. You may fall off 27 freakin’ times, but it only takes 1 time to ride that puppy into the sunset. You just need to give yourself permission to succeed.

Alpha recommends Garcina Cambogia. He uses it to keep his blood sugar level and to control his cravings (especially for breads). It works for him, and if you want a kick in the fat loss rear-end, you can try it. Be careful of what you buy. Alpha gets them from Vita-Goods. The quality is solid.


Harambe Lives says:

Thanks homie

Tommy Chappell says:

best thing you can do is implement a plan, but keep some lea way and flexibility… make it simple… no need for some complex plan… good effort, good result… dont overcomplicate it… you can just lose weight by exercising regularly… at least thats a start… its more about limitation than it is than actually being at the result or destination… limitation is the word. you cant expect to be slim in a few weeks, and if you do thats unhealthy and unrealistic…

Hannah Wilder says:

You are hilarious!!

Windows ME says:

i dont understand this video.

4EverGaming 1 says:

I’m pretty sure it’s more like 90% is exercise and 10% is diet

Survierl says:

The water thing is completely wrong, massive water consumption can be harmful though rare, just drink when your thirsty and you will be fine

Clarence M says:

Low carbs or complex carbs and more proteins and add fat. Cravings and hunger will go low. It’ll be an easier lifestyle. Steak and veggies? mmm Fat is not bad. Carbs has alot of calories too. I’m still on this “diet” and going strong. It hasn’t been perfect. I also don’t deprive myself of the bad “good” foods. I indulge once in a while. It’s all about planning.

kyle mander says:

sell ouuuuuuuuuttttttttttt

Pulkit Wagadre says:

i want video on mastrubation plz

Joey Logoleo says:

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Cathy Cummings says:

Immediately after unsuccessfully trying a number of different eating plans, I had nearly given up. But , when I found the diet “lyly amazing guide” — you can Google it — That i knew I had to give it a try. I lost 8 lbs in a week.

abhinav kaushik says:

Do nothing just apply tiege Hanley on your stomach

Gokhan Akın says:

hey man. can you do a video about “lose skin” i am overweight and i want to lose weight but i am worried about the lose skin

Sajan Malhotra says:

Hey Bro my mind allways want to craving some delicious please strictly give me a advice please. ..

Ben David says:

I LOVE THIS GUY. Sense of humour and straight up XD. “In the close–… you hidin something??” OMG…. subbed

Cathy Cummings says:

Soon after unsuccessfully trying a number of different weight loss plans, I had nearly given up. I merely never received any considerable results. But the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) ended up to be the system for me. Inside of only one week, seven days, I actually lost 7 pounds.

Good CleanFun says:

I do everything u say not to do… LOL. I just randomly, whenever I feel like it, and I just track my calories. I don’t eat wheat or milk, other than that, anything goes.

ok, I don’t eat out, but yeah…. I eat at home. veggies, greek yogurt, fruit, and DELI MEAT 🙂

SSE Outdoors says:

you can’t cheat on a keto diet tho

WolfLPer says:

Hey Alpha,

are those sticky collar pads or magnetic collar stays? I am currently debating what to get, to get my collar looking sweet.

Natasha Waithera says:

Thanks for the advice.I am one of those who get on the scale and once i see the scale is high i give up

Evan Chavez says:

Right after my friend explained to me about the diet program “lyly amazing guide”, I searched on Google and when I found it, I dropped more than 10 lbs in just a few of weeks. I would suggest this system to anyone who’s seeking for a really useful plan.

jinny love says:

I think you are just genius and talented!! thank you!!

Joe Quinn says:

Simply from partaking in this diet program my results have been excellent. It is best to google “sowo amazing plan” because the results were truly amazing. I additionally know another person who shed 12 pounds.

Survierl says:

I need a taser to shock myself whenever i think of skipping my diet or thinking of eating a slice of that buttermilk pie

Tommy Chappell says:

remember keep the plan simple.. if you need help with the plan ask a doctor or close friend etc.. start with cutting out snacks… doing bits of exercise here and there… one thing at a time… but remember keep it steady.. dont be hard on yourself…

Norman Gross says:

My buddies first introduced me towards the weight loss plan “fizy amazing plan”, and i also googled it. My entire life has transformed for the better just after I dropped 12 pounds by following this plan!. Try this yourself, hope you will enjoy it like me.

Linda Asante says:

lol the fact that its pancake day on tuesday… LOL

Rhino 351 says:

Dude sounds like Casey Neistat

Chris London says:

What’s a good work out to do if I have never worked out before?

4EverGaming 1 says:

I lost 40 lbs in 2months, then I sprained my knee and gained it back in 1 month

Elliott Harlow says:

It’s so difficult to stick to a diet when you’re stuck in a house when everyone eats junk. Seriously I’ve said to my parents that we need to get rid of the crisps, biscuits, chocolate and pretty much everything but they won’t. It’s so annoying because I know they’re there and when I get back from college I’m like “woah I need food”. I’ve found that if I chew gum I don’t binge out on food, is that a good idea? Or is there something wrong with gum that will make me gain weight?

steve stokes says:

My wife said that she wanted to loose 14lb of useless fat, so I chopped her head off.

Google Google says:

i fucking love this guy sooo motivating

randy machoman says:

eating fat does not make you fat. eating carbs and not burning them off makes you fat. eat more fat. less carbs. easy. 6 pack. cardio in the am. 5 x a week.

Aditya H.S says:

wow man…i hav become ur fan…very inspiring..

Salvatore Rhodes says:

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Loretta Roberson says:

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dodz barredo says:

hows quadra lean supplement? is it good for burn fat?

Jonathan Garrett says:

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Cathy Cummings says:

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Cristina Estrada says:

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