Zwift invested in this indoor bike: Is it the future? // VirtuPro Cycling First Look

Full post coming up Friday morning!

2018 is the year of the smart bike, but this particular smart bike is interesting for a whole different reason: Zwift has entered an agreement to license the technology inside of it and use it in their own products. Thus, you might well be looking at the first variant of a Zwift bike…before it becomes a Zwift bike.

I dig into the VirtuPro indoor bike and see how well it works, what makes it unique in scenarios like drafting and reaction time, and why so many people in the indoor training industry are interested in it. Come along for the ride!

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Aaron C says:

Probably a better version of the Peloton bike…

Tim Corso says:

‘Zwift drafting kind of sucks’ …amen

James says:

could do with virtual pile up, where bricks are dropped from the ceiling and an anvil springs out from the side to smash you collarbone

Eric Perkins says:

The Wattbike Atom (when it gets US introduction) already has full Zwift integration from my understanding, and sells for around 1700 euros.

nikkiesteban says:

Much better if they implemented like the one in kickr climb

Stephan Hodges says:

Can the screen be replaced with a larger monitor or a VR headset? Also, difficult to figure out which icon was your bike. Perhaps put a circle around it near the beginning?

Giovanna Leoni says:

Any update on the bike? We are interested getting one but Bluetooth and Ant+ would be a requirement. Also like the idea of BYOS…

DC Rainmaker says:

Hey Folks – thanks for watching! Don’t forget to check out the full detailed written post which may answer a bunch of more technical and historical questions I couldn’t quite fit into the video, especially around where the company is coming from and how Zwift fits into it all in more detail:

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

Stephan Hodges says:

Was the agreement between Zwift and VirtuPro Cycling one-way? I.E. only for Zwift to use V-P technology? Or, does V-P get to leverage Zwift’s software expertise as well?

phillychuck says:

Reminds me of Spy Hunter.

J B says:

Any updates @Interbike for this unit?

Chris Pettit says:

Eddy current loading like the Kaiser spin bikes? The Kaiser bikes do a good job with the load out of the saddle, MUCH better than Kurt or Kickr.

VirtuPro Cycling Indoor cycling says:

Thanks for all of your comment feel free to ask any quastions.

There is coming ANT+ and BLE and the Price is then much lower. Original it Was designet for Gym and Group Training. We have something comming up soon beside the connection to Zwift and other platforme, but you Will be surpriced. 🙂

About Zwift and drafting: in zwift you do only se a difference on you watt Number you do not fejl it in the padals. You do not feel that it gets easy and again heavy in the wind. Thanks for all you comment

Peter Wilson says:

This looks amazing……..if this were 1998. I won’t repeat what others have said but it needs a lot of refinement before it will ever be a major contender in the market.

Rick Gross says:

it only costs $15000 send me TWO!

Daniel Otero says:

what about Bkool smart bike comparison?

Aslam Moolla says:

Would like to see a review of the Schwinn Classic Cruiser. The VirtuPro is way better but that pricing!

Daniel Daza says:

I feel like this type of bike will be huge in the near future. The biggest issue is not cost (when you think of trainer+bike cost) but space. Will be limited to those with a dedicated training room or a very very understanding parter

Credible Mulk says:

I just go out and ride on the road or trails.

VirtuPro Cycling Indoor cycling says:

We see a lot quastions about our screen.
It is a tablet with touch and with the help of HDMI we can display it to a bigger screen. We can replace to a bigger screen.


Nice stuff dude

FastFitnessTips: Cycling Science! says:

Nice review Ray but to summarize: 1. it is ridiculously over priced (i paid 100 euros for a spinning bike +400 for power pedals) 2 the monitor is curiously ugly/small 3. They forgot Ant+/Bluetooth oops! 4. its got a small flywheel 5. in needs power x 2 at all times meaning its not very portable 6. its got “drafting” mode but this is against virtual riders and when you do you cant see anyone on the main screen (6:37). 7. Like all belt drive spinning bikes its quiet. Seems like a work in progress. Early progress. Oh yes, I forgot, it clicks.

John Bak says:

What is this thing Danish ?

Felix Dominick says:

Moving left and right to draft or even to overtake would be such a huge feature for zwift

Ryan Devlin says:

Give me click!

name says:

Been reading your site/reviews for years. Great to see a video of you doing one. Sweet bike!

z.browning says:

Not sure why anyone would want something like this (including the other full-bike versions you’ve shown recently from Tacx, Elite, etc) in a home setting. A direct-drive trainer on your actual bike is a much more reasonable option. You don’t have to worry about training indoors with a different position than your outdoor bike, a dedicated cassette for indoors is not a huge cost, and it takes up much less space, and the new Kickr is apparently pretty much silent. I can see why you might want a bunch of them for a spin class setting or something like that, but an individual person buying this should probably re-think that choice.

Kim Roberts says:

READ: Zwift are making a bike.

Edward G says:

no bluetooth or ant…..major loss

Thilo Fischer says:

Looks like an unfinished product

Ryan Downey says:

Ray, how much do you think this thing weighs? I found the dimensions but not a listed weigh. My biggest concern with these products is what do you do when (not if) it breaks and need servicing.

Curt Bentley says:

Haha…sometimes trying to avoid that trainer spiral of death is the only thing that pushes me through an interval!

John Trussell says:

Wait…no Bluetooth or ant+? So you can’t pair your HR monitor? Seems like the most basic thing that any piece of exercise equipment should have.

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