Winter Training With New Spin Bike | Irotec RS220 Unboxing & Review

Thuong and I got a new spin bike to use for our indoor cycling training this winter in our not-so-sound-proof Japanese apartment. We were looking for something that both of us could use, provided some decent resistance, and most importantly, something that was quiet.

Despite looking at all of the solutions out there currently, including wheel on trainers, smart trainers, direct drive trainers, etc, this was by far the best solution for our situation. Here’s a link to the bike we got here in Japan.

IROTEC(アイロテック)レーシングスピナー RS220 フライホイール22KG

The exact same model is not available in the US, but there are plenty of similar alternatives.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002

Spin bikes usually range from about $200~$600, and are a bit cheaper in the US compared to US (as is the case with most things unfortunately..) Despite the price changes, I don’t think the quality of the main parts changes that much. One of the main reasons I went with a slightly more expensive model was because of it’s simplicity.. There are no extra unnecessary electronics (since I’m using my pedal power meters to connect to ZWIFT they are not necessary) and also it has a standard road drop handlebar in addition to the regular spin bike style handlebars.

All in all, we are very happy with this purchase. This thing is super quiet and I’ve been able to get some great workouts in before and after work now without having to worry about annoying my neighbors. A great alternative to spending a lot of money on the newer direct drive smart trainers.

I’ll be making a new video soon about using a spin bike with ZWIFT and how it’s been working for me for anyone who’s interested.

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MrHockaluger says:

Hmm, a spin bike might also be something I could be interested in instead of a trainer. Fotunately, it hasnt been raining much here in California so have’t had to make a rush decision on winter ridimg alternatives. Speaking of Yowamushi Pedal, have you both watched other cycling anime like Long Riders, Over Drive, Nasu, or Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club? If not, then you guys should def check them out, too.

Brian Messemer says:

VERY Interesting. I always assumed that with a spin bike you couldn’t do Zwift at all. So you’re saying that, with Favero Assioma or Power Tap pedals, you can ride on Zwift? WOW!

BFF BFF says:

I do not know how excited I am while waiting for this video to come!
Merry Christmas To your family Cruise!!

Jayce Martinez says:

Hi sir my friend gave me an Mtb but wanted to make it a hybrid like a CX bike any suggestion in regards to the wheel-set? Its a 27.5 Mtb.. thanks

Eoin Kelleher says:

Nice compromise. Maybe use a sharpy marker on the rails when you get both your positions dialled in. Easier to share the bike that way.

kopito thai says:

Old school saddle bracket. Is it strong enough?

マンバ梨牧場産 says:


Louis Chan says:

I guess wattbike is a no for Japanese apartment then? The fan spins really loud when you turn to a big gear (it is cool in summer though because of the wind generated lolll)

Bruce Chastain - cycling stuff says:

I have a regular dumb trainer and it’s really loud.

Charlie Cooper says:

Finding a quiet trainer is so hard! Tacx Neo is the closest I’ve found and even that is a bit too noisy for our flat. This looks like a nice solution though.

Carlos Gonzalez says:

Happy wife, happy neighbors, happy Cruise.

Mersuharrastaja says:

Thuong got this video very nice hair style. But you can next summer remove that front wheel and put it your road bike, you got very nice Racing RS220 wheel front; everybody is jealous to you. Remember put little bit gorilla tape to add grip. And seems to wobble little bit, you must take that wheel to bike shop and say that they true that wheel.

Jay Kei says:

Yowamushi Pedal “Hime Hime”

yew nam mak says:

Hey careful with the pedals. Remember to use the brake to stop rather than stopping your pedal stroke else u will have a nasty surprise by the pedals jotting ur whole body up. Sometimes the pedals can cut ur leg if ur foot slips. Other than that cheers and have a good in door trainer

vivoslibertos says:

I wonder what inside the box if the name is EROtec..
Congratz on your new toy it’s so quite and better than giant sunweb bike LoL

Bruce Chastain - cycling stuff says:

I’ve been wanting to join zwift too, but not sure if it’s worth it with my dumb trainer.

Bruce Chastain - cycling stuff says:

hey how did I miss this channel? nice spin bike.

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