Why I Bought a Crossfit Bike for Cardio

To be fair, these older bikes were used for rehab purposes mostly, but Crossfit has popularized them once again. I noticed recently that I was largely inactive outside my few hours lifting each week. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to increase my activity level and be as efficient about it as possible. I think I found the answer.

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_ _ says:

i thought MMA gyms popularised them

Brandon Campbell Diamond says:

Since not many people read the description, these older bikes were used for rehab purposes mostly, but Crossfit has popularized them once again. I also realize the seat is too low in the first clip. It was the first time I sat on it so it was at the previous owners height. I raised the seat right after, as you can see in the talking portion of the video.

Vincent Huen says:

Have you ever considered getting a rower for cardio instead?

Jordan Daly says:

You’ve prob changed it by now but your saddle height is a good bit too low in the first clip, might want to stick it up a bit so you don’t get pains in your quads

Pet Rock's Garage says:

I use an elliptical at my gym with levers for the arms like on this bike to warm up before every work out. Works great, IMO. They don’t have one of these fan bikes at my gym though. The fan must feel nice.

Matt Banks says:

I get a similar one from the thrift store for $10

Redline says:

Airdyne bikes are what they are called. Not crossfit bikes. These bikes are used for many sports today. A lot of fighters use them for cutting weight because they use a lot of movement for when the fighter is drained physically.

001HK0 says:

You’re sitting a little low on it (jus sayin)… EDIT: should have read the comments. If you’re open to a random stranger’s opinions, doing AMRAP pushups w/ weight (but not so much that it becomes a strength test) have helped my bench in the past (and can be good cardio).

Jaime Delgado says:

Awesome, the heart cant differentiate whether your using the Rogue echo bike or the Airdyne.

Craigslist Reply says:

You forgot to wear your belt and sleeves

CHAU says:

paint it

imdaNDN says:

20 rep squats for cardio! the crossfitter side slowly coming out the closet…..Man!

Alan Rozenshtein says:

Not related to this video, but to your channel in general: is your basement ceiling tall enough for you to do overhead presses? If not, do you do substitute exercises?

David Gomez says:

I’ve been looking for one on Craigslist also. Working a desk job and just training the Big 3 does lead to a whole of activity.

Soul Guru says:

They aren’t CrossFit bikes

Sepsis says:

These bikes are killers, love em

S. Miller says:

lmao, I have the same bike, and it makes that same noise when I start pedaling faster.

CAHOP2401 says:

Please do a video log of the restoration of it. These things are still $175 – $250 in my area. Just picked one of these and a C2 model D for $800. Great piece of cardio equipment.

John Smith says:

I just bought one for $50… Love it.

John Tran Official says:

Do a 50 cal sprint in under 1 min.

topdogfresh says:

I bought the gold one for $50 off Craigslist years back. The best piece of cardio equipment Ive owned

Brendan Sutherland says:

how come your old gym isnt open to the public anymore

Vlad C says:

I heard that one cardio session kills all of your gains instantly. Is that true?

TideFan Yankee says:

Anyone who’s used an air-bike won’t make fun of you. Those things will kick your rear. I’m an “older guy” too, with bad joints and I’m trying to get the new bike from Rogue, the Ecko bike. They sell out in about a hour with each new shipment they get in…..I’ve been trying since January. Looks like you got a great piece of gear at a very reasonable price….ENJOY.

Chris M says:

Cardio sucks…not really but I gotta have fun with it. Kept my Y membership strictly to play basketball plus get out of the house (same situation as you). If I ever get around to clean out my garage more I’d get a bike.

joselo yasay says:

Isnt the seat too low?

imsickofmakingnames says:

“CrossFit” bike… my aunt had one of these in the 80’s..

Mahdy Khayyamian says:


njaramillo34 says:

Man we used those for MMA/Wrestling all the time…they the god damn devil!!!

Joe jo says:

I just bought the exact same one a few days ago for 100. I didn’t want to drop 600+ for a fancy one that i might not even commit to using. So far I used it once and it got my whole body sore

Strength Endeavours says:

Used by UFC fighters all across the land. Can’t wait to see you in the octagon bro!

SCS Powerlifting says:

Nice get B!!

Eukleides K says:

Very interesting! I didn’t know such a thing existed. I might have to look around for one to replace my treadmill. Thanks Brandon!

Jim in the Gym says:

I love my echo bike, but my brother got a pristine airdyne for like $100. Now I can add you to the list of guys I’m jealous of, too. $100 for a piece of equipment like this is a fantastic bargain. That’s $650 that you saved and can use for a couple new barbells or something. I’m jealous, TBH.

Cody Meyers says:

Nice man, the fiance was wanting a spin bike, but I was considered trying to find an air bike also. Is that pretty loud? Just wondering because sometimes I train around midnight when wife and kids are sleeping lol

Darrell Grant says:

I have an old school gold all metal model I got at a Replay Sports with the tags and owner’s manual still attached. Brutal

Milford Cubicle says:

Could we see some kipping pullups next?

Dan Barton says:

Just got the same thing for $75.00!!

John Miller says:

Now that’s a solid buy for $100. I have my spin bike that I use but that looks better as your able to warm up more of your body compaired to just being on a bike

Björn Bondemark says:

He he, yeah, it definitely is FANtastic hehehe

Giuvannuzzeddu says:

Logical choice. Have you given any thought as to how you will measure your progress in cardiovascular fitness? Resting heart rate? Blood lipids?

Gabriel Guerra Meneses says:

That bike is from hell

Jasmine says:

Found a similar but newer model for free with a battery powered monitor and great working quality. Really good piece to have

Fernando Arjona says:

When you gonna dry wall your ceiling and paint your cement walls

MattFromWork says:

I have literally just discovered the magic of these bikes myself. Great review as always, and It’s just nice to see something like this that was made of quality.

SpiralBJJ says:

Got an Airdyne AD-4 for $100, a little worse off than yours but it’s bombproof.

Todd Adams says:

You should consider raising the seat. Your legs are bent too much to get maximum power out of them.

The Ranch Strength Club says:

You are a Craigslist assassin! Rogue should send you their Echo bike for a comparison review. Looking forward to seeing you compete in the Crossfit Games Master’s division. Crossfitter. lol

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