The CONCEPT 2 BIKE ERG: Is it worth the money? (unbiased review)

The concept 2 Bike Erg… should you buy one – Is it better than the Assault Bike/Rower/Ski Erg? – It’s now in the Crossfit Games. Unbiased Review


Revolution Gaming says:

Hey I’m a super big fan I live in Fond du Lac Wisconsin it’s about 1 hour north of Madison if you end up wanting a break during your trip for the games you should come check out my box CrossFit FDL it super chill and a great vibe

donna delacruz says:

I think you can go to any major city in the USA and have a great time. Each city has it thing and nice people, you can’t go wrong. Since Jaz loves animals so much, Texas maybe a good choice, you can go horseback riding. NYC is about walking, and seeing sites. e.g, Statute of Liberty, Broadway shows, Central Park. You will find great food and lodging in every major city.

Craig Muldoon says:

Easy to underestimate how much harder running with a weight vest is – it not really anything discernible either, you just get so much more gassed.

Mike Liew says:

i really like your equipment reviews, but dude, you spent ages saying the same thing about the concept 2 bike 4 or 5 different times

Jack Daniels says:

Class video that

Shaqtinnnman says:

2:25 my knees hurt

Jacob Gallez says:

we call the air bike the vomitron

Kathleen Walters says:

What a great day of working out! Congrats to Jas on her PBs!

Alfie Armstrong says:

Jas’ right knee on that PB-equalling snatch was very close to going real bad…

Alex Jackson says:

Have you ever used Wattbikes as they are the alternative to c2 ergbikes

Perform Better UK says:

Hi TeamRichey, would love to get your thoughts & opinions on the New Renegade Bike we have launched. Maybe we can arrange a day when you’re back from the Games for you to visit us (we’re in Southam CV47 0FG).. Thanks, PB Team

Janice Jantjies says:

So it’s very similar to a watt bike…

Jessica Ahn says:

Anybody catch Jasmine’s numbers??

13 Kimbolton says:

Have you heard the news about Khrennikov being withdrawn from the games? (Saw something go up on his instagram)

Michael Barton says:

Where do I find the little girl @ 10:00??

themccats says:

kill yourself fucking loser

Harry Wilkinson says:

Hey! With the bike, change resistance rather than rpm to change watts/pace, try to stick to about 90rpm unless a sprint then like 120rpm, and change resistance accordingly. Hope this helps!

Johnson Rocson says:

You crossfit people have absolute garbage posture. Too bad you aint got the skill to use dumbbells and fix those rounded upper backs 🙁

Jerzius says:

That baby looking at the camera is my new reason to live!

roy nesbitt says:

So how about this…. concept 2 bike erg or ski erg? already own a rower and an air bike…. would love an air runner but @ $3500+ its just not on the list yet

Kevin B says:

I love the bike erg. It gives you better info than any other bike. The damper makes it easy yo go from “spin bike” to pedaling in mud.

Andrew Stephenson says:

If you already have a road bike at home…just buy a mag or fluid trainer! Might save a few bucks compared to the bike erg.

Cohen Smith says:

Hahah this guys so cool

Jen Smith says:

I bought the bike erg last month. Love it!

I will eat your Next born child says:

This guy is supporting Logan Paul and jake Paul I saw a comment by him and that’s why I’m here spread this word this guy loves Logan Paul and jake Paul but he’s ENGLISH

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