The Best Air Bike Showdown! (2017)


➡ Schwinn AD Pro:
➡ Assault Air Bike:
➡ Xebex Air Mill:
➡ Concept 2 BikeERG:


After researching 15 air bikes, using 8 of them, and legitimately testing 6 of them, we’ve determined that the Schwinn Airdyne Pro is the best air bike available. Factoring in price, warranty, performance, durability, and ease of use, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro offers the best performance and least amount of maintenance among all its competitors including the ever-popular Assault Bike.


Some of these bikes were given to Garage Gym Reviews for the express purpose of testing such product; however, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorsement of this product. GARAGEGYMREVIEWS retains full editorial control over the content in this video and has not accepted any monetary compensation from the companies to provide this video.



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Andrew Nguyen says:

I am rocking a Schwinn Airdyne AD3, meter doesn’t work but got it from a garage sale for 50 bucks.

Jordan R says:

Picked up a older Schwinn airdyne pro comp couple days ago from Craigslist for $175. I ll take that all day.

FitDad123 says:

Coop – need your help brother. I’ve tried to buy the echo bike since December and it keeps selling out within 5 minutes, I feel like Rogue is fanning the hype at this point. If you were in my position would you hold out for the Echo Bike or just go ahead and get the AD Pro? I’m a huge fan of concept 2 but looking to rehab my AC tear with this bike and feel like I should really have something that has arms otherwise I’d be all over the Bike Erg but maybe I’m overthinking this and should just stick to Concept 2? Echo bike is not in stock until February now, any advice would be appreciated, Sir.

Aubrey Curtis says:

I got the Xebex air bike after watching your review. Been happy with it. Is a little loud, but doesn’t bother me. Simply a tool.

Tommy Harris says:

How does the Airdyne Pro belt system differ from AD6 as the AD6 is known for a sub-standard quality

smilinjoe23 says:

Tested the new assault HD at the games this year. It has the similar feel as the scwhinn but cost like 2k!!

John Franzen says:

Hey Coop, I’m a big 6’6”. Does either one accommodate my size better?

Landog1 says:

have you tried the stairmaster. bobby maximus from gym jones says its the best hes tried. just wondering

justvettn says:

How about the Octane Airdyne-X?

Randy Stalcup says:

fix the blinking in your intro. It doesn’t look good or cool or whatever it is you were going for.

Roberto Sibayan says:

Still running an 84′ Airdyne… If it ever dies I will definitely heed your advice.

Rangel Pires says:

Nice help! But what do you think about EVO RENEGADE air bike???

Chris Fiit says:

I recently bought 3 for my gym after watching your reviews. Clients love them ! Quick question on calories, have you noticed the difference in how quick calories burn on the airdyne monitor in comparison to the assault ? Thanks Chris

Mark Stroud says:

Only watched two of your videos mate and liked both. Nice and clear. Great detail and descriptions of the reviewed items.

Gonna go dig through your playlists now and see what else to watch!! 😀

MixyDoodle says:

Really not sure which way to go between the Concept 2 and the AD Pro. My gut says Concept2, but I really feel like I’ll miss the arms.

Alvin Vane says:

The question is if Schwinn has improved on their mechanical system from the AD6? The AD6 was hands down one of the worst airdynes they’ve made and it also had a belt system. The belt has grooves and when he grooves deteriorate, then you get major pedal slippage. I factor this into cheap materials that they outsource now as well.
Thanks for all your awesome reviews. Let me know your thoughts.

Michael Cisneros says:

Love your videos. I just setup my garage gym and purchased the cascade air bike unlimited. This is THE BEST air bike on the market today. You should definitely check it out.

Stuartish says:

nb4 coop hits 10k

Thai Bui says:

Coop, question regarding usage of Concept 2 Air bike. In your opinion, do you think it’s possible to use it like a spin bike (Peloton, Schwinn, etc) and do the follow along rides on the Peloton app. Just attach a Wahoo cadence sensor and since we can control resistance. What do you think? Thanks bud!

Jerome Garcia says:

Brother, Rogue has a new bike out, the Echo Bike. I respect your reviews. If you can get your hands on one, I’d like to hear what you have to say. Thanks!!

Grant McCormick says:

“your fitness level $.99”

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