TACX Galaxia Rollers: Unboxing, Building, First Ride Review

Finally expanding the review range to rollers! Here’s the first set on the list, the Tacx Galaxia. They’re a standard set of rollers (no smarts) with two features I was keen to look into – the slightly concave rollers and the forward/backwards sway which they claim is a more natural ride feel.

Video Index:
Intro 0:00
Unbox and Build: 4:05
Ride: 6:26
Review: 7:37
Summary: 10:31

Tacx Galaxia Offical Site: https://goo.gl/YvZu4z
All things Tacx Roller on Amazon US: https://goo.gl/TM1Wby

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Vau Gr says:

Do you think it would be possible to use this on a bike with a 29 inch wheelbase?

Eli Douek says:

that’s going on my “want to buy” list

kuningan Ayeuna says:


James Harvey says:

Great video Shane. I LOVE my rollers :). Aluminium drum & 5 neodymium magnets gives me more resistance than I need!

Dmitryzakharov says:

what is that clicking noise at 7:18 ?

Jens Lundberg says:

Hi Shane, the rack that you use for you big screens.. do you have a link to them? Seems like something I need 🙂

Jugi Holic says:

Do you see a new to use trainer specific tyres for rollers as with wheel on trainers?

Ryan Downey says:

Next Swift Zwift Tip: Running on rollers. Logging miles.

Nigel Doyle says:

Me on rollers. Call the ambulance as it would be just a matter of time before I fell off.

Plucky Hans says:

Session 6 – Fell off sideways and destroyed a table.

Jay Santos says:

How is the resistance? Is it the same as riding on flat roads?

Rixter says:

Maybe you can try the E-Motion rollers as a comparison (http://www.insideride.com)

David Lack says:

First time, interesting but within two attempts got the hang of it. Really good work out, using 1-2 minutes in each gear, same cadence. Feels more real than turbo. Can’t wait to let my son have a go – he he!!! Thanks for great set up.

bassmandudge says:

Hi Shane …great videos thanks for all the effort that goes into your reviews …. thinking of getting into some indoor/zwift training (weather here is shocking)…like the idea of rollers for the feel….have you, or could you, test the Elite smart rollers or others if there are any? I would like some power and erg capability but have no on bike power meters. ( still too expensive for me)..would be interesting to see how they stack up against £450 static trainers. The other trainer that I am interested in is the Chinese Gravat 2…i have seen side by side comparison against the wahoo kicker and it is virtually silent…I have the ability to ship to the UK with a friends business and at around £375.00 could be worth a go..aparantly they are hot stuff in China and look very well made. Would love to see a review by you if you can ger one. Cheers..

Gregory James E says:

$329 not $250

hornetluca says:

Hello Shane,
I have a smart trainer wheel-on and I wonder whether or not the right tire pressure affects the power delivered.
Do you think it does?

Bethany Frerichs says:

I’d fall over, knock myself out and end up with a concussion for three days the first time I’d use it. Been there, done that, with clipless pedals. Awesome to see you ride the rollers with ease though.

Bredadarts says:

Hi Shane, i wonder, could you try this rollers with the stand also and review it please. Cause i really would like to know if the stand is still fun and a good cheap training method.

gevahalperin says:


Brandon Loge says:

Would you use a set of smart rollers like this one
Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ Trainer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M19J5P5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_O2FkAbER296SB

SleepyCreek says:

I like the Marshall Applewhite eyes 😉

jspaceman71 says:

I have a set of Galaxia’s too. Where you riding them with 90psi in your tires the whole time? I don’t use my rollers often, but when I do I run them at 110psi and I’m wondering if a lower tire pressure would make it a little more stable.

Craig Paterson says:

Warm up for youths races are a no brainier on rollers , high cadence easy to transport and you can just jump of and straight onto the track or circuit. Also you can play a game of who can hit the highest cadence . Can just about manage 180rpm

FillyDing says:

7:13 that guy went right into you XD

mario zombie says:

Can I use rollers with normal tires or do I need trainer tires?

Lehel Benedek says:

How do you uset on zwift???

Dave Gaskell says:

Thanks for uploading Shane. I’m considering buying some of these, are they ok to use with normal tyres or do you need trainer tyres or are they intended just for wheel on smart trainers where the bike’s clamped in? Cheers, Dave.

Cycling Choice says:

The HUNT wheels look beautiful in the video.

Dave Chaplin says:

CycleOps AL with resistance. Been using them for three years. Very useful for winter indoors.

Darren Ellis says:

Thanks for this, bought a set 2nd Hand without instructions and mistakenly believed you just got on the bike and rode. Didn’t get on too well so popped em away. After watching this I dragged them out and found they weren’t even close for my bike length, after downloading manual I set em up and faired a lot better. Thanks.

saltybike says:

Hi, using the Edge 520 and Elite Direto would be my choice please. Great video.


i just got my roller yesterday but the drums don’t spin as smoothly as yours. is it bearing problem??? is it because of too tightened volt? but when i loosened it , the roller stays unstable. what shoud i do ~

QSA Accounts says:

Like riding on ice.

Nuno Prazeres says:

Great vídeo!I was aiming to buy a set of theese but found an Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ in Ebay. This is a smart roller with all the fancy stuff a smart trainder has. I never ever had came near a roller. I rode it for one quick test and fell off twice! 🙂 Then started focusing on something in away from me and the magic happened. It was two days ago. Today I will have my second session.I used Golden Cheetah to check how the resistance changed the ride and it was pretty much the same as a fixed trainer. Next will be to find some kind of solution to make my roller move as the Galaxia. There is some info about how to do it around the web. In my opinion, as soon as other brands start exploring ANT FE-C solutions into the rollers, we will se a very decent increase in rollers usage.

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