Strider Balance Bike Review

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Say goodbye to training wheels, and say hello to the Strider balance bike. With training wheel bikes, the focus is on pedaling instead of developing your child’s motor skills. Strider bikes flip that equation, teaching kids balance, coordination, and confidence – so that the transition to a pedal bike is simple. Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist:

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Genevieve ,


Chantelle says:

AWWW my baby is to big for one.I thought my self how to ride a bike in the parking lot of my beauty salon.

Casey Hofses says:

That is the only type of beginner bike found here in Germany. Because of that, all the little kids can ride a regular bike by like age 5 or 6!

dreamflight6000 says:


JackiePlus3Boys says:


abwgem27 says:

I don’t like this idea, I prefer the old fashioned way the way I did when i was a kid. They didn’t do this crap in the 80’s and it didn’t take me long to learn to ride a real bike after the training wheels. I certainly don’t remember falling over.

playing_tcw says:

I learned how to ride a bike by cycling up and down a hill on a normal bike but with stabilisers

Claire Haddd says:

I’m a nanny for twins, a boy and a girl, and they got the strikers bikes when they were three. By age four their coordination was through the roof, and as someone who got rid of training wheels late, I was honestly kind of jealous!!!

Alton Myrie says:

So the idea is to buy an entire bike… without pedals, listen to me now, INSTEAD of training wheels? coo-coo…

Ry Avery says:

I love these bikes. I want the orange one for my 21 month old so bad! (:

Priscilla says:

poop I didn’t make it in time to enter 😮

Jaime LovesLife says:

I just bought my son a wooden balance bike from Costco. It’s for his second birthday next month. This video has me very excited for him to use it!

0808rockit says:

Have the winners been announced yet?

Sparks and Bubbles says:

I made some research on balance bike recently and burley’s My Kick seem to actually be better and of better construction. I just got one for my little guy 2yo bday present so I’ll not get into the giveaway but I thought I would share the info anyway. There is a blog online from a mom who compared all of them… really really helpful.

ColaMantis2076 says:

My uncle taught me to ride with out training wheels.

Alyson Dietze says:

No, the idea is to help kids learn how to balance from the beginning! It helps them develop their gross motor skills rather than just learning to pedal. I live in Germany, where all the kids use these balance bikes (called a Laufrad or walking bike in German) and they learn to ride a regular bike much younger and with less issue. Yes, it is more expensive, but you can pass the balance bike down to younger children and they resell pretty well when your last child has moved on to a bike.

Off-beat Homesteader says:

We had a strider bike, and my kids loooooved it! Unfortunately, it got run over by my hubby’s car. Boooo! I was so so sad!

aparna dev says:

Looks awesome! Would love for my son to have one of those bikes.

Tara Becker says:

These are awesome. What age do you recommend starting with one of these? My son started walking at 8mo. and will be turning one at the end of June.

Robo Z says:

Awww, cute babes! These are neat. I learned to ride my bike with training wheels and then at the park for 2 wheels. Hope I win! Thanks!

LorraineVirginie says:

These are really cool! I remember having a hard time learning to balance when I wanted to go from training wheels to a normal bike. However, couldn’t you just take the training wheels and pedals off a normal kid bike and give it to them?

Erica Williams says:

My little guys would love this!!! What a great giveaway and what adorable co stars!

linzi Collins says:


ilikepie7631 says:

I didn’t learn till I was 9 and I learned in the same was these kids are riding. Training wheels never really helped me, I just had to learn to balance without having to worry about the pedals first so these bikes should work great!

landlockedshark2002 says:

I learned without training wheels by trial and error in our yard. We’ve checked these out at our local bike shop and they’re awesome!

UpAndLeave says:

Those look awesome! (I kinda want one for myself) (:

kattywampus23 says:

Ahhhhh!!!!! SO EXCITED!

Jo Silver says:

I work at a daycare and I have heard of a few three year olds being able to ride two wheelers already after using a balance bike!

Estelle C says:

Would love one of these for my son 🙂

essentiallycreative says:

Great idea. I learned the old fashion way with training wheels. It is a great idea for my twins when they are a little older.

alishamommyof5 says:

I probably had train wheels at some point but I remember my dad holding onto my bike and running along side me and letting go and laughing at me when I landed in the bushes. 🙂 Happy memories! I would love a pink one of these for my granddaughter!

Dora says:

Such a good idea!

Jared Neal says:

I saw these on shark tank

heatherlycke says:

My mom taught me and my sister.

bellamelissa87 says:

Yes, I have one for my son! He loves it and is so fast I actually have to jog to keep up with him! We take it everywhere, park, woods, farms, beach etc… I personally got on a neighbors bike at 4 years old and just started riding!!

Tara Becker says:

That’s awesome that they can start so young. He’s pretty good with his balance, one of his favorite things to do is sit on a dodgeball (I think he watches mom to much on balance balls haha)

Noorah Abdurrahman says:

I did thanks though 😀

Victoria AeSweety19 says:

My mom and dad taught me…with training wheels….and then retrained me again when it was times to take my trainers off =) This looks SO cool!

Bonnie Carroll says:

Cute, I wish I had known about these 4 years ago. If they were around back then, what a great idea!

0808rockit says:

Who won? We are so eager

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