Stamina Indoor Pro Cycle Exercise Bike Review by RickKennedyFilms

Stamina Indoor Pro Cycle Exercise Bike Review by Rick Kennedy Films I do make alot of jokes on the captions in this video but I truly am pleased with this bike love the workouts I get from it, Thanks for watching please subscribe comment like and share with others 🙂

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Jeepmosora says:

Fat , now ah days means, awesome and cool ,,,”I think”

Cheeky Tam says:

Dang it I could have stole myself a cheap exercise bike. The most challenging part for me about this bike would be putting it together.

RickKennedyFilms says:


joshkeatley says:

I need something like this so I can watch youtube videos and work out at the same time!

thelastoneontheplane says:

im fat i need one too

RickKennedyFilms says:

Thank You:)

RickKennedyFilms says:

Doing good I still have sea legs Hope to play catch up on your vids soon 🙂 Thanks

RickKennedyFilms says:

NO 🙂

RickKennedyFilms says:

I was just on a cruise ship and saw alot of Awesome People 🙂 eating

RickKennedyFilms says:

Wow you have some special Powers 🙂

pasturepuffs says:

So, are you calling me fat? LOL

Filling the Void Revues says:

I cycled this winter at a gym at the school I worked at. There would be two good cycles and two really shitty ones and there was always some douche using the good one and some other person using the other good one. Oh well. Looks like a decent “ride”.

pat says:

Im a fat trucker. Good review, I stopped by a walmart in clarion, Pa. I got lucky. Bought mine already assembled for $79.00. Hopefully I’ll be skinnier soon.

RickKennedyFilms says:

I just like to feel good and our bodies need to move get blood pumping, get busy living or get busy well you know what I mean 🙂 Thank You Jeff God Bless

RickKennedyFilms says:

You are Awesome 🙂

RickKennedyFilms says:

Thanks I guess I am a Official Indoor Biker DOOD 🙂

joshkeatley says:

LOL The annotations are pretty funny! Great video!

VB Ed says:

I have exercise equipment which is covered in cobwebs.

MyFragranceOpinion says:

Have this bike its kind of a piece of junk and lound as fuck but I still burn calories on it. I noticed it was making weird sounds lately and I thought it was about to break. The weird sound’s started getting out of control it started squeaking to. I started to think I was probably gonna have to buy a new exercise bike but I decided to pop off the side cover’s and discovered that a baby could have probably made this bike. Single chain and a spring thingy for your resistance belt there is nothing fancy under the hood nothing I couldn’t fix with wrenches. Most of the noise I was getting was from the resistance belt grinding on the frame covers causing them to creak. The squeaking was coming from the the front chain side wheel bearing being lose I tightened it up put chain oil on everything and went back to burning calories. I left the covers off cause they where what was making a lot of the noise bikes front wheel is still noisy though. My personal opinion the bike looks cooler without the covers and the chain exposed.

Verysweetify says:

Hi Rick that is awesome it won’t take to much space in my living area :)))

manolisvlog says:

Ok..ok..I know i am fat..If that’s what you’re trying to say! LOL!! haha i am just kidding Rick!

Looks good my friend.. Personally i am not so much into spinning . I am more like a walking and running person. Sadly the last few years i have no free time to work out due to work and stuff, but i am planning to start jogging at the park as soon as thing calm down a bit!

Hope you are doing fine Rick!

RickKennedyFilms says:

That eating is a good idea help past the time I know I have watched some vids and they even talk about the packaging 🙂 sorry I dragged this video out but Rick 2 would shut up 🙂

RickKennedyFilms says:

Hello please tell me you didn’t watch this long boring video if you did I am sorry 🙂 How about I sub ya to make up for it 🙂 Thank You

RickKennedyFilms says:

This video SUCKS 🙂 I said it Thanks 🙂 do not add this to favs and please do not share it ..

MegalithicBrain says:

Do you want to increase sales of exercise bikes?  Then find a way to get ahead of your competitors by doing this:  Implement a full 360-degree movie player on the bike that allows Oculus Rift and other VR headsets to plug into it.  As you pedal the bike up to speed, the video plays at whatever speed your wheels are turning at.  If you stop pedaling, it keeps coasting as a normal bike would do for a few seconds and slows down to a stop.  Amidst the video footage playing as you pedal, you can turn your head and take in the sights and sounds of the beautiful environment you’re riding through.  If you do this, and do it first, using the latest 360-degree camera rigs available already on the market, and you somehow build a movie player that’s sort of a mini-computer, that fits onto the bike, and then let people plug in their VR headsets to experience the full-motion head-tracked stereoscopic environments, your bikes will fly out the door faster than you can possibly stock them.  I guarantee it.  

VR is the gateway to a whole new emerging market place, and anything tied to it will now see revenue production like in no other area.  Imagine you give people the ability for a small fee to purchase additional environments to ride in, they can download the files onto their USB sticks and upload them to your videoplaying solution.  You could let them ride in Arkansas during the Autumn change, the beautiful back countries, places they couldn’t ride like Alaska during the setting sun or Aurora Borealis show at twilight.  They could ride in Colorado along death-defying cliffs in Fruita through arches and rugged terrain.  Of course, you’d have to have people out riding these trails and creating these videos, but imagine how pumped up people would be to ride your bikes every day if every day they could ride in a new place.  Don their visors, look around at the sights as they rode.  The files would be pretty big, so your player would need at least 1 TB to save the videos for a while, etc…  Each movie might take up 100-200 GB.  We could ride through Paris, France, or Yellowstone Park.  There are even computer-controlled fans out now that blow air at the gamer (in your case, rider) to simulate wind flow.  You’d need to add such accessories into your VR Bike Kit solution so that the whole experience was captured.  You get on the bike, you start riding, and you feel the wind blow, sometimes in gusts, sometimes gently, and with at least two fans, you can get cross gusts occasionally depending on if you’re riding on the side of a cliff somewhere, etc…  Please past this comment on all exercise bike videos you have, and you will see the support for the idea yourselves and know that this is a game changer for you.  Want more proof?  Look at the third comment below this one… someone is already thinking on the same lines.

Sincerely — MegalithicBrain.

RickKennedyFilms says:

I have done some local trucking years ago this bike will work you out fast, My advice is to do it around a TV..

ImTheDaveman says:

I WANT ONE!!!! I’ll have a snake tray beside me with cake, root-beer and jalapeno crackers to snack on during the ride. It’ll be a cool challenge trying to burn those extra calories off since I would essentially be having an intravenous feeding session going on at the same time. 🙂
I’m am SOO Glad you went beyond the UnBoxing. It always burns me up when people do unboxings but no real info at all beyond showing parts.. Unboxings should always either include helpful info or demo. **HIGH FIVES**

RickKennedyFilms says:

You would with that fake mustache 🙂

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