Schwinn Airdyne Pro Review | Best Air Bike Yet?

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The Schwinn Airdyne Pro is a killer bike, but how does it compare to the Assault Air Bike and the Xebex Air Bike?

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Frank Di Lorenzo says:

Hey Coop – Fantastic review!

Please provide minimum floor space required for this great bike.

Michael Strow says:

Hi Coop, really enjoyed watching your detailed review. is there any reason the AD Pro would not be able to reside in and be used in a garage where temperatures go below freezing in the winter?

Ryan Bingham says:

how is the resistance compared to an Assault bike?

RudyValo says:

Thanks for taking the time for the review man. Helped me a lot. I’ll subscribe.

Fugitive136 says:

Thanks for the video Coop. Chains do not break. How long will this belt last? I am a huge fan of schwinn but I miss the chain driven AD4’s.

Tomato Man says:

Oh, this is going to be GREEEEEAT!

martin beaver says:

great review. i wonder how durable the belt is in comparison to a chain.

STL Media Group LLC says:

just bought one and loving it.

Amiko Smith says:

Yeah, I finally got those arms on the bike. I love it. Nice workout!!!!

Amiko Smith says:

Coop loved your review. I purchased one and it arrived yesterday. The bike is almost ready for me to use. Im having trouble installing both arms. Is there a trick. One bolt on both sides refuses to screw in. Any advice would be appreciated.

MaxFit 68 says:

So if you could do it again, would you have purchased the Schwinn instead of the Xebex? I can get the Schwinn for $899 delivered and assembled.

Philip Warren says:

Awesome review! I’m buying the Airdyne Pro. Thanks!

nigel smith says:

The owner at my Box just got 4 of em

ZeroTolerance says:

Is this bike easy to put together?

Bianca Barla says:

Greeting from Spain. Well done! Nice video 😉

chevyhighrider says:

So torn on what I should get. Tried this and a Spirit XBU55 upright at my local fitness store. I know they are two totally diff categories but they were the two I liked best in my price range. The store employee didn’t seem fond of the Airdyne due to its loud very windy and there no manual adjustability for load. I know I should probably get the Spirit for the adjustability, training plans and syncing with my apps. However the Airdyne was soooo smooth, the riding position felt more natural and it looked so much better than the plastic-y Spirit.

CoopTrains says:

If you’re looking for a more in-depth, written review, you can find that here:

Taylor Coutts says:

Great review

Eddie Beltran says:

Any updates on how your liking the bike? Thoughts on if they may drop in price around the holidays (Black Friday)? Thanks for the awesome review!


can you do a more in depth review on the monitor

eric hui says:

Looking for the best entry level Airdyne

David Smith says:

Thank you for the good review. Buying at

Andrew Hutchings says:

Awesome review mate, keep it up.

Mark Alberts says:

Thanks! Just ordered one based quite a bit on your reviews.

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