nzwalkabout says:

Hi, You mentioned MPH, can it be changed to Km/h? Does it also measure Metres? Also I am trying to find the shipping box dimensions, do you know them or where to find them? Great review Joel, thanks mate.

Michael Pietrzak says:

Question…based on your comments about the handles being hard to reach and seat not moving up all the way, would this not be a good option for someone say…under 5’6?


ordered yesterday 🙂 sold out mins after

Ben Martinez says:

Love ur reviews Joel keep it up!

MDJAK says:

Great review. Love the wheels on the car in driveway.

Drew Lewis says:

I can’t wait to buy this

Fernando Villasenor says:

Oh man, is there no way to turn off that 3 second countdown @ 8:51? That is such a shame for what is otherwise such a beautiful upgrade to the Assault Bike!

If there is no option to disable it then that’s terrible!

TimsGym says:

Additionally…any opinion on if rogue will enter into the AirRunner game? Debating on an Assault vs. waiting for a potential Rogue.

Kirsten Ahrendt says:

Does the calorie counter on the Echo show partial calories (i.e. 4.1, 4.2, 4.3….) or just increase by full calories? Thanks in advance!

gorgihow2000 says:

I have the assault bike and it has served me well. I have used it with great results. I appreciate your review. It was informative.

Scott Ohlms says:

Rogue has stated that they are currently working on an update that will disable the 3-second start. Once finished, it will be applied to the new bikes and pushed out to all previous purchasers of the Echo Bike.

smilinjoe23 says:

does the rogue bikr handle shakes as m7ch as the xebex?

Christopher Kubik says:

Great video comparison! Thank you! I have made my decision to go with the Rogue Echo Bike!

Jaime Delgado says:

Its not that heavy to move around. I was pleasantly surprised.

Kaustuv Chatterjee says:

For someone who is 5”3 , do you think assault is a better option than echo ?

Don Kennison says:

This review is just way way more better ! Just teasing you , thanks for the input on the bikes.

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