Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews | The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike PERIOD

Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews | The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike PERIOD

Hi I’m Mike Morris certified personal trainer, muscle activation specialist and the owner of full circle health in Youngsville Louisiana.

In this Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews – I’ll demonstrate what I believe to be the best recumbent exercise bike on the market today. I don’t represent Cybex, nor am I a distributor of their Recumbent Exercise Bikes. But if you are looking for recumbent bikes for sale, then your in the right place.

In my recumbent exercise bike reviews, I’m going to go over with you a cybex recumbent exercise bike it’s the recumbent bike of choice that we use in the club and it’s also the best recumbent exercise bike I think I’ve ever come across.

It’s very unique, recumbent great bike. Jada’s going to come over and kind of help me go over some of the features of the 750R recumbent exercise bike by cybex first of all if you look at the seat position itself it can be moved forward and backward by just using the little lever on the side yellow lever there for the adjustment and it has a numbering system so once find a number it locks it in record that number and keep it in mind that’s going to be what you use for the next best recumbent bike

This recumbent exercise bike is just nice and easy slide your feet into the foot pedals and once you start the recumbent exercise bike again the battery operated does not require any power so all you do is hit quick start and just within a few seconds you’re up and running we have it on the manual mode now you can see there’s
Plenty of display to tell you how far you’re going ,distance to calories you’re burning, beats per minute when I say beats per minute by Jada holding on to the recumbent exercise bike handles she has a heart rate monitor on her now if she didn’t have a heart rate monitor she could just grab the silver bar on the stationary recumbent bike
handles here at the seat and this stationary recumbent bike will give you a heart rate on the unit without having a monitor.

Jada can change the resistance very easy on these recumbent exercise bikes by just touching the screen by pushing the plus sign from level 1 to 4 or 5 where ever she wants to go and again we now have it in manual setting and she has a constant resistance and she’s controlling how much her speed and resistance is there are many and several programs we can cover in this recumbent exercise bike reviews. If you want to do a profile you want to so some circuit type training just go to the pre set to program and just follow that program.

That’s a weight loss program, the best recumbent exercise bikes will have these pre-set programs. There are many here to choose from. Several different programs all you do is select the level start and begin it also if your looking for recumbent bikes for sale, look for one with a nice fan system, like the one in this recumbent bike reviews.

If you are in south Louisiana like we are you might want to turn this little baby on and keep you cool the cybex 750 R the best recumbent exercise bike I’ve ever used in one of my gyms. Again, I don’t work for cybex recumbent exercise bikes or their distributers but if you would like more information on recumbent bikes for sale you can go to:

Talk to my buddy Ray Boudreaux he can point you in the right direction when it comes to great company to the best recumbent exercise bike. He is great to do business with!

Cybex is my recumbent exercise bike of choice for Full Circle Health.

Thank You for joining me and best of luck as you look for recumbent bikes for sale.

Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews | The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike PERIOD

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