Peloton Bike Review and Full Dashboard Demo | Worth it?

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Hey friends! Thanks for watching! This has been a pretty requested video for me to film a review and walk through of my new-ish Peloton Bike. If you follow me on Instagram you know I got this bike for my birthday earlier in the year. I fell IN LOVE with Indoor Cycling Classes last year after I discovered some rhythm based cycling class studios near my house through Class Pass. I become OBSESSED with this cardio class. It is so fun! I somehow convinced my husband to let me buy this bike. I had actually bought a step machine only a few months before so I had to sell it before I could buy this. Even though I lost some money on that machine, I have no regrets. I LOVE this bike.
I’ve never been able to workout at home and stay motivated. But this bike makes it so much fun and so challenging. If you are considering buying this bike, or considering buying a cardio machine for your home, I hope this video helps you make an informed decision.
Also, be sure to download the app from Peloton for free for a few weeks so you get an idea of what the classes are like.

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Lil Riggs says:

Great review! Thanks for posting

Smashing Rock says:

Seems to be quite expensive monthly subscription for me. Spin classes with actual people and actual instructors that can motivate you on the spot is more reasonable. Heck my 3.5K bike is just hanging on the wall for the past 3 years! Maybe somebody the price will come down for the subscription and bike itself.

Marie R says:

I used the bike at my sister’s for a week and experienced tailbone pain (still feeling it) and I’m leery of buying the bike although I loved the workouts and the mood lift that came afterwards.

Toniann says:

Thank you so much for this review. This was the most helpful review I have found. I was on the fence for over a year now and decided Im either going to buy this year or never 😛

Ken Fontes says:

Great info. Thanks.

Ida Thomas says:

Hi Lisa, I just got mine last week. Waiting for my sneakers/footwear that goes with the bike. I’ve love spinning.

Sam Newman says:

Thank you, that was a great intro to the Pelaton Bike….gonna go buy one this weekend!

Johnny Tindel says:

There deliveing ours today looking forward to it

walking deadly says:

This whole time talking about this bike did you feel stupid spending 2500 and 40 a month wow

charles peeples says:

Thanks for the review. I’m sold!!!

MDJAK says:

Wonder why they use that antiquated pedal method instead of what every other bike uses.

walking deadly says:

Oh your ballin sweet bathroom

Rose Vernali says:

Thank you, I love your detailed explanation about the bike. Your authentic and awesome!!!

ShazGilham says:

What happens if the computer malfunctions, and have you had any problems. Also, if you start the subscription can you end it if you just want to ride freestyle? Thanks.

ShazGilham says:

What happens if the computer malfunctions, and have you had any problems. Also, if you start the subscription can you end it if you just want to ride freestyle? Thanks.

Rustin Stardust says:

I love idea of wireless headphones – but I was just on their site and apparently they don’t sell them anymore (??) – I only see their earbuds, which definitely have wires. Would non-peloton wireless headphones work with it?

Fredsbadgirl aka says:

How are you enjoying your bike and the classes? Who are your favorite Instructors? I love, love, love my bike and the Peloton community. #DoingMe

Rob Mackenzie says:

Thank you for the info!!

Michael Sit says:

Just bought with your code!

walking deadly says:

Why is your headphones dirty

Jonathan Berman says:

The Peloton Bike with its streaming rhythmic workout classes does sound pretty awesome… but…

$2000 for the bike, $250 delivery, $40 a month classes… it all seems overpriced in all 3 areas… it sounds like an awesome idea and very motivating, but again, the price is prohibitive imho, $250 delivery clearly is ridiculous, mattress companies will ship and set up a mattress for free on an expensive item, also $40 a month for classes, feels like $15 a month would make more sense… I want to love it, I want to get it, but the price is out of this world.

walking deadly says:

I loved it till I heard 250 and 40 a month

ell witz says:

You work out in your bathroom???

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