Peloton Bike 1 Year Later Review

It has been one year since we bought our Peloton bike. How has it held up and what do we think about it after over 500 rides?

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Sapere Aude says:

$2,500 is a small price to pay for believing you will look like the models in the advert. What was that PT Barnum said…………..

Phil H says:

Used your code bro

Ryan Davidson says:

I had to learn I can’t out run my fork no matter how hard I spin. Intermittent fasting: eating from 10 am to 6 pm coupled with working out changed my physique. Cool video, bro.

Toria Summers says:

You’re looking in the wrong direction – some more demos on using the bike would have been better rather than you banging on about how much you and your wife had ridden the darned thing – we’re interested in the bike, NOT you!

Scarlett Weston says:

loved this 🙂 thank you and ignore the negative comments!

Beans Rice says:

Nice review!

Johnny Blaze says:

Serious question though what would be the difference between this and a regular street bike?

John Shipps says:

Thanks for the informative video Chris. I’m looking into a bike for my wife and I. We’re looking at Peloton, but also at NordicTrack. Did you happen to shop around before you bought Peloton? For me, the NT is looking like a better value for similar features, but I’m still open to both. Would love your thoughts.

Rich 91 says:

Why would you drive to the gym, just bike to the gym and back…theres your peleton workout

Dominique Forever says:

I’m saving up to buy one . I am in love with the bike and I dont have one yet . Enjoy !

Joey Atlas says:

New Peloton Review of Warm-Up before Resistance Workout:

SamBamBiker says:

Price is more than a gym membership

Florencio Hernandez Jr. says:

Ordered. Used your code. Here’s hoping it’s money well spent.

MR GUPPY 101 says:


James P says:

I would keep the bike in good condition, cover it in some plastic shrink wrap, then wrap the tube bits in towels, then its nice n hygenic my dude, dont sweat all over it that’s gross, cus then you just wash the towels and get new ones

Ally Biggs says:

8lb loss? You would be better off getting some weights… Doing compound exercises like squats, deads, bench..

Chris Eaton says:

I was blow away by the $2k price tag BEFORE the $40/mo. Are you kidding me?

Sam SmolKO says:

People can be such a-holes. Good for you dude. Thanks for posting. Helpful!

Pedro Rodriguez says:

If my wife and I have it, can we each have our own account so our data is tracked separate?

Eddie3074 says:

Just bought me one of these bikes, wish me luck!

Mr Dev says:

so the cheap bike’s pedal never broke, but the peloton’s did

Robert Pepe says:

I had mine delivered this morning… I can’t wait for my first ride tonight!!

mexxedm says:

Do you even know what you are talking about? You can’t even spit out the words! What are the hand movements for?

David Gaines says:

Someone would have to be the dumbest idiot to pay this. Where is the virtual? Not a 1980 flat screen

Lejon Leonard says:

This bike is for white girls

house6018 says:

Other than the metrics, can you tell a big difference between the Peloton bike and the cheaper spin bike? As far as quality, comfort, performance, etc.?

Andrewkc1969 says:

Thanks for the review! I have a question for you about the membership. Are you locked into a 3YR membership? I’ve heard this is the case, which would really make this an expensive commitment, considering it’s only me.

Scott Spiro says:

Used your code Chris. Thanks for the review.

Code Seven says:

You can run for free around your neighborhood.

Tyson Yates says:

2 questions.
#1. Can you change out the seat and pedals for different ones, i.e. bigger seat for a bigger guys and pedals that use straps not clip?
#2. How many calories would you burn during a average workout?
Thank you in advance.

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

Ed Whitebone says:

It is a piece of crap. Garbage

Johnny Blaze says:

Serious question though what would be the difference between this and a regular street bike?

6ft8incyclist says:

You got be kidding me.. Just get your road bike on a smart trainer and Join Zwift or one of the of the other virtual road programs. Save your self bunch of money.

JD says:

Did you buy your bmw without turn signals or did you pay to have them removed?

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