Nathan Haas’ Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Training Bike

It’s not often that we get to have a look at pro’s training bikes here on GCN, and it’s even rarer that we get a look at a TT training bike. So we were very lucky to be able to take a look at Nathan Haas’ Canyon Speedmax training bike!

The GCN Shop:

Frame and forks: Canyon Speedmax CF SLX
Wheels: Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher
Tyres: Continental Grand Prix
Handlebars: Canyon H33
Stem: Canyon H33
Seatpost: Canyon
Saddle: Selle Italia Tri Team Edition
Shifters: SRAM Red Etap, Blips on basebar, Clicks on Extensions
Brakes: SRAM Red
Front Mech: SRAM Red Etap
Rear Mech: SRAM Red Etap
Chainset: SRAM Red
Pedals: Look Keo Carbon Blade
Chainring size: 55-44
Powermeter: Quarq DZero
Cassette: SRAM Red 11-28

Bike weight: 8.4kg
Saddle height: 77cm
Reach: 81cm (to the end of the extensions)
Bar width: 41cm
Crank length: 170mm
Tyre width: 25mm

Finishing touches: Arundel metal cages, Ergon basebar grips, K-Edge Wahoo mount

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Music: Ekans – Molife (1)

Photos: © Velo Collection (TDW) / Getty Images & © Bettiniphoto /

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Martijn klop says:

Tight bottle cage because of the tyre pressure?

Warren Gonsalves says:

#askgcntech what is the difference between a training bike and a competition one?

Steven Holland says:

Of all the bikes to get Jon to have a look at you picked one decked out by SRAM… could he PLEASE. STOP. SAYING. “SHRAM”!! It was bordering on painful to listen!

cyclingfaction says:

alloy bottle cage?! I almost fell out of my chair..

Steven Holland says:

Seeing sexy pro bikes, I love it every time.
Your saying something all about cycles is certainly sublime;
But sometimes those said cycles are all set up for eTap
Necessitating annunciating a sort of syllabic tongue trap.
Yes sometimes its’ not simple, but I so believe you can…
force yourself to say it right…
for us…
just once…

Ant GYCC says:

Looks like the same bike Alex Dowsett turned up on at the Maldon & District club 10 mile TT on Tuesday….

GoMateos _ says:

Does anyone else think that the canyon speedmax and Trek Speed Concept are remarkably similar? In my eyes, little things like the front brakes, that triangle frame shape under the seat post, etc. are just too perfectly similar for one not to be modeled after another

cyclonutter D says:

Great machine, also worth more than my car.

Armenian says:

0:59 i really hope you washed your hands after squeezing the tip of the saddle like that

steamroller72 says:

Fucking piece of art…

Zeben84 says:

it would be cool if you could add the size frame in the description atleast ! 🙂

Haziq Rahmat Ali says:

Looks sweet!

Melanie Vienneau says:

Where was the blipbox?

noname here says:

Mmm, these parallel frame tube lines…

Wenqi Zhang says:

The rear tyre is on backwards… not that anyone cares.

Helen Wilkie says:

Yey Sugru gets a mention! I bought some but I can’t decide what to do with it because there’s so many ideas. You should do a hack video on it!

xGshikamaru says:

Still no disc brake version of the speedmax 🙁

Jura Stanić says:


heiko6376 says:

Where is the Blip Box????

greengonzonz says:

Love it. It’s absolutely gorgeous, though I don’t think I could pull off that red lol

adrian betti says:

Which part tilts the elbow pads like that?

Jonty Stegmann says:

Training bike??? whats wrong with it?

Infidel Gastro says:

That ‘training’ bike probably costs more than my car. Still, it’s a very nice machine… the bike, that is.

Kiel D says:

I wish you’d talk about those add-ons that tilt the aerobars up.

Ben says:

Thanks Jon, great video and really interesting bike. One thing – would you be able to include the height of the rider when giving the bike measurements please? Would be really helpful to know that the rider is 5’9” (or something) to give an idea of how the fit compares. In fact, if you could start measuring riders inside leg measurements that would be perfect. I could see you getting quite a name for yourself in the pro peloton walking around with your inside leg measurement tape measure..!

Sasha Tromsa says:

TBH, it’s getting kinda boring to look at pros’ bikes. Zipp this, di2 that, carbon here, aero there… Everything is top of the line, perfectly matched, and pretty much… the same.
Don’t get me wrong, I fancy a nice N thousand dollar bike, but I mean just take a look at any more-or-less-well-sorted mid-range bike at your local group ride. There’s so much diversity, thought and ingenuity gone into some peoples’ bikes sometimes! Can’t help but notice and appreciate that.

Niels Heldens says:

That bike is almost as red as Lasty’s tan!

Indie Bike says:

Nice to see their TT bike colour still matches their kit – Movistar are looking rather odd in their new blue kit riding old green TT bikes! Canyon couldn’t be bothered to change the frames, nice!

Den the Man says:

arent farings banned by uci ?

劉兆軒 says:

Where can I get this bike ?

yogatriathlete says:

Rear tire is mounted backwards!

Wayne Softy P says:

I thought those brake covers were UCI illegal as it is not an integral part of the bike?

Veganozaur says:

I dont see any H in SRAM.

Omaris Bhumiriady says:

That Canyon Speedmax is so cool and sexy! Definitely a super nice bike!

fiddler on the bike says:

nice bike… however, for my eyes the Speedmax CF SL looks better than the CF SLX

Jochem says:

How are these brake fairings UCI legal? Do they have other functions besides streamlining the bike?

adrian betti says:

I have that saddle and it put tons of pressure on my perenium whilst in the TT position.

Adr Raz says:

It’s a damn sexy bike 😀

seasong says:

This looks really futuristic

Philipp Straube says:

The FD is mountet much to high. Pros….

Wayne Softy P says:

Interesting pros are not using the new zipps with the disengaging freehub?

dietmar schmidt says:

I would love to try this bike once

sarethums says:

This is got to be one of my favourite top 10 bikes of all time.

Michael McDermott says:


lee a dorney says:

Look Blades are great when you get them but the durability is dire…

pau peris marti says:

Why has he taped the cover of the storage next to the seatpost? Rattling around maybe?

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