How to teach your child to ride a balance bike quickly and simply

A step-by-step guide to teaching your toddler to cycle on a balance bike from Cycling UK (formerly CTC), the national cycling charity in the UK. For advice and reviews of balance bikes go to:


johndoby says:

1:33 Nice bar setup there. Now go ride down this steep hill.

Lion Doctor says:

Good video once it got going. The start was unnecessarily slow. Helmets should be encouraged, not seen as a possible choice.

Steve Warris says:

learned it the hard way. no assistance wheels, no helmet. just a 20″ bmx and hoping for the best at age 6. 😀

Mike Pritchard says:

Woman sounds so deflated

boop0912 says:

Why not just use training wheels then remove them once the child is comfortable. So after purchasing this bike, I have to go out and buy another bike….

bikesundays says:

Great video!!!!!

P.R. Baqu says:

thank you for this video !

John Ninnis says:

Here is my son riding his bike.

Carreidas says:

Disappointed that a Bicycle ridning instructor wouldn’t always promote and teach safety. Helmet is not an option.

Diana Alejandra says:

ke chevere

Lien Bijs says:

I am Dutch and we just moved the sidewheels a little bit higher every month and finally removed them.

Best Balance Bike Reviewed says:

Valuable tips for teach a kid to learn balance.

Cristina Sorensen says:

This is perfect. I used these tips for an older child who had no riding experience. He was able to learn in a week. I’ll be using it again for my other children. Thank you!

kiff Asare-Attrams says:

…breaks should work…no shit

Anthony Thorne says:

An interesting spin on this concept; use a scooter to teach the balance and steering concept. I did this with my son and when I noticed that he could balance the scooter and glide after about 2wks so I decided to see if he could transfer those skills to a bike. Sure enough it worked he was riding at 3 1/2 yrs old. Same worked with is sister she used the scooter for 7 mths them just jumped on a BMX and just started to ride balance and streering long since under control only pedaling to master which took no more than 5 mins. She is 7 1/2 yrs old.

Playtime in Toyland says:

Great detailed video. We chose the Kazam Balance Bike and love it!

Albert Hawk says:

*I and my wife want to say that this learning program is absolutely amazing [Check Details Here ==**** ]. We especially like the fact that our kids can record themselves sounding out the words. We also love that the program teaches beginning, middle, and end sounds, so that the little learners can see and hear how a letter and its sound can be used in different places of a word.*

Eonmwn Craig Smith says:

This is a useful instructional vid. However, an important safety check has been missed! You should always check if the handlebars are secured tightly! The green handlebars on the 4 year old’s bike at 1:33 are barely attached to the stem- they are off centre by nearly 20 mm, and the stem has gripped only 20% of the fat midsection of the handlebar.

Masha Chan no Channel says:

Thank you for the video! My child is 20 months old now. Can I already take the bike for her? We were thinking of taking a roller for her, but many people advice us to take a bike like this. I am just unsure about the age.

Tickling Toddlers says:

Nice video, useful information.

Sharifa Ainie Maadil says:

its good to a child who did know how to ride a bike
balance bike its interesting

hendayana says:

nice tips.

Ritu Sarawgi says:

My daughter is not make balance what I can do for this

Deborah GothicVegan says:

My 20 months old son just started to use his new balance bike but he is always walking in the standing position, he does not use the saddle. How can we “convince” him to use it? Maybe he is too young and will naturally progress in the next few months?

Mina Gyawali says:

thank you for this viedo

Marco Deo says:

The most important thing to learn is “Countersteering” .Look it up on wiki. At speeds over 15 mph you can feel it more pronounced To Turn left turn the handlebars right. The idea than leaning makes you turn is wrong. When I learned of Countersteering. I was able to stand on the 2 right side pegs on my motor bike and turn left or right. Countersteering is needed on all 2 wheel bikes ,motorized or not.

Amanda Schrage says:

We purchased this bike from Amazon for our 2 1/2 year old.  By the time he turned 4 he was riding a regular bike without training wheels!  Definitely worth the price!


balance bike, I’ll just remove the pedals on a regular bike and it’s done

Jxjxj Gdghs says:

موروث ررتهره

Englebert Humperdink says:

Great video!

Victor DeJesus says:

F this video

Northernblades says:

I found that the 2 biggest steps towards getting mine riding the bike was “sit sit run run”  Making sure their BUM IS ON THE SEAT  when they run.  If they stand over the bike they learn little to nothing.

Next, IF you help them at all,   always place your hand in the center of their back, just to push gently. (especially up hills)
this gives them the ability to learn to glide, without having to go down hill and risk losing control.

NEVER touch the seat, NEVER touch the handlebars.

Using the hand in the center of the back, gives them the opportunity to glide longer, to keep moving, and they “feel”  safer with your hand there. even though it does not help them balance.

K T says:


Wells Family Life says:

What a great video. Thinking about getting Sofia one for her 2nd birthday. This has helped!!

dreemac says:

“if you choose for your child to wear a helmet”…if?

HelensVlogs says:

AND OMG AFTER FEW DAYS HE WAS GOING AROUND ON REAL BIKE WITH OUT TRAINING WHEELS…. :O #SharkBaby Spencer’s 1st bike ride 16″ wheels!!!!! :O 🙂

TheMerkat55 says:

Did she say: “Around the age of 4 at 3:38?” Watch this little girl. She’s 2 years and 7 months old. And driving at the square she is 2 years and 10 months old. Look from 1:52

P.R. Baqu says:

thank you for this video !

Dj Ghoul TOUCH says:

Im 14. Worth it.

Ron Strzelecki says:

Crazy, but I actually taught myself to ride a 2-wheeler long before balance bikes. As a kid in the early 1950s I used a friends 20″ bike & just coasted down a hilly sidewalk without touching the pedals until I got the hang of balancing & steering. Only took a couple days to move to the pedaling.

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