How To Cycle On The Rollers – Indoor Bike Training With Rochelle Gilmore

Cycling on the rollers can help you to ride more smoothly, improve your pedaling technique, and aid your balance on the bike. Rochelle Gilmore of Wiggle-Honda gives her top tips.
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Professional cyclist, Rochelle Gilmore of the Wiggle-Honda team shared her top tips on the riding the rollers with GCN. Whether you want an indoor alternative to the turbo trainer or want to improve your pedaling you can’t go wrong following Rochelle’s advice.

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Tcho Tcho says:

Cyclists of the world. Trainers or rollers? I wanna buy something to pedal indoors but i can’t decide what do get. Overall, i feel bored riding indoors. I have had trainers and it gets boring really fast. Rollers sound exciting but it could take a while to get used to it.

Adam Spelbring says:

Rochelle’s balance is incredible. Sure, she probably has years and years of experience, but still. Very impressive.

Stefan Tudor says:

That is the most dangerous and stupidest invention in cycling ever..

Jim says:

cut the felt pads with a thickness of about 1mm and place them under bearings – would be quieter.. 🙂

theoffroadguy says:

its a dyno for bikes

Ianis Caratti says:

what do you recomend for not sweting alot?I open the window and have a ventilator but de ventilator is not enough during the intervalls

brankog7 says:

great tutorial, thanks

Rob Fern says:

Not only the bike is hot but she is a hottie.

Gerry Douglas says:

Thanks for the post, using up and riding in just 5 minutes.

Guoenyi says:

Lets just do trainers hehe

Chaudhry Alligood says:

I am using Unflexal instructions to all my workouts ideas 🙂

Manuel Fuentes says:

Wow… you make it seem too easy.

John O'Donnell says:

This is the best instructional video for rollers I’ve found. Very clear and practical tips. It got me up and rolling in no time.

dannitoon76 says:

ive got hybrid tyres. should i change em

narutoqweavatar says:

Don’t look down at your front wheel. Chris Froome would have a hard time with that

heinvisible says:

Thank you! This video is very good!

javon player says:

Rollers or stand?

Judy Behrens says:


AMGV Media says:

what if the bike was strapped down to something?

Jeffrey Hamer says:

Outstanding! The best roller tutorial on the web. Thank you.

Avi Bach says:

Did not see that coming! 2:13

Abeba says:

I learn to ride bike at age of 46 month a go and I am thinking getting rollers to improve to skills . What is your advice

Alistair Shaw says:

@Joel Manley I have my rear brake in my right because I am a lefty

Jeffrey Aguilan says:
gabvig says:

Brava ! Good job ! Many thanks

KingTesticus says:

i’ve suffered thru a few other “rollers tips” and yours are the best.  to the point, concise, perfect.  information and not all this blah blah blah about opinions and what other athletes think and feel…. you should see some of the other “trainers” out there claiming to be whatever they are.  anyway, good video, added to favorites and Thumbs Up 🙂

lee gill says:

Can you use normal tyres on rollers

Nicole Lewis says:

Rochelle, I’ve been using my rollers now about a month – 4 sessions of an hour each. You tips have been invaluable! I have two questions: 1) how do I reach and drink from my water bottle? I am able to get the bottle, then lose my balance when I try to drink!
2) how do I practice to be able to go hands-free like you?
BTW – love the accent 😀

luisangelripper says:

marry me 🙂

Freakschwimmer says:

Looks like she is having way to much oil in that chain….

David Amend says:

great tips but how do you advance to the point where you can get going without having to lean on or grab hold of something?

Cecelia Lord says:

the girls good

Matthew Oneill says:

is it possible to get on and off the bike with nothing on the sides

Aaron Pepelis says:

THANK YOU!!! This was awesome and helped me so much.

Unbreastfed69 says:

Why shuld you use rollers at all? For the price of rollers you can get winter cloths and ride your bike anywhere any time, oustide. I cant understand why people do this.

Niklas Andreassen says:

What happens if you smash your front brake?

Dr Chunky Biscuit says:

How do you warm down? Impossible! You warm UP & cool down!!!

Noneofyourbusiness says:

if you are riding on the heaviest gear what does it feel like? os it like riding a climb, descent or just flat?

Nagy György Krisztián Nagy says:

She is damn hot!! I am in love

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