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This pays homage to all the ridiculous Downfall parodies featuring Hitler ranting about everything under the sun. Sure it’s been done to death, but we figured it was time to hear Hitler specifically talk about dirt bikes lol. If any KTM riders have their feelings hurt, please fill out the complaints form here: https://youtu.be/0ktVedQrBvo
Obviously this Hitler rant is completely tongue-in-cheek, and is not meant to make fun of the atrocious things the real Hitler got up to. And it’s not a serious review on Hitler’s thoughts about Beta, KTM or other bikes… well duh.

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It is interesting to note that both Hitler and KTM originated in Austria but I don’t think there’s any serious link. Or that their suspension is called White Power lol. Downfall is well known for its rise in popularity due to Internet parodies called “Hitler Rants”, inspired by a scene in the film where Hitler launches into a furious tirade upon finally realizing that the war is lost. The Hitler rant parodies are so ubiquitous on YouTube that they have even spawned self-referential meta-parodies – jokes about Hitler learning about his internet fame.Subtitled parodies of Adolf Hitler’s last days in the Berlin bunker, as depicted in the 2004 Second World War film Downfall, have become one of the web’s most enduring memes. 0n 20 March 2013 Swedish television program Kobra aired an episode on Hitler Parodies. On October 2010, Constantin, instead of blocking videos, placed adverts on parodies instead. Downfall videos that were previously blocked, were back on YouTube. Many of these blocked videos were unflipped classic “Hitler finds out scene” videos. While previously blocked parodies such as “Hitler Gets Banned From Xbox Live” were unblocked, videos that Hitler Downfall parodists deleted because of the copyright takedowns were gone. It was the first publication to acknowledge the term Hitler Untergangers and featured Hitler Rants Parodies, placing the spotlight on the Untergangers instead of generic, one-timer parodists for the first time.


Kevin Mcdonnell says:

A free dog with every ktm so you don’t have to walk home alone …brilliant lol

Heath Maynard says:

Faaaaaaaaaaaaark yes! That is the BEST thing I’ve seen in the last 5 minutes!!! A Harley with knobbies…… and that vest?!?!?! PERFECT!

Rick Lieberson says:

One of the finest!

Shaun Gainford says:

Shit this was good! Got to wipe my face with tears of laughter…. thank you

gypsymanjeff 21 says:

Still laffing my ass’ off and it’s OVER..GOOD SHIT FOLKS ..I WANT IN ON THE HIGH JINKS

Jamison Timberfalling says:

Lol hilarious.

sharagan says:

simply awesome, I had tears from all the laughing 🙂

motoxposse says:


Calin says:

I enjoyed your video as always. I come from a country that suffered greatly during the WWII and long after that, from both sides. My grandparents told me what they`ve been through those awfull years: grandfathers sent to the front (although, I could never make them tell front stories, so bad it was), grandmothers refugees with small children in hand, food stolen, interned in refugee camps, famine, etc. People, IT IS OVER AND LONG GONE! A good meme like this can only make me laugh and being able to laugh at something bad that happened to you or to someone close to you means healing. Cheers up guys and stop feeling guilty and sorry for something that you didn`t do. As for me, I look forward for more good memes like this.

Jurgy777 says:

I could watch that kid shoot them commie bastards all day.

Wil482Senior says:

Come on, how could Hitler not like the brand whose suspension is made by a company that is actually named White Power!?

The Duke says:

Mein Furher, I can walk……..

Martin Ryzak says:

This was too funny, and then I read the comments. Thank the dirt bike gods they sent you Barry.

Hornmitchell says:

Now that’s art.
Keep up the dodgy work! Mitch from Paetron, paetron for life.

Cole Knowles says:

Didn’t Harley’s popularize black biker clothing because it better hid all the grease being flung from and acquired maintaining their shitiness? And the square bolts from washing machines that almost always broke….like, Harleys were legendary for being crap, but people liked working on them?

jmwalters82 says:

That was funny and clever

ben ashlin says:

So good!

ElectroMoto says:

Yeah.. totally read the outro text as “Embrace the doggy style for dirt riding” 😀

JoeJoe Moto says:

OH man that was so good!!

dan.e says:

Nice one Barry. We were watching out for the sniper today.

pdean6907 says:

That was epic good

Doug Falstad says:

So funny! Good job.

John Boisvenue says:

LMFAO!!! The best one yet!! Just about choked on me lunch watching this.

Norbert Bader says:

You made my day.LoL.

bear laceration says:

I Own them all and this is just the funniest dam thing

Scott McKee says:

LOL – “A tiny dick and only one testicle” –

markmtbrider says:

Ok, I peed a little bit from laughing. My sides hurt. Legal dept will be in contact soon.

Lonek Skibelski says:

What the f…?????

Grant Dempsey says:

Best one in awhile!

RacerRed says:

This was hilarious! Well done, sir.

S F says:

Hahaha this was hilarious! I’m sharing it with all my ktm buddies!

Booki says:

Happy Gas Gas owner right here 🙂

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