Garmin Speed Sensor Review + Spin Bike/Trainer/Indoor Setup

Let’s take a look at the Garmin Speed Sensor and how it works on a trainer and spin bike. Get it here:

Here’s a way to get distance and speed (estimated) on a spin bike or indoor bike trainer.

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Jeff Capeci says:

I installed the sensor on the front wheel of my spin bike at the gym more or less the way you describe. I measured the diameter of the bike flywheel and entered it into my Fenix for the sensor which up until now I had used exclusively on my road bike. my number was significantly less than the 1,300-1,400 mm I think you said you used. when I started the indoor cycle activity, I am fairly certain the speed sensor icon was sold, not flashing yet when I reviewed the activity, I had no speed or distance data. should I re-pair the device to the watch?

Jonathan Cornett says:

This is the most help I’ve found on the internet in months. Thank you

Jareon C says:

Thanks. I tried this method with Wahoo RPM Speed sensor and It also works ( with wahoo app and Zwift)

Dalogan72 says:

Thanks so much for the video.

John Mallison says:

I have the same sensor with a 910XT, but it didn’t work. The speed just sits at 119km/h what ever speed it’s rotating at 🙁

Andrés Felipe Echeverri Guevara says:

Curious about if not being parallel with the axis of the wheel will cause issues. Could be placed anywhere in the wheel of the spinning bike? Or does it have to be located between 1300mm and 1400mm?

Mark Richmond says:

Hi Jareon C, can please you explain or do a video about how you got the Wahoo RPM speed sensor to work on a spin bike?

El Mazeton says:

At 6:45 you could just wrap the speed sensor around the hub . . .

Andrew Russell says:

Can’t you just measure the wheel?

Carlos Hernandez says:

Hi. I would like measure distance not only speed, Do I will be abble to do it with this sensor on my indoor bike? by the way I use Garmin 735XT…Thanks

Tomislav Pavlovic says:

can you pair this device with any bluetooth device out there? how can I connect this to zwift on my windows PC? thanks in advance 🙂

PatrickNSF says:

Great video. I have an Assault AirBike, and not a spin bike, but this prompted me to install the speed sensor today so I can stop looking miles manually in Garmin Connect (and have them recorded in Strava).

Any suggestions for determining the proper wheel size? I just calibrated it to the console readout by trial and error, but I’m assuming measuring the circumference of the wheel (if I’m able to get in the wheel cage) would give me more accurate data?

srh9592 says:

Great video. I did the same thing with my Schwinn Airdyne Pro. I added the Garmin Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor so I could capture workouts in Garmin Connect (via my Fenix 5 watch). I attached the Cadence Sensor to the crank shaft with no problems, but I could not  find a way to attached the Speed Sensor to the fan blades (wheel). Since there are no gears on Airdynes, the crank shaft and the “wheel” rotate proportionally… so I also attached the Speed Sensor to the crank shaft. I had to set the wheel size to maximum (9999mm) and it still only records about 87% of the speed shown on the Airdyne’s display. I don’t mind seeing slightly lower distance and speed numbers on the Garmin Connect… I can compare workouts.  I used duct tape to attach the sensors, but I like your two sided velcro idea… much cleaner. Thanks.

CodedToast says:

I have a tomahawk matrix sensor s series and although the monitor comes on and switches around settings….the transmitter that pics up the magnet doesnt pass on any info…..i hear it clicking when i swipe a magnet but no speed,or anything happens….not even time?

Bart Verstraeten says:

Speed sensor is connected with Fenix 5x but doesn’t register speed on the indoor cycling activity. Any ideas? Caden’s is no problem…

Paul Sackles says:

Very helpful video. Is there any consideration for the placing the sensor along the radius of the wheel, is it better to place it further out from the hub or closer to the hub? Thanks.

Jeff Capeci says:

I am definitely going to give this a try. My only concern is everytime the sensor is moved from one bike to the next the wheel diameter in the watch has to be updated, sounds like of a pain. It would be nice if Garmin made the software allow a different wheel diameter depending upon the activity. Thanks for the video!

Delano Velthuis says:

Thanks for the test, looks like fun!

Karen B says:

I just bought a Vivoactive HR and was thinking of stepping up and buying the Garmin sensors, but everyone was flummoxed as to how to estimate speed on a spin bike. Garmin’s own instructions indicate that sensors can be paired to get the speed and distance indoors, but then they say you cannot do it. With this method it’s easy to quantify some of these variables. Even if they’re not perfect, I can do some HIIT and know, for example, that I’m going 20% faster for an interval and just keep everything relative to my speed on my bike. Thank you so much for this video!!!

Cameron Hird says:

Thanks DesFit. I also ride outdoors. I note that Garmin have a related link on their website for calibrating this garmin ANT+ speed sensor.

This link is shown here:

Could I use the same wheel circumference I use on my outdoor bike (2105mm) as the wheel circumference value that I input into the garmin speed sensor calibration for the spin bike? This is only to approximate some form of baseline between the two bikes at a rough glance as a starting point…

Would it be better is I place this sensor on the flywheel axle (and not on the side face of the flywheel)?

And, just curious as to why speed is required at all on a spin bike (isn’t RPM, HR, WATTS all you need)?


dblaace says:

I’m trying to set this up using a Garmin 235. I’m getting speed but not distance. I’m using indoor bike with gps disabled. Any idea?

vasilis kapetsonis says:

I’m new in the indoor bike training and I need some help. I have the Forerunner 235 it has the option of the indoor cycling but doesn’t show distance,speed or cadence.What can I do from here? Please any help will do.I’m stuck.

Cameron Hird says:

Hi DesFit.
I have read each response below, and questions still remain. I have the Garmin edge 1000 head unit.
1/ How can I measure cadence on spin bikes? What sensors to use and where to mount?
2/ You mentioned you determined that 1300 – 1400 mm wheel diameter was an optimal size to input into your unit for close to realistic speed determination. I don’t understand how you determined what the most realistic speed was and wheel diameter input. Can you possibly explain this? Can the speed sensor be placed anywhere on the flywheel?
3/ why is speed being measured for spin bikes when I thought cadence would be more beneficial?


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