FitDesk Exercise Bike Review

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What is FitDesk?

The FitDesk is a lightweight and folding exercise bike with a desk designed to allow you to comfortably to work on a laptop, read a book,or play video games while enjoying the healthy benefits of an active lifestyle. FitDesk signifies the merging of health and productivity.

What is the FitDesk Pro?

FitDesk Pro is a mounting system that allows a cyclist to enjoy the benefits of FitDesk while still using his or her road, mountain (while mounted in a “Cycle Trainer”), or spin bike. This product will be available soon.

What are the ideal uses for FitDesk?

The original concept was based on the difficulty most people find with getting exercise started. Since we spend so much time on computers or video games it proved to be a perfect way to get past this initial period. What was even better is that we also found that staying on the equipment was much easier while being engaged with productive or things of interest. FitDesk is great for use in an office or at home, while checking emails, writing memos, reading, playing video games, or engaging in other online activities. That is not all. Reading books, studying, or even folding clothes

Can I get a good workout on my FitDesk?

We designed the gear box to have the heaviest flywheel possible and the highest resistance. Result is YES you can get a great sweat or just get that most important daily movement instead of sitting for long periods.

I don’t have a lot of space. What are the FitDesk dimensions?

Yes. FitDesk weighs only 37 pound, with a foot print of 16″x16″ and the bike’s X-Bike design allows you to easily fold the bike for easy storage in small spaces.

Will my laptop fall off the bike?

FitDesk’s foam core construction creates a solid foundation that grips your laptop, keyboard, book, or other items. Additionally, a strap is included to help keep your valuable electronics safe and sound while you ride. We recommend you use common sense when placing items on the FitDesk, and using it only for the purposes for which it is intended.


Nick Harrison says:

I was trying to find a review exactly like this one. Thank you very much. 

Ted Murphy says:

what about sweating on your laptop -that would be a no no for me

Zar Zexor says:

Just wipe off your sweat you weaklings

Carolan Ivey says:

May I ask how tall you are? I’m pretty short and if the seat can’t be lowered enough, it would be awkward and uncomfortable.

Heidi Salome says:

is it a flywheel or a belt mechanism in the bike?

GadgetsGo says:

Sweating on the laptop would make it a “no” for us, too. I have a couple of ideas. First, a fan trained on you, even in a warmer room, does wonders to prevent sweat. Second, put the laptop on a towel, a put a cloth on each side of the laptop. Then, as your hands and arms get moist, you’ve got a way to instantly dry them within reach.

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